June 18, 2012 – Updates

I spent much of this past weekend on the Range. I ended up seeing every harem except for Bristol’s along with a few of the bachelors. Because I saw so many horses, I thought I would post photographs on some of the more memorable things I saw.

I actually made a trip to the mountain last Tuesday too; and right as I was heading home, I had a very quick glimpse of Gringo running with Ketchikan and Beulah from Tecumseh.

Gringo, Ketchikan, and Beulah


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June 6, 2012 – Updates

I took a trip to the mountain on Sunday heading up Sykes Ridge. The first horses I saw were three of the Dryhead bachelors: Jemez, Johnston, and Jalisco. All three are looking great.





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May 14, 2012 – Burnt Timber

This weekend I spent some time up on Burnt Timber and saw a few things I wanted to share here.

Last week, the Park Service saw that Galaxy had stolen Prince’s harem. He still had them this weekend too. This has just happened in the past two or three weeks.

(l-r) Hera, Hera’s foal, Pococeno, Galaxy, Limerick, Ireland

I am proud of Galaxy. He has tried hard to get his own harem, and he’s finally succeeded.


You probably also noticed above that Hera had a foal. Her foal is a filly, and she is about a month old now. She hasn’t been named yet, but I’d like to find a nice strong Greek name for her to be consistent with her mother.

Hera’s filly


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April 1, 2012 – Sykes Ridge

I spent yesterday on Sykes Ridge. It turned out to be a very nice day, though it was very windy up there.

The first horse I saw was Jupiter. I didn’t really find him; he came running over to see me. This happens with young single bachelors; they’ll come running up to see you. The first young stallion to do this to me was Blizzard back when he left Durango’s harem.



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