July 28, 2012 – Gather Updates

I went out to Britton Springs this morning to see the horses. Below are some photographs of them:

(l-r) Kayenta, Judith, Krystal, Kierra, Kelly, and Lily

These females were all in one pen together. Lily (along with Kootenai and Kodiak) was removed from Cappuccino’s harem yesterday. Lynx, Lukachukai, Lenape, and Kaibab were also in a pen together.

Lynx and Lukachukai

Kaibab and Lenape

The young males Jumping Badger, Kokopelli, Klamath, Kodiak, and Kootenai were together in another pen. Newcomers Kodiak and Kootenai seemed to be keeping to themselves, but they’ll probably become friends with the other boys soon.

(l-r) Jumping Badger, Klamath, and Kokopelli

Kootenai and Kodiak

Liesl was in with Joviana and her foal, who has been named Malakai. Liesl seemed interested in Malakai though Joviana didn’t like her to be too close. I did see Malakai nursing and eating hay. I also think that Liesl and Joviana’s conditions are improving.

Liesl, Joviana, and Malakai

In the pen by them were Jicarilla, Juneau, and Juneau’s colt Mendenhall.

Jicarilla, Mendenhall, and Juneau

I plan on heading back out to Britton Springs when I next can, so I’ll be sure to post any updates from then or from Lori as soon as I can.

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  1. Thank you Matt!

  2. Thanks Matt. I am glad that you went out to Britton Springs and got some great pictures of these horses.
    Good job Matt!!

  3. Tks Matt …Lori got the wright words tks.. Ross

  4. Thanks, Matt — looking forward to your observations.

  5. GREAT news that Liesl, Joviana and Malakai seem to be improving! Kind of wish Liesl didn’t have to be kind of an “outsider” again, tho. I suppose she was being picked on when she was in with all the other fillies instead of just Kayenta. Poor kid. But, she’s a mustang, and I believe she will prevail. THANKS Matt, for finding the time to go see the horses and share the news with us.

  6. […] morning and I am going to take an early ride up the Dryhead (or Sykes!!!) and then meet Lori at Britton Springs.  Are plan is to head up the mountain for a few […]

  7. On the BLM sight it says that 2 male horses were removed today. Does anyone know who they are?

    • Lori and Sandy are on the Range together for the first part of this week. Lori texted me earlier and said Leo was one, but she didn’t specify the other.

      • Thats too bad. I was hoping Leo would avoid the trap since he is Custer’s only offspring. Please let us know if you hear of who the other one was. Thank you for keeping us updated.

      • Thanks, Matt — hope we’ll hear from them soon. It just keeps getting worse 😦

    • I am sure you have seen Sandy’s short post, but Monday they took Leo, Kane, LaSalle, Kachina, Katrina and Jedediah

  8. Hello Matt,
    Do you know the schedule for adoption? Thank you.

  9. Thanks Matt for the pictures of the horses at Britton Springs. I am wondering which road they drove the horses down from the mountain top to Britton Springs. I tried to go up to the mountain top in June but I could not make it to the top.
    I am hoping to visit the horses soon. I am so grateful for the information that the PMWMC (Lori) provided us in June about the Pryor Mountain horse range. Thank you.

    • They are using Crooked Creek to go down with the horses. Most people prefer it and you can make it without too tough a vehicle. Burnt Timber is quicker ( 1 hour Britton to trap if you know the road), but it is very rough. With a trailer and horses, they said it is taking close to 3 hours to get down, and I think it is about 2 normally.

  10. Hi Matt and Lori – Do you know the adoption rate of the Pryor Mountain wild horses? Just curious. I see the adoption date is set. Wish it was in the cards for me. 😦

    • HI Lola!
      I beleive they start the bidding at $125.00 for each horse. If it is a mare and foal, then I think it is $250.00 starting bid.

      I do believe that all of the Pryors end up getting adopted. It seems they are very sought after horses.
      I pray that this will happen in September.

      The center’s Shelter and corral is being built as we speak. It will be finished by then and we will be able to adopt 2 of the horses.
      The board will have to decide which ones.
      I want Liesl, but if they don’t want to adopt her, I will, and I can take her home to live with my other two Pryor’s.

  11. Hey Everyone! Click on our “recent news” then news, to see a picture of the progress of our shelter at the Center.
    Thanks to the support we received and are still receiving from all of the generous people out there who care about this special project.

    Soon, there will be two adopted Pryor Mountain wild horses. The “Ambassador”s for the Center!
    Thank you everyone for your support of this project, and it is a GREAT addition to the PMWMC!!

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