June 18, 2012 – Updates

I spent much of this past weekend on the Range. I ended up seeing every harem except for Bristol’s along with a few of the bachelors. Because I saw so many horses, I thought I would post photographs on some of the more memorable things I saw.

I actually made a trip to the mountain last Tuesday too; and right as I was heading home, I had a very quick glimpse of Gringo running with Ketchikan and Beulah from Tecumseh.

Gringo, Ketchikan, and Beulah

I was really excited to see what happened with this. When I was coming up the mountain Saturday, Tecumseh was one of the first horses I saw; and he was alone.


Shortly after seeing him, I saw that Gringo had Tecumseh’s whole harem. Later in the afternoon I spent some time with them.

Gringo and his harem

While I was with them, Irial and Jupiter got too close to the harem, and Gringo was quick to chase them off.

Irial and Gringo

I am very proud of Gringo (even though one of his new mares is his half sister Galadriel). As was the case with Galaxy, I will be very interested to see how the story of Gringo and his first harem unfolds.

Another interesting situation with younger stallions has been unfolding for some time now – Horizon and Fiesta have had Juniper.




They now also have Joviana and her colt with them.


Joviana’s colt

I have spent time watching Horizon and Fiesta to try to determine what kind of relationship they have. I am believing more and more that Fiesta has taken the role of a satellite bachelor for Horizon. He is exhibiting many of the traits that I associated with satellite bachelors. Fiesta has seemed to be a late bloomer, and so it will be interesting to see where he goes next.

While going to Jackson’s harem, I noticed that there was yet another foal there. Jackson and Brumby’s daughter Kaycee had a pretty new filly there.

Kaycee’s filly

Heading back home, I went down Sykes Ridge. The Dryhead horses on Sykes are some of my favorites, and I always like seeing them. Still, I’ve been wanting to determine where Icara and Morgana are and to see how Durango is doing; and so finding them was one of my goals. I stopped and hiked down some ridges that I’ve known Durango to be around this time of year. While walking down one, I saw that Kerry was just across a canyon on the next ridge to the south; and so I headed over to her. She also had a foal – A colt.

Kerry and her colt

Her colt’s face markings and color remind me a lot of Cabaret.

Kerry’s colt

Looking around there, I couldn’t find Durango, though. A few minutes later I heard a horse approaching from above and saw Fools Crow peek over.

Fools Crow

I am not sure if he had them and was just getting them back to the rest of the harem or if he was just bringing her in. In any event, he snaked her and her foal back to be with the harem; they were a little ways away.

Fools Crow snaking Kerry and her colt

From this ridge, I scanned some more and did find Durango along with two horses (a mare and foal) that looked very much like Icara and Morgana. It was a pretty long spot into the sunset, but I am pretty sure that is who it was.

That evening, after I got home, I heard news that the Brianna (the Mustang Center’s summer helper) had found that Kaelia had a new foal too. The next day, I headed out to get a look at it. I saw Corona’s harem down on eastern Mustang Flats and did a full drive-through of the flats before hiking to them. While driving, I found Merlin near the road.


His injury has healed quite well since I last showed it here.

After seeing Merlin, I went down to where I had earlier spotted Corona’s harem. When I found them, they had moved up toward Layout Creek and were pretty spread out. I could see Corona, Fresia, and Montana in the distance and Waif and Halo behind them a ways. Kaelia and her new foal were moving up that direction too, but they were all moving too fast for me to get any good photographs.

Kaelia and her filly

I finally caught up with them again after they had all dropped down into Layout Creek Canyon. When I looked over the edge, I found that Merlin then had the harem. Corona and Waif were quietly grazing nearby.

Merlin and Corona’s harems

I’m not exactly sure what happened in the approximately ten minutes between when I saw Corona with the harem and when I saw Merlin with them. Merlin seems to be feeling pretty well. At one point, Hidatsa came down; and Merlin quickly got rid of him.


Merlin and Hidatsa

Merlin and Hidatsa

Things were pretty normal with the harem; you wouldn’t know that they had just been in an interchange earlier. Kaelia’s foal has a pretty strong resemblance to her mother.

Kaelia’s filly

While watching them, I also saw something that was funny – Montana started trying to nurse Kaelia while Kaelia’s foal tried to nurse Fresia. This didn’t last too long before Fresia kicked the foal away, which was followed by Kaelia kicking Montana away.

Currently, it is possible to see all (or nearly all) of the Burnt Timber and Sykes Ridge horses as they are all on the mountaintop. It isn’t the easiest to get up there, though. However, it’s also been a great time to see the Dryhead horses too – Many of them are visible in Bighorn Canyon. Hickok is frequently visible at Crooked Creek Bay while some of the Dryhead bachelors and Fiero, Seattle, Corona, and Merlin’s harems are usually pretty visible on Mustang Flats. I’ll be heading back out again soon and will try to post any other interesting things I see then.

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  1. Thank you for an exciting update, lots of changes in the mountains!:) Did you find Gold Rush or Lemhi? And is Isadora still with Blue Moon?

  2. Looks like a lot of 2 years old are foaling this year.And looks like Corona was keeping the harem for Merlin,while he was injured,like on bonded family 🙂

  3. What an excellent post…so many updates and fabulous photos. Thanks so much!

  4. So many great stories… life on the mountaintop is indeed fascinating! Thanks so much for the update, Matt 🙂

  5. I wonder if Juniper is pregnant??

  6. Great update! Thanks for all of your hard work.

  7. It’s good to know that Merlin is back on his feet. He is a beautiful stallion. It is also good to know that my personal favorite Fools Crow is doing fine. I would love it if he would have a foal of his own. I think Matt and I have the same the same mindset.

  8. Glad to hear that Merlin is doing better. Kaelia’s foal looks so much like her! I would love for a Fools Crow foal too! When I first saw that he had Jewel I was so excited that there might be a Fools Crow foal on the mountain next year, but then I remembered that she is listed Tier 1 for removal. And unfortunately Kerry is too. He’s working so hard to build a family and has no idea of what’s to come.

  9. Absolutely fantastic photos and information Matt!
    Thanks for all of your hard work and time it takes to keep us all up to date on these beautiful horses of the Pryor’s!!

  10. Hi Matt,
    Love your updates!! I live on them – their my only pluggin to the Pryors.
    I’m glad to see Merlin with his harem back. Do you think Kerry’s colt could have been sired by Cabaret?

  11. I Wondered IF: Lemhi was with her mom, in Flint/Bluemoon band? (guess n0t?) …& Is Gold Rush STILL MISSING? (since Shawn mentioned it –like March/ April)—- + she was Pregnant, too! 😦

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