Cheyenne Flats: May 14, 2016

The day was a bit cool today, but no rain made for a great day! We began the day with a question, “Where are Gabrielle and Banjo Paterson?” Cappuccino and his band were in a familiar spot near the mine. This was our first time seeing Jasmine back with Cap, but there were only four horses.


Cappuccino (far right) grazes with his smaller band: Blanca/Mariah and Moenkopi along with newest member, Jasmine, the beautiful blue roan.

Hernando and his two mares, Phoenix and War Bonnet were in the same area.


Hernando, War Bonnet, and Phoenix were just above Cap’s band and to the left…about 10:00 from them!

We continued the trip rounding the back of Table Top, climbing the steps up towards Cheyenne Flats. The day was cool and cloudy, but at this time of year there is a great deal of excitement about who might be on Cheyenne Flats. And today there was no disappointment!

We climbed the last steep rise onto Cheyenne Flats and our question was answered. For there we found Gabrielle and Banjo Paterson along with…her sire, Jackson.


A Family of Coyote Duns (l-r): Jackson, Banjo Paterson, and Gabrielle

Last year about this same time of year, Gabrielle left Cappuccino’s band to have her foal, Banjo. She was seen soon after with Jackson. She didn’t stay long with her sire, and ended up back with Cappuccino.

I sat there looking at the three and thought of the beautiful Broken Bow, Jackson’s mother. These three share her color. And Gabrielle might not be here today if it wasn’t for Broken Bow. During the first winter of Gabrielle’s life, somehow Broken Bow and the young weanling, ended up on their own. Broken Bow took care of the young filly and eventually brought them back to Jackson’s band. We did see Broken Bow later in the day and I want to share her photograph now along with the other three that look so much like her.


Broken Bow wasn’t with the band, but her photo adds a fourth generation to the other three pictured above.


Banjo Paterson has grown into a fine looking yearling. He is pretty woolly with his winter coat, but he is clearly displaying the sooty gene which characterizes the coyote dun.

Banjo was very intrigued by his grandsire, Jackson.


Banjo heads over to Jackson, engaging in teeth clacking. This is a behavior in which Banjo is showing submission to Jackson. I see it as a sign of “respect for elders.”


Jackson showed patience with his look-alike grandson. The two engaged in brief mutual grooming.


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  1. Well, I guess you know I love this post! 🙂 I love Jackson. He just seems to be “there” for whoever needs him, doesn’t he? And I’m sure it does his big heart good to have the company. I’m partial to the coyote duns, and love the family resemblance and the story. Shows just how strong family bonds can be. Broken Bow and Gabrielle are beautiful mares, and seeing Jackson with his look alike grandson, Banjo, is totally awesome. I’m so glad you were there to witness it and share with us! Thank you. It’s also a treat to know that the others are chugging along, doing their thing, too. It feels good to know Jasmine is doing well.

  2. Such a great generation photo of Jackson, Gabrielle, and Paterson! And a nice legacy for Broken Bow. It’s nice for Jackson to have some company. And it’s great to see him so sweetly interacting with his grandson. I think maybe Jackson is rethinking retirement! Haha we’ll see. He looks to be in great shape. Broken Bow too! And she looks so beautiful in that picture!

    I think once the bands are closer together again later this spring/summer Aztec will be back with Cappuccino’s band too. She really likes him and I get the feeling she only drifts back to Doc to be with Jasmine, but Jasmine has been with Cappuccino for awhile now, I think since last fall and really seems to like him too. He runs his band similar to Jackson and Cloud.

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