June 10, 2012 – Dryhead Update

This afternoon, we decided to take a quick trip up to Bighorn Canyon. I wasn’t planning on doing a post from this trip originally; but after coming home and seeing some new comments on my last post, I thought it would be good to provide some more updates.

We first saw Hickok, Hightail, Seneca, and Jesse James at Crooked Creek Bay.

Jesse James and Hickok



On Mustang Flats, we could see Blizzard standing on a hill looking at some other horses.


When I first glanced at them, I could see that it was Merlin’s harem, except I couldn’t see Merlin. I did see Corona and Waif nearby, so I thought that maybe Corona had them. However, Hidatsa then came out from behind a juniper; and I could see that he actually had them.

Corona and Waif


Kaelia and Halo

Fresia and Montana

We tried to see if we could see Merlin anywhere in Bighorn Canyon but were unable to. It had started raining shortly after we got to Mustang Flats and was raining pretty good by the time we left. We did see Seattle, Sacajawea, and Kemmerer in the distance. After I got home, I saw that there were some new comments about Shawn finding Merlin with an injured hoof; and so everything made more sense. We’ll keep a close watch on him this week. It will also be interesting to see how Hidatsa fares with his first harem, especially with Blizzard and the other Dryhead bachelors out there.

Hidatsa and his first harem


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  1. Thank you for checking on them, Matt. I didn’t see Merlin’s harem yesterday. Of course, I knew he was limpimg but didn’t see the hoof until I got home, and he was one of the dryhead horses I didn’t know.

    Here is a picture of him where his hoof can be seen a little:

    and here is a close up of his hoof in the background:


  2. Wow, is Montana changing color already? Thanks, Matt, we have been concerned. Hope Merlin is okay. Hidatsa looks as if it was quite a battle. Makes you wonder how Merlin did that with his bad hoof. Or maybe another stallion was also involved… guess we’ll never know. Thanks again.

  3. I am really worried about Merlin,And I also wonder if Kaelia will foal before the removal in the Dryhead starts

  4. Hoping for Merlin to be ok!
    Do you know if anything might have happened to Lemhi btw? I saw you wrote Isadora is with Blue Moon now, but Lemhi’s not there? I really hope it’s nothing too bad?

  5. I believe that Nancy saw Merlin today and he is doing ok. He is a strong and beautiful one…he will survive and be stronger still.
    I saw Bristol, Kitalpha and Liesel today. They all look really healthy and are doing fine.
    Great photos Matt! Thank you for keeping us up to date on these treasures of the Pryors!

  6. Thanks for the update! I love reading them.

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