Field Guide to the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses

The Mustang Center announces the publication of a Field Guide to the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses 2014!  This exciting 44-page reference field guide is now available and will be an excellent resource for anyone interested in the Pryor Mountain Mustangs. The book includes full-color pictures and descriptions of each and every horse (over the age of one)  currently living on the Pryor Mountains.

The Field Guide is available for purchase at the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center (on-site or through the website) or through the Lovell Chamber of Commerce.

ID Cover Shot

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  1. Very cool Nancy!

  2. Looks great, Nancy! Hope to be the first to purchase one 🙂

  3. Wonderful idea!

  4. awesome! ! 🙂

  5. Love this Nancy!

  6. Hi

    Will they post to Australia?

  7. Super. I can’t wait to get mine

  8. Nancy, thank you and Steve for the time, work, years of knowledge of the horses that went into creating this book. It will be a big help to new visitors the Range, but much more appreciated as a record by those of us who “know” the horses. I just ordered a copy through the Center website, hope I did it correctly 🙂 I will treasure my copy!! Thanks again.

    • What did you click on to find it for order. I want one, but cannot find it listed anywhere for purchase.

  9. Thank you in advance. I have often wished there was something like this available. A dream come true. Cheers!

    • It sure was nice when I could finally come up with a format for the field guide. As an avid birdwatcher that lives with a bird field guide, I wanted a similar resource for the horses. They should be in the mail in a few days!!!

      • I received my Field Guide and made myself wait to open it until I had time to browse lol. What a present to myself. Thanks for your time and trouble.

      • I’m so glad you enjoy it and made it a gift to yourself. I know there are some things we can improve on..good thing there is always next year!!!

  10. Mine came on Monday and it is wonderful! I love the details, layout, and photos! Thank you so much for sharing this resource!

  11. Do you ship to Norway?

    • I think we could find a way to ship to Norway!!

      • Where do I order this book?

  12. Hi Nancy

    I would like to buy a field guide and have it sent to Australia but am unsure on how much to deposit?

    • Let me check into it tomorrow and get back to you.

  13. Am going to order one right now; bound for Alberta, Canada

  14. Where on the website is it listed for purchase. I would like one but cannot find it anywhere on the site.

    • Wendy, here is the link to the order form for the Field Guide (It also contains links for other donations). Just put a check next to whatever applies to your order. You are sure to enjoy it 🙂

      • There is also now a Facebook page for the PMWMC with more photos and information, if you are on Facebook.

      • Thanks Joy. I think I filled it out right. The confirmation does not indicate specifically that the donation was for the book, so I am the “check off” beside the book is seen at the Pryor Centre. And yes, I just joined the PMWMC Facebook site as well. Has been about six years or so since I was down there, but still have great memories of my trip up the mountain with Tom and Matt. And I am so glad to see that many of the horses I saw back then are still alive.

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