January 8, 2008 – Lower Sykes Ridge

I made a quick trip to lower Sykes this morning. It was chilly but nice and sunny. The overall quality of today’s photographs isn’t the best – The AF sensor on my camera went out, and so that, combined with the really cold wind, made it hard to keep my eyes clear for good manual focusing.

I saw a dun horse standing alone on a hill, and I thought it could possibly be Shaman. However, upon getting a little closer, I saw that it was Starbuck. He’s still a bachelor, and so this really makes me wonder where Merlin’s former family is. The Dryhead bachelors were also near him in the junipers.


I was really excited to see Corona’s family. The only time I’d seen them all year was through binoculars or a spotting scope as they are one of the most elusive families.

Corona’s family

Corona is a dark bay stallion with an unmistakable face marking. He is the son of Sam and Sorita, which makes him the full brother to the mare with Sitting Bull.


Corona was one of the first horses that I saw after I started seriously watching the horses. Back then he was a bachelor. Before I knew his “real” name, I always thought of him as Tornado as his face marking reminds me of a tornado. More often than not, Corona would be alone as a bachelor. We also seemed to find him in the most remote areas. I guess this personality is still reflected today in that he is so hard to find.


Corona’s mare has one of the more unique colors of Pryor horses.


I’ve typically seen her described as a bay. She does look like a normal bay; however, she has a dorsal stripe.


My first real horse interaction viewing took place with her. Driving through Bighorn Canyon, she came running down the road being chased by a young dun stallion named Cibeque. He had apparently taken her from another stallion. The sounds of their hooves on the road and their high pitched calls to each other were pretty memorable. As far as I know, no one else saw this happen as he only had her for a couple days. The BLM does not even have record of this happening. This makes me wonder what else happens that no one else ever knows about.

Their daughter was one of the first foals of 2007 born. She was born a red bay color with a big star on her head, and so she was named Halo of the Sun in honor of her star and her father’s name.

Halo is now a more complex color – She is looking a lot like her mother. I was also surprised how mature she is already.


She also seems to have a dorsal stripe like her mother.


Seeing Corona’s family was definitely a great experience. I am really looking forward to seeing how Halo turns out, but I also really hope that they always are elusive. I wish more horses were like them, where you only get a good look at them about once a year.

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