June 12, 2012 – Merlin Update

My mom headed out to Bighorn Canyon tonight to try and find Merlin, and she was able to find him in a place you rarely see horses at. She emailed some photos and information to post here to get everyone updated on how he is doing:

Merlin was out grazing on a grassy ridge overlooking Big Horn Canyon. When he first spotted me he quickly assumed an alert posture. But it didn’t take long for him to get back to his supper. He walked along slowly as he grazed. He definitely favored his injured leg, but he did put weight on it.

You might even say something that Merlin’s behavior is typical of injured stallions. They go off by themselves and give themselves time to heal.

The injury looks like it’s on the coronary band…might be the plantar cushion (I looked this up).

We’ll just keep watching him through the summer to see how he heals and will be sure to provide any updates.

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  1. Thank you so much for the update, Nancy!

  2. It’s ugly, but good he is putting weight on it. Plus he seems much more alert than the last photos — Thanks!

  3. He sure was putting weight on it. He walked down a slight incline and that did seem to bother him the most. I was also fortunate to see Hidatsa. He was walking up towards Mustang Flats. He didn’t have any battle wounds as a result of the loss of the band. I’ve included before and after photos of him on my S-9 Photos of the West site. Oh…I also saw Medicine Bow. He was down low, almost to the State Line. He looked great! It sure was a night to see lone stallions!

  4. Gee, he lost the band already? So maybe Corona has another daughter plus one back? Love your photos — thanks.

  5. Thanks Nancy! Everyone was sure worried about Merlin and Medicine Bow too!!! We all appreciate you and Matthew keeping everyone up to date on the horses.

  6. We headed out to Bighorn Canyon and did find the harem with Corona and Waif.

    • Not ideal, but at least it should be fun for Morgana and Montana 🙂 Thanks, Matt.

  7. Praying that Merlin recovers as well as Seattle did from his wounds last year. Thanks, as always, for the update!

  8. I saw someone mention this in a post further below, but I think it’s such a good idea it should be bumped up here..
    How about calling one of the colts Matt? =)

  9. Saw Merlin yesterday on the Flats. He wasn’t favoring the injured leg at all and was munching away, looking off in the distance from time to time. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets the family back in the future, but Corona is one beautiful stallion and an attentive father, too.

    • I should add that Merlin’s wound is still open, not surprising being in a place that bends wth every step he takes, but the leg did not appear to be swollen at all, which would probably have indicated infection. These horses are amazing in what they can overcome.

  10. I sure hope he can get back at least one of his mares, like Seattle did.

    • Thanks for keeping us posted, Linda! Hope you enjoy today, too 🙂

      • Thanks Joy! I am enjoying every minute. Only thing better would be to live out here… : )

  11. Did someone inquire a post or two ago about Sitting Bull? If so, I saw he and Cecelia and Jumping Badger early one morning out on Sykes Ridge. They all look GREAT

    • And no foal with Cecelia ?

      • Not at that time. She was pretty big, tho. She probably foaled the day I left and went up the mountain, like Kaelia did : (

  12. Inniq was not with them, and not while I was there.

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