June 6, 2012 – Updates

I took a trip to the mountain on Sunday heading up Sykes Ridge. The first horses I saw were three of the Dryhead bachelors: Jemez, Johnston, and Jalisco. All three are looking great.




Just up from them was Fools Crow. In addition to Belle Starr, Fools Crow now also has Jewel and her filly; they were previously with Hidalgo.

Fools Crow

Belle Starr


Jewel’s filly

A bit higher up from them was Hidalgo. He still has Cascade and her yearling Lewis.




I think it is always interesting to watch these situations unfold where a young, new harem stallion has come to be. It will be neat to see how Hidalgo’s story will unfold next.

Two other Dryhead bachelors, the brothers Hawk and Issaquah, were near Hidalgo.



This was the highest I saw Dryhead horses on Sykes Ridge. The ones I saw were all in fairly close proximity to the water sources there. Many of the Dryhead horses were quick to learn the locations of these water sources and are thus able to take advantage of the forage available on Sykes Ridge. This is some of the most productive range land on the Wild Horse Range.

As I continued up the Sykes Ridge Road, I could see a number of horses on the mountaintop with my binoculars, and I was soon up there with them. Mescalero, Blue Moon, Bolder, White Cloud, Custer, Morning Star, Tecumseh, Galaxy, Baja, Jackson, Duke, Teton, Santa Fe, Grijala, and Garay’s harems were all up there within a fairly close proximity to each other. I thought I’d post some photos of horses that I haven’t shown in a while and some of the foals that I haven’t yet posted photos of.

Knight was with the Sykes Ridge bachelors Irial and Jupiter. Knight didn’t quite seem to fit in with the Forest Service bachelors, and so I am not surprised to see him with these two.




Right now, Baja has Washakie, Lukachukai, Bacardi, and Jicarilla.






I found that Juneau was with Garay and that she had a new colt. However, Gold Rush was not with them nor was Jasper.

Garay and London


Juneau’s colt

I also saw that Lincoln and Lemhi were not with Mescalero’s harem. Isadora was not there either; she was with Blue Moon.


I saw that Kalahari was also not with Jackson; but I found that she is with Grijala, who is putting together quite a harem of K girls. (That is Lakota at the bottom of the photo.)

Grijala’s harem

Though there are a few horses whose whereabouts are unknown to me, there are also a number of foals that I haven’t posted on yet. Below are some of them.

Demure’s colt

Sapo’s filly

July’s colt

Madonna’s filly

Brumby’s colt

It is not optimal for all of these horses to be on the mountaintop already. Last year, they didn’t start going up until the end of June; and that was probably a bit early too. You can notice in the photos that there isn’t a lot of grass sticking up, especially if you compare it to the areas that the Dryhead horses shown earlier are in. We have had a very dry spring, and so the guzzlers and other water sources that allow the horses to stay in the midslope are virtually all dried up. There are some horses down lower, though. Doc’s harem was on Cheyenne Flats while I ran into Cappuccino’s harem down even lower as they were coming back from watering at a small pool of water.



Gabrielle’s colt





I plan on traveling to the Range again soon, so I will try to post more photos of that trip as soon as possible.

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  1. Every time I see recent photos of Jemez, I am struck by how much he has filled out and how mature he looks, as well as the change in his coloring! He really looks like he will be a strong stallion. How did Madonna look? She sure makes gorgeous foals 🙂

    Poor Knight — no one seems to want him. He has been wandering alone or moving from one little band to another.

    Thanks for the update, Matt, hope the Pryors receive the much needed rain soon.

    • Also have a few more name suggestions, in case you’re still looking:
      Mackay for Brumby’s colt,
      Marshal for July’s colt,
      Mariah for Sapo’s filly,
      Mesa for Juneau’s colt,
      I like Maria’s idea of Marilyn for Madonna’s filly,
      … and I still like Maxwell for Gabrielle’s colt 🙂
      (I didn’t know Brumby was a feral horse in Australia until today — Mackay is a town near where these horses supposedly live now)

      • I just remembered that Mariah is the CF name for Blanca, so guess that won’t work… too confusing 😦

      • Well then,What about something Bulgarian/Slavic for Sapo’s filly,like Miroslava or Mariela

      • 🙂 Those will do — for me, anyway. All we can do is suggest…

  2. Thanks Matt! Was Lemhi with Isadora in Blue Moon’s band? It doesn’t sound like she was, but just double checking. Thanks again!

    • When I saw them Friday, it was just Isadora

      • Thanks Shawn, I was afraid that is what the answer would be.

  3. Thanks Matt!! Great to see the horses doing well. I agree with you , the horses have gone up to early on to the mountain to …

  4. Reblogged this on Wild in the Pryors and commented:
    Great update from Matt!

  5. Hi Matt,

    I see you have a horse names Jewel but she is dark and I thought Jewel was a buckskin out of Texas and Bolder. Do I have the wrong name for her? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • The buckskin filly you are talking about is Juniper.She is out of Sapo and Bolder and Jewel is the name that “The Cloud Foundation”gave to her.

    • The CF refers to Sapo as “Cedar”.

      • Thank you for the clarification.

  6. Great job Matt! I do love all of the new foals…and of course the pictures of all these beautiful horses!
    Thanks for the update and hope to see you up the MT.

  7. Thanks for this post Matt
    All the horses look great and the new foals are very cute.
    Any news on Sitting Bull and his band,and Icara and Morgana ?

    • As I looked closely on Sapo’s filly,I saw that she does not have a dorsal stripe like the normal dun foals.Does anyone think there is a chance she might turn into a buckskin ?

      • She might be a ‘dunskin’, dun + buckskin.

  8. Great pics, Matt, and the horses are all so beautiful. It’s amazing how much Lewis has changed since Sept. He really is a fine looking horse.
    Maybe if it is dry enough on the mountaintop, those horses will be forced to seek out new sources of forage and water and will thus learn to utilize the better areas of the Range. It might also give the area an opportunity to renew itself for the future. Whatever happens, I certainly hope the horses will adapt and thrive—and I believe that they will. Thank you for the update, as always.

  9. I saw on the weather last night there where tornados in Montana and Wyoming. Does anyone know any of them touched down near the pryor horses. I am on the east coast and not familar with the area. But on the weather map it looked close to them.

    • The tornado activity in Wyoming was in the southwest part of the state near Wheatland, WY. This is a long distance from the Pryor Mountains and was absolutely no threat. Our weather, up here in Lovell, was nice this week. We do have a forecast for some thunderstorms through the weekend. Rain is always welcome in our desert area!

      • Oh…just realized I made a mistake…the tornado activity was in the southeast part of the state!!!!

  10. We did have a rainy day in Lovell today which prevented a trip up Burnt Timber. However, I did run out to Big Horn Canyon and saw lots of horses. I was especially happy to see Medicine Bow…we had reports of him being injured. I just added a picture of him on my S-9 Photos of the West website. It’s easiest to just Google that name and look in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Gallery.

    • Nancy, the Dryhead Gallery is empty…

      • Try it again…I think I got it figured out!

      • Thanks, Nancy 🙂

    • Thank you Nancy!! 🙂

    • I don’t know if you saw him, but Merlin was with Hawk, Issaquah and Blizzard. He has a chunk of his front left hoof missing or rotted. It was noticeable that he didn’t want to put pressure on that leg and was walking awkward because of it. If you get a chance to run back out to the dryhead, you may want to check him out. They were on mustang flats yesterday. I put a picture of him up on flickr and a close up where you can see his foot on facebook. I think the usual is to let nature take its course, but depending on whether it heals well or not it might be something for BLM to take into account with the removal this summer.

      • Did you see his band anywhere? This is not good…

      • No. The only other horses I saw on the flats were Medicine Bow (healing nicely) and then Kemmerer, Sacajawea and Seattle. I was there a few hours, but didn’t know where to go look that they may have moved to with another stallion

  11. Where’s Longshot and Lemhi? Im so worried about them and I hope they are ok

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