September 9, 2012 – 2012 Adoption

Yesterday was the adoption event for the horses removed during the 2012 gather. As was the case with the gather itself, I think that the adoption also went very well – Every horse was adopted. It’s hard to describe in meaningful words just how successful I thought that the 2012 gather and adoption turned out.  It was the reflection of a lot of very hard work from a number of dedicated individuals from the BLM, NPS, and other agencies and groups during the past couple of months, and we should all be very appreciative of this.

Panorama of the adoption starting with Kayenta. (Please click on it for a bigger version.)

I thought that yesterday was a pretty good day.  Howard Lemm returned as auctioneer, and that made it fun.  Additionally, the whole atmosphere of this event was different and more relaxed compared to 2009, everyone attending seemed pretty relaxed.  Something a little different this year that I think helped out also was that almost each horse was brought out during their bidding. Some of the horses didn’t care too much for this part, but I think it really helped out.

Kiva watches the audience during her bidding

Jared actually used his adopted wild horse to help get the horses in and out of the round pen there.

There were also some small talks given during the event, such as some given by Cass from the National Park Service regarding current happenings in Bighorn Canyon and the fertility control program.

Though there seemed to be less people than were attending the 2009 adoption, I think that it was a really good group. There were a number of different people who came from different places, and almost everyone who had registered to adopt seemed to end up adopting at least one horse. I knew a number of people adopting and was also able to get to meet some that I hadn’t met before.  I think that the horses will all be going to great homes. Prices were lower this year, but I think that was just a reflection of the times. Below are the winning bids and bidders for each horse:

Name Price Bidder
Joviana $250 112
Juneau $250 107
Jalisco $275 122
Jenny $125 116
Jedediah $700 108
July $250 111
Jicarilla $250 126
Judith $125 117
Jumping Badger $125 122
Kokopelli $125 108
Kaelia $250 123
Kiowa $125 101
Kodiak $700 104
Kelly $125 115
Kalahari $225 115
Kerry $2,300 121
Kiva $225 115
Kane $225 112
Klamath $150 105
Kachina $125 109
Katrina $125 125
Krystal $125 115
Kaycee $250 107
Kayenta $400 114
Kootenai $325 101
Kierra $125 103
Kaibab $425 106
Lewis $375 108
Lander $350 108
Liesl $125 106
Lily $125 117
LeDoux $500 119
Lancaster $175 113
Lynx $225 120
La Salle $225 113
Lenape $125 110
Leo $225 102
Lukachukai $325 127

Also, Jicarilla had her foal last weekend, a filly named Marianna.  The two were adopted out together only to someone who wouldn’t be transporting them more than two hours from here. They ended up getting adopted by some local people and are doing well.

The Mustang Center was able to adopt the two horses it was hoping to, and they came down to their new home last night. I arrived a little while after they had, and saw Exhilaration and some of the Quarter Horse mares with him come to meet Kaibab and Liesl.

They all seemed pretty friendly to each other. I also went and saw Kaibab and Liesl again earlier today, and they were still doing well. They seem to be getting along very well with each other. They are actually pretty docile around people now too, probably due in a good part to the work the BLM did trying to get them ready for their new homes during the past month. We will all continue to work with them so they can become some nice little ambassadors for the herd.



I’ll try to post regular updates on these two as time goes on, and I hope to be able to do the same with some of the other adopted horses too. I will be going back up on the Range again sometime soon and will also post some updates from that trip.

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  1. Thsnks for the info Matt! Love to hear about the horses. I am so glad that the roundup went so well…it always makes me feel better when horses go to good homes.

  2. Thank you so much for this timely, informative post. I am so very glad each of the horses gathered was adopted, and that you feel they’ve gone to good homes. I truly hope that supporters of other herds are able to gleen some knowledge from how things are done there that will help them in support of THEIR horses. Everyone who worked to make this the very humane and successful operation that it was deserves a great big pat on the back and “two thumbs up”. I hate that this is good- bye to some horses I felt such a connection to, but I recognize the reality that it’s the way things have to be, and I’m happy for them and their new owners. I still have plenty of characters to admire and love, and new little ones each year to add spice to the mix.

    I have to thank you specifically, Matt, for doing the blog that I came across when I began my search for real wild horses to visit as the realization of my lifelong dream, in 2007. (Even tho I’m pretty sure there have been
    times when you wondered if it was such a good idea…) It was the uniqueness of the history of this herd, the determination of the local Lovell people who love, and have loved, them, the predominance of primitive markings making that connection to the ancient past, and something that came thru in their eyes in the pictures you took that drew me in and now hold me. A Native American friend told me they have a saying that “the horses will find who they need”. Well, I think people will find the horses they need, too, and I needed to find the horses on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. Thank you for helping me with that, and for all that you do.

    • Linda, I just have to say that your post was beautifully written. Thank you.

      • Thank you, Scott. They are words “from the heart”.

  3. Linda has said it all… I concur! and thank you for all your information and work — looking forward to hearing more from you when you have time. Thanks, Matt.

  4. So glad everyone was adopted and I know Liesl and Kaibab will do great at the center! I’m also glad that Jicarilla finally had her filly. And what a cute little girl she is!

    • I’m really glad everything was OK with Jicarilla having to foal in captivity. Hopefully, she had a little privacy when the time came and wasn’t too upset by being confined. Anyway, they are another beautiful pair, aren’t they…

      • I’m sure having Juneau nearby was a comfort to her too, especially since they were from the same band and with Jicarilla being a first time mother. Glad everything went ok. Hoping for the same thing with Dancer’s foal. It should be soon if she hasn’t foaled already.

      • I’m sure having Juneau there was comforting to her especially since they were from the same band and with Jicarilla being a first time mother. I’m so glad everything went well. Hoping things go the same way for Dancer. It should be soon, if she hasn’t foaled already.

      • Actually, I don’t think Jicarilla liked it when Juneau rejoined their band with Mendenhall. I seem to remember Baja had to keep things in order for a while after he got her back… But I am sure a familiar “face” was definitely helpful once she was in the pens.

  5. Thanks for the update! I’m so happy that all the horses have a new home. And I certainly look forward to more updates. Thank you to everyone for all the hard work in the dedication and care of these horses. 🙂

  6. So glad that it went smoothly and ditto–all the horses found homes. There were many happy people leaving the corrals yesterday. I visited 2 of the yearling colts this morning here in Estes Park this afternoon, and they were calm, happy, and curious about their new mountain home after making friends with the barn cat, house cat, and border collie. Yes, this removal should be a BLM model, nationally, for necessary removals. There are many herds that have detailed documentation of births, deaths, ages, band members, etc., all which makes this work so well. This removes expensive contractors and creates a relatively stress-free event for the horses.

    • Which two colts are now at Estes Park?

      • Longstockings/LaSalle and Lancaster have a wonderful home with great owners on a ranch in Estes Park, with a beautiful gurgling mountain stream running through the pastures, surrounded by Rocky Mtn. Nat’l. Park Also, several other horses have wonderful homes here in Colorado from the eastern plains to the NW corner–Leo, Breeze, LaDoux, and Kestral(Kaelia) mare with her foal.

      • That sounds awesome! They are two lucky boys! I heard that Rachel Reeves has Breeze and Leo and that Ginger has Kaelia and Malayna. Do you know who got LeDoux?

      • Cathy Bryarly, great wild horse advocate from Colorado, took LeDoux home and he has settled in nicely, she reports.

      • That’s good to hear!

  7. Which horse was the most expensive, and why?

  8. Congratulations on getting all the horses new homes=) And with your two new additions to the center! Can’t wait to see more photos and updates! I hope you can provide us with links/updates on as many as possible of the beauties:)
    I can see that Gringo is not the only one with a love for the K girls.. Someone adopted both Kelly, Kalahari, Kiva and Krystal?;)

    • Yes, they were adopted by Lisa Friday. She also has Cloud’s daughter, Rain, from the 2009 adoption. They will have a great home!

      • I just saw the photo update on TCF blog, they all look so good:) And Judith sure is stunning as well.. love her coloring and her dark mane and tail:) Hoping the centers horses are coming along as well.. I think I saw somewhere that cute little Liesl is almost blind? Do you know if this is the case? Poor thing has had such a hard life.. She deserves all the joy the center will give her:)

  9. I really want to know who adopted Kayenta ?

    • A great wild horse supporter from Maryland adopted Kayenta–and traveled with the 8 other horses headed to Virginia.

  10. I sure envy Cathy Bryarly having Jackson’s son. I’m betting he’ll turn out to be quite a horse. Sure is a shame Jackson is the only coyote dun left on the range. Maybe one of this year’s babies will end up that color.

  11. Thank you Matt for all the information . Glad all the horese were adopted and have good homes. You do a great job, Thanks again,

  12. Yes Anne, Liesl is what they call functionally blind, but she is doing real good here at the Center. She and Kaibab have bonded and it is so cute to watch them together. Liesl actually knows my voice and let me touch her face today without being startled. Kaibab is doing the same and let me touch his face too! They must like my singing! LOL!

    • Sing away, Lori, it’s just so great to hear all these stories. Pryor mustangs are really special 🙂

    • Hihi, I can just imagine it;) As long as they don’t try to cover your mouth like one of my cats used to do whenever I was singing;) I am so grateful to you for taking her in, she really needs some caring and loving people in her life and now she’s got it!
      One day I hope to make the trip aaaaaaall the way over there to see them and the other Pryor horses:)

  13. You bet they are Joy! “All the pretty little ponies” is what I sing to them….I will have to find another one as they are probably getting tired of that one! LOL

  14. Good story from the Lovell Chronicle:

    • Thanks for the update on Liesl and Kaibab in the Recent News section. I like the story about Liesl whinnying to Exhilaration — maybe he still smells like the Dryhead 🙂

  15. I’m glad to hear Liesl and Kaibab are doing so well! They seem to be quickly bonding with you as well. I wonder if Liesl being mostly blind is how she ended up being seperated from everyone. But she is in great hands with you now! The picture of them grooming eachother is so cute! And I love the picture of Liesl, she has the cutest face 🙂 I’m glad all her hair has grown back over her scratches now and we can see her beautiful face!

  16. Kayenta is one of my favorites and I live in Maryland, I think it is great she is coming here.

  17. I was going through some records and found out that Liesl is the “niece” to my Nebraska. Liiesl’s father Garcia, is my Nebraska’s full brother, both having the same parents, Topper & Tony! Now I can understand why I bonded with her so much and felt such a strong connection to her! That is amazing!!!
    For the first time Liesl whinnied to me yesterday! Kaibab has been doing that, but of course it is when I feed them, but today she did her whinney to me! So sweet. I have been stroking her too. Kaibab is a little more leary of the touch still, but is coming around.
    Nancy was really giving Liesl some good loving the other evening and actually petting her down her mane and up around her ears! This is so much fun!!

    • Thanks for posting the new photos Lori and that article in the Lovell paper with you on the front page is wonderful!
      I love when they whinney at me! Kootenai has done it since day one, but Kiowa has not given me one yet. Soon… 🙂
      Yes, I believe there is a reason for us to be drawn to some horses over others. 🙂

      • Thanks Sandy! I believe I was mistaken about Liesl being Garcia’s. I thibnk she was Bristol & Greta’s. Linda Dombeck is a better keeper of records than me…Oh well…It was a good thought though!!? I love her anyway, even if she is not related to my Nebraska!
        Same with Kaibab, he whinnies from day one, but not Liesl…now she is doing it! Kiowa will do it to, and very soon!!

  18. Lori, are you sure about Liesl? I wasn’t really sure. It just seemed like Greta already had Liesl when Garcia stole her from Bristol. But not being out there and not great at keeping track of that stuff from posts, it wouldn’t surprise me if I’d missed a development along the way. Anyway, I love that Liesl is warming up to you guys so well. 🙂 I am sure she wouldn’t have had much of a chance without you and the Center, and I believe she is a beautiful spirit that deserves to have a long life. It’s so cool to hear about you guys’ accomplishments with the horses as the relationships develop. Only thing better in my estimation would be if I had one of my own. 🙂 Maybe someday… Anyway, thanks for the news.

  19. And Lori, I’m sorry for the Center that they are losing you as Director, as you announced on the Center homepage, but understand your decision completely. I’m sure you will be able to do many great things for the horses in other capacities. You are one of the people the horses needed to find, and they did, and I’m betting they won’t let you go, even if you ever wanted them to. 🙂 Looking forward to spending some great time with you on the range next time I get there. 🙂 THANKS for all that you’ve done, and that you will do.

    • I will miss you also 😦 But I’m glad you will still be able to work with Liesl and Kaibab. Best wishes…

    • I also will miss you Lori. You always kept us up to date. And my sister and I had a great time with you on the range the summer of 2011. Hopefully I can find a way to contact you when it’s time to visit again. Would love to talk with you. Now you have to start a blog so you can document all your visits to the Range. LOL!

  20. Hi Lori, You know how I feel about you leaving as director. The Center has lost a wonderful person that was able to connect to so many people, someone that was not afraid to show her passion for these horses. I know you will still be there as a volunteer, and I am happy for that! The best thing about you leaving is that now you will be able to come out on the range more with me! 🙂 Take care and thanks for your passion!

  21. I am saddened by this news Lori and echo what Linda and Sandy said. Thank you for all you’ve done for the mustangs and especially for looking out for Liesel. I am happy you will still be a big part of their lives going forward. Thanks again and hopefully our paths will cross again. 🙂

  22. OK…you all.. Sandy, Brigitte, Joy and Linda, thank you for the kind words to me and Now I am having some tears…but…I will be able to help the horses in other ways and be my own person. I have loved being at the Center and have met some wonderful people…in my life I will NEVER forget. We all share the same love and passion for these horses…they are in my heart and in my blood, for whatever reason….only God knows. We have to be thier voice and we will!!!!!
    No body can stop that!

    I will be on the range and spending time with Liesl and Kaibab and the other things that I love in my life. We can all share the stories and can all stay in touch…thanks to Sandy’s blog!!!
    I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you who care to, and I wil give you my “personal” email from the Center.
    Thanks again to all of you who care and who have these Pryor horses in your hearts!!!!
    I do Love Liesl & Kaibab and promise to take care of them as long as I am alive!
    Love to go to the Mt. with you Sandy, when you come out again!!!!

  23. I was really hoping that if I one day will be able to go there, I would be get to meet you at the center, Lori:) But I understand that sometimes we need to chose different paths in life to achieve the goals we wanna reach. I wish you all the success and happiness in your new job!! This must be a great loss for the center, but it is so good to know the horses will still have you in their lives:) I am very happy you will still be able to care for both the centers and your own horses and that you will be able to continue your trips among the wild ones!
    Thank you for all you have done so far, and for the great work I know you will continue doing:)

    • Thank you Anne! I do hope to meet you someday also.

      • OH Anne…I forgot to mention…I am retiring…so that I can do the things that I love the most. is not a new job…just time to do everything that I love…mostly be at home with my husband and critters, go out to the range, and spend time with Liesl & Kaibab!

  24. Photos are great, Lori! Thanks, and thanks to Jimmy, too 🙂

    • Thank YOU Joy!!!!

  25. Wishing you well, Lori — keep checking in… Thanks again for everything. 🙂

    • Thank you, too, Brianna, for your care for the horses and the work you have put in. Also for naming Malayna, our favorite new filly 🙂 Hope you still have time to get out on the range once in a while and also spend occasional time with Liesl and Kaibab!

  26. Lori, those guys look much better in your latest photos! 🙂 I just know they are learning to love you, and that is surely what Liesl needs as much as the food and water. She had to have felt so “lost” for so long with her very poor vision and apart from her mother. I hate to think of it. But she looks so good now and I’ll be they are both going to be very fine looking 2-yr-olds by next summer. Looking forward to their story as it unfolds. 🙂 THANK YOU!

  27. I love the new pictures you added Lori! They are both looking great and I can tell they love both you and Brianna! Liesl seems to be doing especially well surrounded by so much love! Being on her own for so much time especially being so young must have been so hard as she clearly loves to be social and all the attention that she’s getting. I’m so glad her and Kaibab have bonded too. They seem like such a sweet pair 🙂 I know I’ve said it before but I really think this is the best thing that could have happened for Liesl!

  28. Great pictures Lori and Brianna! Thanks for everything you both did for the Center! You added a wonderful energy to the place and you will be greatly missed!

  29. Thank you Sandy, Sarah, Linda and Joy!
    Both Brianna and I have promised to stay in “close” touch as Sydney (last summer’s HS employee) and I have also. Brianna and Sydney are friends too and we all share this passion for the horses.
    We will be going out to the range as often as we can and making reports. Kaibab & Liesl are so perfect together and I am thankful that Matt suggested that we adopt Kaibab along with Liesl. They have bonded and now Kaibab has his own little “harem”. He is so proud!
    I will have more time to get them both used to a lead rope, and hopefully they will both easily accept this training.
    I have watched Anna Twinney’s training CD’s and I believe she is one of the best as far as gentleing foals and young horses. It is all about Love, patience, time and of course “treats”.
    Thanks everyone for your best wishes on my behalf, but mostly for the Love and support of these special wild horses.

    • I completely agree with your training approach! I think they will do very well as they have come so far already. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures with them and your trips out to the range!

  30. Love those latest pics of you, Brianna and Liesl and Kaibab! They look like they’re sharing some pretty important conversation with you guys. LOL! I bet it won’t be too long til you’re able to “hug” Liesl and she’ll almost hug you back. 🙂

    • Thanks Linda!
      I did hug Liesl today…she is such a sweet heart. Then she rubbed her face on me…like I was just part of the harem!! HA HA.
      Kaibab is still not as friendly as her, but he does let me touch and groom him. We are working on it though. I was scratching Kaibab, then he started to groom Liesl…we looked like a little family! HA! Cute!

      • GREAT! I know that’s what that little girl needs, and it’s got to feels so good to you, too 🙂 And Kaibab will “get it” pretty soon, too, I’ll bet. Eventually, if he considers you part of his harem, he probably won’t want to let you leave. 🙂 Is Exhileration still watching over them a bit, or does he figure they’re good to go now? Sure wish I could be there to see the “family”.

      • That’s so great to hear Lori!!!

  31. Yes Linda, Exhilaration stays around them, but he also goes out into the field with the other quarter horse mares. I still think he knows that Liesl and Kaibab are Pryors…he can smell it. Liesl likes him and so does Kaibab. I don’t know when we can let them all be together, but it won’t be anytime soon. I also don’t know if Liesl will be able to go out in the field next year either…we will just have to take it as it comes and make the right choice for her. I would worry though if she got spooked or scared and ran into the Barbed wire that encloses the field. That is along way off anyway, so no need to worry about that now.
    It does make me feel real good to be able to interact with them, and Liesl…well..she is just a little darling and needs that touch and love.
    She really is “God’s Promise”.

    • Barbed wire? Are there any plans to replace that?

      • I was thinking the same thing Joy

      • Not unless someone donates a large, very large sum of money. The fence encloses about 10 acres, so it would take a considerable amount of money to do that.
        My two horses at home have never had an issue with our barbed wire fence. The top and bottom lines are barbless with the two middle lines being barbed and we have never had any problem with either horse.

  32. I know I’ve asked already, but has Dove’s filly been named? And has anyone been able to get to the top and see Dancer and her foal? Hoping they’re both doing well!

    • So has someone reported seeing Damsel with a foal?

    • I’m just wondering if ANYONE has gotten up there or reported seeing her with or without a foal. I’ve been anxiously awaiting news. I so badly wish I lived closer! I would go out there and try to see for myself 🙂 And I think Dove’s filly is the only known foal that hasn’t been named, right?

      • No, we haven’t heard a name for the colt born to Sitting Bull and Cecelia yet, either. They have probably been named — we just don’t know them.

      • I forgot about their colt. He sure is a pretty one though. I’d love to see some updated pictures of him and Dove’s filly 🙂 I figured they had probably been named, but just not announced yet. I’d love to hear their names though!

      • You’re voicing my own thoughts, Sarah;) There are a few situations up there that we don’t know about, and it’s driving me crazy 😉 I am also dying to know if Blue Moon managed to keep his herd together after Amethyst’s strange behaviour with Horizon moving in, and I also think I saw something about Chino and the Topper’s being chased by a bachellor?

        Ahh, to be a bird in the Pryors…. 😉

      • And how long has it been since Prince was last seen? I worry about him as well..

      • I agree Anne! I’d love to be a bird in the Pryors! Hopefully soon someone will be able to get out there and find the answers to all of our questions 🙂 I hope Prince is doing ok too.

  33. We are all anxious to hear more about what is happening in the Pryors. We have been spoiled this year in that Sandy, Shawn, Lori and Brianna have been able to visit the range often and report back with photos. We have been able to find out when foals were born almost as soon as it happened and Matt has given us their names. But it was not so in the past. In the beginning, the stallions were known, but not the mares or their foals. We were lucky to know the number of foals born. So I’m taking this opportunity to thank them all. And Matt has given us updates when he can. He has a full-time job and getting to the range, then posting photos and information is not easy, I would guess. That’s why they say “Patience is a virtue” 🙂 I am in great need of that virtue — most of us live far away — and yes, the waiting isn’t easy. I try to find distractions, like photographing anything with four legs! Deer and llamas look a little bit like horses… don’t they? 🙂

    • Haha, we’ve been spoiled indeed;) They have put in such a great effort this year to get the information we all seek so desperately. What would we have done without them??? I guess we need to find a new fix in the wintertime.. Llamas are such great fun to look at, although I suspect the horses would take the comparison as an insult;) I for one just got back from a loooong walk in the woods followed by a visit to “my” horse that had 3 companions today=)

  34. Yes..getting up to the top of the Pryor’s in the winter is almost not possible. Visiting the Dry Head is not too difficult, that is why I can do that often.
    Also, in the winter months the horses can be very difficult to even find as they go to places where only they know about.
    I will do the best I can soon as I am having my 10 ply tires put on my new vehicle as I type this. Maybe I can get up Burnt Timber soon.
    If you have never been up Burnt Timber Road then you have no idea what it is like….oh…so much fun!!!! We will try our best to keep the updates coming.

    • I hope you’ll be able to make it up there Lori!! And that you’ll be able to see everyone in the Dryhead again soon. Hopefully you’ll see that Merlin is doing better 🙂

  35. Thank you Sarah. I will let you know when I go and who I see!!!

  36. It’s been a long time between updates and like many of you I suppose, I have been browsing past issues of this blog. Besides the removals, which was the major event of the year, of course, this year — especially this summer — has seen some really big changes. I was surprised to remember that the discovery of Kitalpha with Bristol was just last February. It seems longer ago than that – and she sure has gained weight since then!

    Two major changes occurred when Galaxy stole Prince’s band and Gringo took Tecumseh’s – both happened in May. Unfortunately, both former band stallions also suffered injuries and it seems Prince’s was pretty bad. He remained elusive all summer and has not been seen recently. In June, Gold Rush, Lincoln and Lemhi went missing, possibly during an interchange between stallions when Isadora ended up with Blue Moon.

    Merlin has had many challenges since early June – somehow Icara and Morgana ended up with Durango, and Jewel and Mercuria went to Fool’s Crow. Hidatsa battled Merlin and took the rest of the family, but only had them for a brief time before Corona, who is also the sire of Jewel, Icara and Halo, ended up with them, seemingly caring for them only until Merlin had recovered from his injuries! It’s like a soap opera! But now Merlin has been challenged again, with Hidalgo taking Halo, Fresia and Montana. Hopefully, Merlin will take his time getting healthy. But he hasn’t been seen for a while either. With so many young bachelors in the Dryhead and so few mares, I don’t think many of the ladies will be able to really settle in with anyone!

    And of course, the biggest change was the loss of Lakota. It’s never easy losing any of the horses, but his loss seemed harder after watching him suffer, then losing him near the anniversary of the accident which took Admiral and Kapitan. It is almost certain that Tony and Starbuck are also gone, neither of them having been seen, I think, for a year. I think we should face the fact that this is going to happen often in the next couple years, since there are 33 horses aged 16 and older out there.

    On a happier note, there were 26 foals born so far this year, and 18 of them are still on the range. Maybe there will be one more if someone finds out what happened with Damsel. I’st going to be fun watching them all grow and change!

    Sorry that this got so long, but I didn’t realize so many things had happened in just a few months and wanted to share. We have all been concentrating on the removals so much, we may have forgotten all the other things that have been happening on the range.

  37. Thank you for the little summary Joy:) It’s easy to lose some things with all the “action” we’ve had this summer.. both for good and bad. I also am anxious about some of the changes we’ll see the next years. There are some mighty strong bachelors coming into the right age now, and we’ve seen several examples of how bad these fights can be. I know the older stallions can’t hold out forever, but I really hope there will be no more serious injuries as a result of this. And I really hope Chino will have his ladies as long as possible.. I’m so proud of how strong he still is:)

    • It was very surprising to me to realize how many other relevant events took place this past year — some of them seem so long ago! I also think a lot of the followers of this blog have also learned a lot this year — it’s good to know there are people out there who realize it’s not just about pretty pictures of horses. Things are changing all the time! 🙂

  38. I heard Matt made it up the mountain last weekend! Can’t wait to hear the report!!

  39. Congratulations and welcome to new director, Aubry Jolley 🙂

    • and now a special thanks for providing us with a photo of Jicari and Peanut 🙂

  40. Yes, congrats to Aubry! Good luck at the Center. Is this the same Aubry that went up on the mountain with Lori, me and my sister and the folks from Oklahoma (I think) in the summer of 2010?

    • Yes Lola, that is the same Aubry! Those people who went with us were from Alabama. We had a great time, didn’t we?
      I wish Aubry well too!
      As you know, I am now helping Sandy with her blog and am trying to keep everyone updated on Liesl & Kaibab as well.
      I now have time to go out to the range, work with Liesl & Kaibab, and my own horses too.
      I will continue to be an advocate for the wild horses and can now express my “personal” opinion on all issues associated with the management of this herd without compromising the Center’s MOU(momorandum of understanding) with the BLM.
      Sometimes we have to listen to what our inner soul is telling us, and that is what I am doing.

      • I thought so. Thanks Lori! And I look foward to updates from you through Sandy. I love that you are following your heart. Maybe we’ll see you this next summer. My sister and I are hoping to make another trip to the Pryors.

  41. Good luck as the new director Aubry! I’m happy to see Jicari and Peanut have found a good home and look forward to more updates on them as well as Liesl and Kaibab 🙂

  42. Thank you all! I am so greatful to have this opportunity and look forward to the coming year as Director! I will do my best to keep you all updated as to what is going on at the center, with Liesl and Kaibab, on the mountain, and with my two girls. Again, thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Congratulations on your appointment Aubry 🙂 I look forward to meeting you at the Center next time I’m there. Looking forward to your updates on Liesl, Kaibab, your horses, the ones on the mountain AND the ones in the Dryhead, and anything else about the PMWHR. 🙂

  43. Glad to see there’s a good accumulation of snow — Exhilaration looks good. Thanks for the photo, Aubry 🙂

  44. Just thought I would let everyone know that Sandy Elmore has a beautiful 2013 calendar out of the Pryor Mustangs. You can contact her on the Wild in the Pryor’s Blog at:

    • Thank you Lori. I actually do not have any more calendars, but I would be happy to put in another order, if there is enough interest. You can contact me at

      • Does anyone know when there will be a new update about Cloud and the Pryor mustangs on this website? The babies will be coming soon and I can’t wait to see their photos.

      • I do not know Denise. But you can follow my blog to keep up:

      • Thanks I will do that. You have a wonderful day.

  45. Merry Christmas to everyone at the PMWMC and all who follow this blog.

  46. Thanks for the new pictures in the news section! That’s too funny that Kaibab was playing with the cat! Thanks for sharing your pictures from you trip too. Kaibab, Liesl, and Exhileration are so cute running around together. I bet it was fun to watch. And I love the frosty picture of Peanut! She is too cute!

    • I love the photos too. Especially the white tip to Peanut’s ear.

  47. And I love Peanut’s curly hair! Looking forward to how she looks in the summer. Thanks Aubry 🙂

  48. Sorry to hear Exhilaration isn’t at the Center any more — he does love the company 😦

    How did Liesl get the cut? Hope it heals quickly. She’s such a pretty girl. 🙂

  49. I have been looking forward to being the 100th post 🙂

    Hope all is well at the Center… Matt, we’re still looking forward to any observations you might have as to what is happening on the range. Your insght is invaluable.

    Happy Spring! 🙂

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