April 21, 2011 – Heritage

The winter of 2010-2011 seemed endless compared to recent winters. Even as we’ve gone into the spring, it seems to persist – We just had a pretty wet snowstorm earlier this week. Despite this, though, it is seeming like there wasn’t a ton of winter loss. With the BLM’s spring population estimation flight, and my increasing access to the Range, there just aren’t as many missing horses as were anticipated. I’ve had a few surprises this spring with horses reappearing, and I think the biggest one is with Heritage and her foal Kootenai.

Heritage has always been a pretty special horse to me. I found her shortly after she was born on the morning of July 1, 2007, which was one of my most memorable days on the Range (actually, she was born off the Range). I named her Heritage after a phrase commonly used with the herd: Horses with a heritage.


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