Cheyenne Flats: 4/23/16

It was a glorious day on Cheyenne Flats. The perfect kind of spring day that was warm and sunny. The horses were abundant on Cheyenne Flats. Between horses on Cheyenne Flats and using the spotting scope to look over to Sykes Ridge, around 100 horses were counted. Today’s post is to give you snapshots of the Pryor Horses that were seen on Cheyenne Flats.

Galaxy’s Band: Galaxy’s  band is one that was pretty visible through the winter.


Galaxy and his mares, Ireland/Electra & Hera


Nirvana/Nomad became part of Galaxy’s band last summer. She is the 2013 daughter of Halcyon and Blue Moon/Flint.


Limerick is such a beauty! She is Ireland’s 2011 daughter.


One of my favorite moments of the day was seeing little Pegasus resting under a tree. She is the 2015 daughter of Ireland and Galaxy.

Jasper’s Band: What a treat to see Jasper and his band! I hadn’t seen them since late last year.

IMG_0535 Jasper

Jasper/Jack is such a beauty. He has that classic dark bay look with gold on his muzzle and flanks. He was born in 2009 to Galena and Jackson.


Jasper’s mares Ketchikan and Lariat.


Jasper’s band: Lariat and her 2014 colt, Oklahoma along with Ketchikan (far right) with her 2015 colt, Okiotak.

Gringo & Tecumseh: These two stallions continue their close bond, yet there is a definite separation of bands.




Beulah/Bella is such a beauty at this time of year.


Tecumseh/Chance with his mare Galadrial and 2014 filly, Oceana.

Hernando’s Band: Hernando’s band now consists of the two mares Phoenix and War Bonnet. They were among a large group of horses near a water guzzler on Cheyenne Flats. Hernando circled around the others and took his band down to water.


Hernando and his mares War Bonnet & Phoenix.

Knight & Nimbus/Encore: Wow! This pair is so beautiful together and both so photogenic.


Knight is a wary, young stallion. He keeps on the look out for any challenges.

Garay’s Band: It is so fun seeing Garay’s growing band. His 2015 foals, Petite Colour and Patriot are perfect playmates for one another. Noble seems to fit right in with the other mares, Jacinta and Kohl.

Garay's kids

Patriot enjoyed “bugging” sister, Petite Colour. Both are 2015 foals in Garay’s band.


Garay’s Band (l-r): Kohl, Patriot, Petite Colour, Jacinta, Noble, and Garay

Duke’s Band: It was so exciting to find Duke’s band down below the water guzzler. This was my first time seeing Helenium’s new foal. She is a beautiful little sorrel that reminds me of her big sister, Noble, shown in the photo above.

Duke's Foal

Quintasket: The filly is named in honor of Christel Quintasket, a writer, who was a one of the first published women Native American writers.

Duke's foal 2

Quintasket: 2016 filly of Duke and Helenium

Duke Aurora and Outlaw

Aurora and Outlaw Lady are two more members of Duke’s band. Outlaw Lady is Duke and Helenium’s 2014 filly.

Duke's Aurora

Aurora looked so pretty framed by the old tree.

Duke's Band

Duke, Helenium and their two girls

Mescalero’s Band: This band was grazing at the southern end of Cheyenne Flats. When I first got there, they were all resting in the sun. As I left, Cloud’s Pride was standing alone…looking very pretty!


Cloud’s Pride at the end of the day.

Cappuccino’s Band: Cappuccino’s band was down below Table Top by the guzzler.


Banjo Paterson was the first member of Cap’s band that I saw. He was standing at the top of a hill, clearly visible for quite a distance. He is the 2015 son of Cappuccino and Gabrielle.


Cappuccino was resting by an old juniper bush while his band grazed nearby.


Cappuccino’s mares from left to right: Blanca/Mariah, Moenkopi, and Gabrielle. Naara has recently left the band to be with Garcia.

Searching Sykes: There were lots of horses on Sykes Ridge. It takes a little time, patience, and a spotting scope to identify the horses. Bands seen were: Flint (including little Quanah), Irial, Bolder, Morning Star, Hidalgo, and a couple unidentified.


On a ridge you can see lots of horses….this includes Flint’s band to the left and Irial’s band on the right.

two bachelors on Sykes.jpg

All-in-all it was a very successful day on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.

by: Nancy Cerroni


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