Nimbus…A New Life

June 16, 2014 Update: We did see Nimbus on the mountain yesterday. She is still with the band of bachelors. Knight is working gallantly to keep Nimbus from London and Inali. Nimbus still has the black on her rear end and tail. The wound on her leg appears to be healing. She is in a tough situation right now, a very challenging one for a yearling. However, she has good body weight and is grazing normally. Lauryn and Rachel made a good comment yesterday…now that they are on the mountain with so many other bands, it would be good for Nimbus if a strong band stallion can take her into the protection of his band.

Many people have been asking about Nimbus after her separation from her family of Cloud and Feldspar. Just a note that Nimbus is one of the horses with two names. She is also known as Encore.  This new situation might not be an ideal situation, but she had found companionship with a young stallion, Knight.



After first leaving her family, Nimbus did have some dark staining on her rear end. On May 25, 2014 she was back to her light palomino color with just her tail showing the dark stain. Nimbus and Knight  were standing on a ridge with London and Inali right near them. The two other bachelors seemed to keep their distance.

IMG_9205 Nimbus and boys

Nimbus, Knight, and London



Nimbus seemed content enough to lie down and take a short nap with Knight close beside her.

Nimbus wakes up from nap.

Nimbus wakes up from nap.

There was not pressure on young Knight or Nimbus from London or Inali. Inali did have a brief altercation with Tecumseh who still faithfully dogs Gringo’s band.

Tecumseh and Inali

Tecumseh and Inali

As we left Cheyenne Flats, the three bachelors and Nimbus grazed peacefully.

Nimbus and Boys

Nimbus and Boys

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  1. What about the severe diarrhea that is making her legs and tail black? I have a photo from yesterday still showing it looking very bad and the person who took that photo told me she had bad “runs”. Hope it is okay. I would hate to just brush this off if it was something more severe.

  2. Reblogged this on Wild in the Pryors and commented:
    Let’s hope it is as good as it sounds. She is a sweet and beautiful girl.

  3. I sure hope it’s a reaction to all the upheaval and being on her own, and that she is able to get over it, or a temporary reaction to something she’s been eating, rather than a disease of some sort. She doesn’t seem terribly thin at this point, but that could change.

    London looks like he has really grown, and I think all three of those younger ones are in good hands with big, ol’ Inali around to defend them. He seemed very close to London when I observed them for a few hours in 2013. They played a lot, with Inali outweighing and dwarfing London in size, but they had fun. He also seemed protective of him. The group at that time consisted of Inali, Hamlet, Knight, London, Chino, Jupiter and Irial.

    I hope they get a good rain soon, or that those guys all get to Mystic or Krueger’s Pond to rinse Nimbus’s discoloration away, and that she throws off whatever is causing her problem. Will be watching for posts. I truly do not want hers to be a sad story in this time of change.

    • I was thinking the same thing. That hopefully as the weather warms up and they keep heading up the mountain that she’ll rinse off in one of the ponds.

  4. I would imagine the diarrhea was probably from the stress of the situation. Going from her family band to a bachelor band had to be stressful and definitely a big and sudden change. Hopefully if it’s stopped that means she’s doing better. When she was first with them did you see any of them actually breed her? I’m hoping she’s not pregnant. Her young age combined with it being her first heat usually cause a low fertility level, preventing pregnancy. The stress of that new situation would also lower the likelihood of pregnancy. I find it interesting that Knight has been the one to claim her. I had expected either Inali or Hamlet to do that being the older two. But it’s good to hear that she enjoys Knight’s company and was comfortable enough to lay down next to him. Hopefully that also prevents her from being bred by all of those bachelors. I was worried with her being in heat it would cause a frenzy of testosterone and with her being so little I was worried she might get hurt. I wonder if Knight will eventually be able to separate with her from the rest of the group. Inali looks like he’s been sparring/ fighting with someone. This will definitely be an interesting situation to watch through the summer.

  5. Thanks for the update-Nimbus looks so little with all those boys around her! Hopefully Knight is able to continue acting as her protector and the rest of her transition to adult life goes more smoothly!

    Stress certainly could be a cause for the diarrhea, especially combined with all those newly ramped up hormones in her first estrus. Fingers crossed that’s all it is!

  6. Thanks for your update and photos Nancy. Ginger called last night and gave an update which is on FB today. After spending the last 2 weeks there and observing Encore, she said Encore is fine. All sytems are working normally, and her light color is what shows the remnants of the problem prior to her arrival a couple of weeks ago–nothing that a good roll in the water won’t take care of Wild horses are amazing creatures, aren’t they? Knight is amazing. I first saw him at a water catchment in 2010 when he was a young foal–with his mom after she left her band stallion when she objected to the new mares he had acquired. What a story!

    • Thanks, Linda! I do appreciate this great information to add to the blog post! She definitely has come along way in the past few weeks. I do agree at the resiliency of these animals. And it is so special that Knight is the one who is taking such good care of this young filly!! Nature’s ways never fail to amaze me!

  7. Great update Nancy. I spoke with Ginger today and says Encore looks good. Hoping for rain to fill the water catchment. It’s comforting knowing you are up there keeping us all informed. I love your blog. Thanks for all you do.

    • Thanks so much Paula for your kind words of support! It’s been so interesting watching these situations unfold. Yes, I wasn’t really aware that the horses could drain the guzzlers. We have a little rain in the forecast for the next couple of afternoons.

  8. Thank you very much for the update. I am glad that Nimbus found a companion in Knight.

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