March 14, 2011 – Lower Sykes

I apologize for not posting any more of the photos I took on the 27th. I’ll start today’s post with them.

As you’ll recall, Dove was with Coronado, away from Mescalero, in my last post. However, Mescalero had some new members in his harem as well: Firestorm and her foal Kalahari from Jackson.



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March 4, 2011 – Lower Sykes

I apologize for my delay in posting this; this week has flown by. I spent time on the Range this weekend. On Sunday, I hiked around the Lower Sykes area before ending up on Turkey Flats, where I found many horses. We’d had some more snow and frigid weather, and so it seems that those storms pushed many of the Sykes and Dryhead horses off of the middle parts of Sykes Ridge and down about as low as they could possibly go. I thought I’d post some of the photos now, and I can post the rest now if people are interested.


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