June 6, 2012 – Updates

I took a trip to the mountain on Sunday heading up Sykes Ridge. The first horses I saw were three of the Dryhead bachelors: Jemez, Johnston, and Jalisco. All three are looking great.





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March 20, 2012 – New Foal

Yesterday, the Park Service contacted me to let me know that they saw a new foal with Icara out in Bighorn Canyon. I headed out to see if I could see the foal yesterday afternoon and was also able to get to see it.


Icara's new foal

Icara's new foal

Her foal looked like a filly to me, but I’ll wait until it gets a little bigger before confirming this for sure. It has a blaze and a left hind stocking. Its color reminds me of Icara as a foal – Feel free to click here for the blog post announcing Icara’s birth!


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February 27, 2012 – Turkey Flats

I went for a hike on Turkey Flats yesterday afternoon. Prince’s harem was on the western side of the flats.




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December 4, 2011 – Sykes Ridge

Sorry for my delay writing here. Since I last wrote, the Billings Field Office released their Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Non-Helicopter Gather Scoping Report November 2011, which can be read by clicking here.  This document summarizes comments received during the scoping period for the proposed gather for the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses along with the BLM’s responses to these comments.

I’ve been able to go onto the wild horse range a number of times since I last posted. In the past month or so, we have had a cycle of relatively warm days followed by colder and snowy weather (it snowed here again last night). Last weekend was pretty nice, and I spent a day on Sykes Ridge. I drove up as far as possible and then started hiking once the road was too snowy to drive any further. On one of the ridges I hiked onto, I found Morning Star’s harem.

Morning Star




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