July 22, 2012 – Gather Updates

Lori visited Britton Springs again yesterday and has some new information and photos that she sent over:


I went out to visit the removed horses at Britton Springs this morning. Liesl is doing much better and spent most of the time eating and drinking. She came within 10 inches of sniffing my hand. She has lots of scars from being picked on and chased by other horses on the range, but she is doing better every day. I was so happy to see that.


Liesl has company now as the BLM removed 4 more horses. They are Kayenta, Kierra and Lynx and Klamath. Kayenta, Lynx and Kierra are in the enclosure with Liesl. Everything seemed to be fine and nobody was picking on her. They all were eating and look real healthy. The BLM are keeping a close eye on Liesl and making sure that nobody picks on her. If that does happen they will move her to a separate enclosure so that she does not have any of the others to worry about. She sure is a sweet one. Lynx is a sweet one too. He is a little bit bigger than Liesl, and in better shape for sure.


Kierra and Lynx


Klamath is in with Jumping Badger and Kokopelli. They all look real good and are adjusting well. They also spent most of the time eating and deciding who was the leader..but nothing serious.


I just wanted to let everyone know that all of the removed horses are in good shape and being watched very closely by BLM personnel .

I will be visiting the horses again on Tuesday!


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  1. Thanks, Lori. Kayenta is the only one who looks like “why am I here?” Did she interact with anyone?

  2. Thank you so much for the update and the pictures! I know we all are anxious to see how they are doing. It’s a little comfort to know they are beeing taken such good care of. And VERY good to see that little Liesl is doing good now:) Thanks for all that you and Matt are doing!

  3. Matt, would you have the time to update us on any new foals or at least the names of the recent ones born? Thank you — know it’s a busy time for you, and we appreciate all your work.

    • I was wondering about the foals too. I haven’t heard names for the foals of Galena, Brumby, Cedar/Sapo, July, Kaycee, Madonna, Joviana, Kiva, Kaelia, or Kerry. Not sure if they haven’t been named yet or it just hasn’t been posted. Please let us know when you can 🙂

      • Brianna, the Center’s summer helper, got to name Kaelia’s filly. Her name is Malayna.

      • Thank you, that’s a pretty name.

      • Thanks Lori, that’s a beautiful name — even better, I see it means “free” in the Filipino language 🙂

      • Very pretty name!

      • Thanks, Joy. I didn’t even know it meant that. Now I do! (:

      • You’re welcome, Brianna. Thanks for suggesting a beautiful name for the daughter of one of my favorite mares 🙂

  4. Thanks Matt and Lori!

  5. […] 22 update:  you can click MATT and it will take you Matt’s post.  Lori has some photos there that she took of the horses […]

  6. I think all of them were just trying to get adjusted to their “temporary home”. They were all eating though. Liesl seemed to keep to herself, and Lynx and Kierra were staying together, and Kayenta was near those two. The boys were whinnying to the girls…it was kind of cute.
    Mostly though I noticed that they all seemed relaxed, That made me feel a bit better.
    I will be checking on them again on Tuesday. I am sure by then that they will be interacting a little bit more…land at least none of them are alone!!!
    thanks for caring everyone!!

    • How are they sorting the horses into pens? I am confused that Lynx is with the girls rather than the boys.

      • Lynx is only a yearling and has a strong connection to Kierra. I am sure staying near her is more comforting to him and not a hindrance to the rest of the “girls”.

    • Thanks, Lori 🙂

  7. Glad to hear that things are pretty quiet with the horses. They sure don’t need a bunch of personality clashes, etc., to add to the frustration of being limited in where they can go. This is most certainly the best way to go for gathering, since it HAS to be done. I’m glad to know Liesl is eating and drinking, even if she is still a bit shy. I bet she’ll be more confident when she has gathered a bit more strength. Kayenta is so darned pretty. Wish I were the one to take her home, too. I’ll bet she and Klamath are “keeping in touch” thru the fence. : 0 ) Thanks matt and Lori.

  8. Your welcome Linda!

    Yes..Lynx is just a yearling and has close connections with Kierra, so you are right Joy!
    He may get in big trouble if he was in with the bigger boys!
    I see that they are being very careful who they put with who.
    This is a good thing!

    • Thanks for explaining this Joy and Lori. I had incorrectly assumed that the horses would be sorted only by gender and not by the dynamics and personalities of the horses, so this is great to hear.

    • Thank you for the detailed update Lori! I was hoping they would leave Lynx with Kierra and was happy to hear that they did. Jared seems to be doing a great job taking all this into consideration.

  9. I hate seeing the names of the horses that I know/recognize. I know this needs to happen, but it’s still hard. Wish I could come and adopt Kayenta. I just love her. Thanks to Matt and Lori for the wonderful updates. And it’s good to know that the BLM is so careful with the horses. These horses are lucky, in a way, because the herd is so well known. I don’t think the BLM wants the kind of publicity they would get with a helicopter roundup or for mistreating these horses.

  10. You are right about that Lola! Also, this type of gather happened because of comments that were recieved during the scoping period and the EA comments. Another reason is because of Jared Bybee and the BLM here in Billings. They do care about these horses and do consider the comments by the public, contrary to what many people believe.
    I am so happy that this is happening the way it is.
    NOT happy to see any of them removed, but we know this is inevitable and it must happen. I Love them all!
    Let’s hope that this many horses will not have to be removed anytime in the future. We will just have to wait and see how the PZP plays a role in the near future.

    • I totally agree with your comment Lori!

    • Kudos to Jared for 21st century wild horse management! Someone should let the BLM Program Director know, because I think all he hears in criticism – – not just about the PMWHR but still. It would be nice to pass along some positive comments!

      • I guess that would be the Program Director, SHE . . .

  11. I am so glad that they removed Liesl. Linda and I were really worried about her abandoned by her family and left on Lower Sykes. We were worried that she might be passed over because she is a yearling.

  12. Thank you Chris & Sandy!…and yes the program director should know how much this BLM is doing for the horses and how much it is appreciated!
    I spoke to Jared this morning and as soon as they remove another yearling colt, they will put Lynx with him.
    He said the same thing that I said…if Lynx was put in with the other older bachelor stallions, they would be beating up on him….so this is best for Lynx and very well thought out. Another Kudos for Jared Bybee!
    If the Center’s shelter and corral is not ready by the time they have the first adoption (there will be a few) then I will try to adopt Liesl…no matter what or how much…I will be her “Mom”.
    I will put the date of an adoption as soon as it becomes available.
    thank you everyone!

    • Thank you for keeping us updated! I hope Liesl is able to come home with you! You obviously care very much about her 🙂

  13. Thank you Sarah! Me too!!! And I do care deeply for her…we connected.

  14. I just think the removal of these horses is sad and needless.

  15. Lori,
    I am very sad for lossing the wonderful horse Lakota. He had lived a proud-hearted life of a Wild Stallion on the Pryor Mountain. I am writting with teary eyes.
    Lakota, You’ll be missed forever. May your spirit live forever with us and with all the wild horses
    I hope you will get Liesl. I am wondering for what reason they removed Jovianna and her colt.
    Thank you for the update and the pictures.

  16. If they were not fenced, then there would be no need for removals.
    The range can only sustain a certain number of healthy horses.
    I agree that it is sad, but it is necessary for the survival of this herd.

  17. I just saw in the news section that Joviana and her colt were removed today. She was listed tier 3, was there another reason why she was removed?

  18. We lost one gallant, brave magnificent stallion last night in Lakota.
    It was also one year ago that Admiral and Kapitan got hit and killed by a irresponsible driver.
    It was not a good day for us at the Center.

    I also went to Britton Springs and saw Jovianna and her colt who are not in the greatest shape either due to the conditions of the range.
    I pray that they will survive.
    BLM has a vet in and will be doing all they can. I beleive that Jovianna has no milk due to not enough nourishment.
    I feel confident that they will do everything possible for both of them. the colt possibly may have to be bottle fed.
    I will be checking on them tomorrow, and go to see them on Saturday.
    May the spirits of Lakota, Admiral, Kapitan and those who have gone before them run wild and free forever, and be in our hearts forever.

    • Lori, your expression of sympathy on Sandy’s blog was perfect.

      I am relieved to see Jovianna off the range because recent photos of her showed her to be very thin… but I am sorry to see her foal, so full of life, playing with Juniper and racing with Horizon and Juniper, in these circumstances. But I also know it’s the best for him… it’s just heart-wrenching and this is only the beginning.

      • I know Joy. It is very sad to go to
        Britton Springs…I just hate seeing them all go! Would much rather see them run wild and free!
        Wish this did not have to happen.
        UGH!!! ) :

    • Thank Lori for all of your reports! I am looking forward to spending time with you on the mountain!

  19. I agree wholeheartedly on the passing along good comments, but think it more important to get them directly to Jared and the local people who work with him. If the director is one of those appointees who thinks a cattle guard is a PERSON who guards cattle, like her boss, or if she is in the pocket of the cattlemen and sportsmen, it won’t do a whole lot of good to point out that “their man, Jared”, and his staff are doing great things for the horses. Just sayin’. Personally, I’d rather express my appreciation to him directly. Guess I should look around for a contact address for him. I’m sure he’d enjoy hearing something other than criticism. I really hope that BLM people around other herds are taking note of what goes on in the Pryors, and that the people who love the other herds of horses take heart from it also, to spur them on to find ways to help “their horses”. If I were a rich woman, many, many things would be different.

    I love the idea that Liesl could be one of the horses at the Center, and that she will have a loving caregiver like you, Lori! I’m sure it won’t be easy for her to have to be separated from Kayenta, if they’ve REALLY bonded by the time that would have to happen, but I would hope she will be better able to cope as a result of being in better health by then.

    And I’m so glad Joviana and foal are receiving the care they need!
    I know there are always some casualties of life on the Range, but I’m soooo happy that there are these silver linings in the dark cloud of the necessary gather. I try to be 100 per cent objective, but it’s hopeless when it comes to these horses. And if the outcome of those two being helped is success, I really believe that foal is going to be a very fast individual. I would have loved to have witnessed his speed up there on the mountain sometime as he grew up. And it will be good if Joviana, a beautiful young mare, gets a new lease on life and produces more beautiful foals.

    One last thing, you guys have been in my thoughts with Lakota’s demise and the anniversary of Admiral and Kapitan on the same day! But keep your chin up and know that from wherever they are, they know that you are doing good things for their kind. Keep up the good work.

    Have you heard of any sightings of Gold Rush yet?

    Thanks for all you do and take care.

    • Linda, excellent thoughts.

      I sure do agree with you on those people who don’t know what a cattle guard is! I missed that one — hilarious! You could probably put your thoughts and thanks on the BLM Montana/Dakota FB page — will get to Jared plus maybe some of those cattle guard people 🙂

  20. Thanks everyone…and I will be sure to pass the good word along to Jared. I will ask about Gold Rush, and I will be up there soon with Sandy…we will look for her too!
    Linda, what you said just brought tears to my eyes…yet again…but you are so right about, “doing good things for their kind”.
    I am deeply touched by how you all support this herd and the Center!

  21. Thank you Lori for the update. I am so grateful that Jared did the right thing for Jovianna and her colt. I hope they both will do well and have a nice home.

  22. The Center has received quite a lot of support and donations for our project to adopt two Pryor Horses from this gather. We are so grateful for this show of support from all of you, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.
    The Corral and Shelter construction is set to begin on Monday, July 30th after a short hold up.
    I am trying to recruit help from the local people as Jimmy and a few others begin this project. Aubry’s (Secretary) husband Max has offered to help and will be operating the tractor to smooth out our site, then dig the post holes. We should have quite a bit finished by the end of next week.
    Thank you again everyone for your show of support and for your donations.

    Even though this gather makes us sad, we understand it is necessary for the good health of the herd. We had wanted less taken, but it is the law from the 2009 HMAP that the BLM must follow.
    Hopefully in the future this will not have to happen.
    With careful management of this herd by the BLM, and comments from the public, we can work towards very few removals in the future.

    I will visit Britton Springs tomorrow and update everyone on the status of the horses.

    • Thanks Lori! So glad this is all working out for the Center! 🙂

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