June 16: Baja

We had an amazing trip to the mountain yesterday….saw every mountain band with the exception of Hernando and Cappuccino. It is always exciting to see the beautiful Baja and his band. When we first arrived to the mountain top we spotted them off on the next ridge to the west, a place called either BLM Island or Cloud’s Island. By the time we got near the crossroads, we were surprised to see the band had arrived there before us and were moving across the road towards the snow-fed pond. Lots of horses were on those upper meadows, but Baja just seems to keep his group away from the crowd!

Baja has such a unique look to him. He is the son of the legendary Looking Glass and the classic mare, Tonapah.



Baja’s 2013 son, Nahwa, was born later in the year. He bears a striking resemblance to his sire, Baja, with the distinct two-toned mane. They is a trait also shared with Baja’s mom, Tonapah. He is a sturdy colt and his still shedding off his winter coat.

Nahwa, 2013 colt of Baja and Washakie

Nahwa, 2013 colt of Baja and Washakie

Nahwa and his mom, Washakie

Nahwa and his mom, Washakie

Baja’s mares, Washakie and Bacardi, have been with him for many years. Washakie is actually Bacardi’s mom. My observations show that mare bonds like this seem to contribute to band stability.

Washakie and her offspring, Nahwa and Bacardi

Washakie and her offspring, Nahwa and Bacardi

Topper Too is a more recent addition to Baja’s band. Yet, she definitely took the lead today. She was the first one to come up the ridge to the crossroads. She was the first to lead out across the meadow.

Topper Too

Topper Too


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Good to see this band and see that at least one Topper (Too) is still with us.

    • There is sure something special about the Toppers!!

  2. Enjoyed seeing Nahwa — he is fantastic 🙂 Thanks!

    • It really was fun seeing Nahwa!!

  3. Amazing sums up the day for sure! What a wonderful day spent surrounded by so many wild ones and with two special friends! So many great moments!!

    • Hi Brigitte, It was so fun sharing this day with you. We did see some amazing sights! Hope to see you and Michael on the mountain again soon!!

  4. Wow Nahwa is stunning! He already looks so much like Baja. It’s good to see Topper Too as well, but does it look like she has a bump on her hip? Maybe a reaction from PZP, or is that just me?

    • Yes, she does have a small nodule on her hip…probably a reaction from PZP. I agree about Nahwa…definitely a smaller version of Baja!

  5. Nahwa looks so much smaller than La Nina, but La Nina was the last foal born in 2013, wasn’t she? She just looks so grown up in the photos I’ve seen lately. Baja sure is a looker btw!!

    • It is sometimes hard to know the birth order…we give them identification numbers based on the order they are reported. But, I agree about La Nina. I just saw some pictures taken of her by John Nickle, our Board Director…she is a classy one!! Nahwa still has all that winter fuzz too!!

  6. Thank you.
    Beautiful photos of Baja’s band.
    Nahwa looks so stunning.

  7. Nahwa looks great!! I love the two-toned manes 🙂

  8. Enjoying these posts! Thanks, and “keep ’em coming”! Love the pictures – Baja and Nahwa in particular.

  9. Wow, Nahwa sure looks great! It’s so great to see him! He seems to have shot up this spring. I can’t wait to see him continue to grow this summer. It is so nice to see Washakie looking so good too after a September foal. Topper Too is looking lovely and Bacardi as well. I like how easily Topper Too seems to have fit into this band. It seemed to be an easy transition. I hope Bacardi and Washakie will always be together! They definitely have the close mother-daughter bond. Nahwa sure looks like his dad. I hope he gets to stay free. It will be nice to have a Washakie/ Baja offspring stay on the mountain and for Baja to have a male offspring representation. Thanks for sharing! I’ve loved all the posts recently!

  10. I love all the comments about Nahwa! He is one handsome Pryor horse!!

  11. I love all the strong mother/daughter bonds on the Pryors 🙂 some of the stallion and mare bonds have been pretty enduring, too. Which is always nice to see though I know they can’t all be that way!

    • I so share that interest in the mare bonds. Sometimes these are overshadowed by the stallion action, but the interactions of the mares are pretty special.

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