July 15, 2012 – Gather Update

Lori went out to Britton Springs yesterday to see Jumping Badger and Kokopelli. She sent these photos over to post so everyone could see how they are doing.

Lori said that the two seemed to be doing well together there. She said they seem to be adapting to being at Britton Springs and were calm.

We are planning to visit Britton Springs as much as we can to provide photos and updates of the horses that are gathered, so please watch for future gather updates here.

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  1. At least they can share each other’s company in the same corral, instead of being separate. Thanks, Lori, for the photos — and thanks Matt for the update.

  2. You bet Joy…we will be staying on top of this as much as possible.
    Thanks Matt..good job!

  3. Thanks Matt and Lori!

  4. Thanks so much for keeping us all updated!

  5. Thanks!

  6. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for the update and the pictures! Do you know who the third horse is? I heard it was a female?

    • It’s Liesl. She has been off and on alone for a while.

      • Thank you for the reply! I didn’t know she was on her own:/ How did she get seperated from Greta? Poor little sweety..

      • I thought Liesl was Tier 2. Did they decide to just take her in now because she’s been alone?

      • I don’t see Liesl on any tier. Is she missing from the list? But if her condition is bad, she most likely should be removed where ever she is on the list.

      • There is a mistake on the list — Lander is listed twice. In the Tier 2 column, where it says Lander, this should be Liesl.

      • Use Matt’s Cohort list instead of the BLM one. Only difference is you don’t have the explanation for why each horse was placed on a certain tier.


  8. We don’t know how she got separated from Greta. She was missing for a while and I saw her with Bristol and Kitalpha in May. I don’t think they really wanted her with them. I guess she is in pretty poor condition. Lori is going to see her today, so she will be able to give us updates.

  9. I can imagine.. Must have been a rough time for someone so young. At least now she will be given good care and lots of food and water.

  10. Thank you for the updates. I have a bunch of pictures of Kokopelli from last summer. What an amazing experience seeing them wild and free where they belong.

  11. I’ll be waiting on the update about Liesl. Hopefully she’ll be alright…poor thing!

  12. I went to see Liesl yesterday and she is very thin and has some bruises, bite marks and scrapes on her, but she seems very alert and was eating. She kept her eye on me and seemed to be asking me to adopt her…The Center will try to adopt her for one of the horses to live at the Center. She is a sweetie and only needs some TLC. She will get plenty from me.
    I did feel that she will recover from this as she will be getting plenty of grass hay and fresh water.
    Kokopelli and Jumping Badger were right next to her so she is not alone.
    I will be going out to see her and the others every Tuesday and saturday as those are the days that I can get right up close to her…and them. the “boys” were showing off and seem to be adjusting very well.
    Matt will post some photos of her real soon.
    thanks to all of you for your concern and love for these special horses.

    • And thanks for your hard work, Lori, although I know it’s done with love ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Thanks Lori for going to check on her and keeping us updated, I have a soft spot for her and love that the Center might adopt her! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Thanks Lori for your updates. For those of us in cyberland, we like to hear more than the BLM offers.

  15. You bet everyone!…my job is great, and even though I get so tired, it is well worth it for these beautiful special horses.
    We will begin our shelter and “round pen” building on Monday.
    We have to divert a waste water ditch first so that it will not run right down the middle of the shelter.
    My husband, Jimmy, and a few others will help us get this project
    off the ground. It has been so hot here, I keep on praying for rain and cooler weather.
    we will probably build the corral out of wood as it is cheaper and will look so much better right next to the log building.
    I will take some pictures as this happens also
    thanks again everyone!!!.

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