May 14, 2012 – Burnt Timber

This weekend I spent some time up on Burnt Timber and saw a few things I wanted to share here.

Last week, the Park Service saw that Galaxy had stolen Prince’s harem. He still had them this weekend too. This has just happened in the past two or three weeks.

(l-r) Hera, Hera’s foal, Pococeno, Galaxy, Limerick, Ireland

I am proud of Galaxy. He has tried hard to get his own harem, and he’s finally succeeded.


You probably also noticed above that Hera had a foal. Her foal is a filly, and she is about a month old now. She hasn’t been named yet, but I’d like to find a nice strong Greek name for her to be consistent with her mother.

Hera’s filly

I know of ten other foals on the Range now in addition to Hera’s foal. A friend of mine who is an avid visitor of the Dryhead horses found and named Fresia’s foal Montana while the Park Service found Feldspar had a new colt early last week that they named Mica. This weekend, I also saw Half Moon’s foal, who is over a month old now. He is a pretty striking foal that has been named Missoula by Sandy from the blog Wild in the Pryors.


Galena had a filly about three weeks ago.

Galena’s filly

Firestorm had a pretty new foal; it is a colt.

Firestorm’s colt

It will be interesting to see how many more foals are born this year.

Tecumseh’s harem has also been visible; it’s been a while since I posted photos of them on here.






La Salle

The trio of Forest Service bachelors, Hamlet, Hernando, and Inali, have a new member of their band: Apparently Grijala has kicked Knight out, and he has joined them.

(l-r) Hernando, Hamlet, Knight, Inali

While I was watching the bachelors, Chino, Topper, and Topper Too came out of the forest. Once Chino saw the bachelors, he ran out to meet them.

(l-r) Topper Too, Topper, and Chino

Hernando met him, and the two had a short confrontation.

Chino and Hernando

Chino and Hernando

I also saw a couple other bachelors that haven’t been too visible lately.

Starman was off by himself.


I also saw Gringo. I was pretty happy to see him as it had been a while since I had last seen him. He was by himself keeping a close watch on Galaxy and his new harem when I saw him.


I will not be surprised to see Gringo put together a harem this year too.

Thus far, we have had a pretty hot and dry spring up here. The pools that are normally present along the road in this area are dried up. I found a number of horses at or in the vicinity of one of the nearby guzzlers while I was there; the guzzlers are the major source of water for horses in this area.

Teton’s harem at guzzler

Grijala’s harem at guzzler

You may have noticed Grijala’s harem has changed a little bit. In addition to Quelle Colour and Kohl, he also has Kachina, Kindra, and Katrina.

Hopefully we do start to get some good spring rains as we continue on through the spring. Until then, I’ll post again soon when I get the chance.

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  1. Thanks Matt… any sign of Prince?

    • Name suggestion — “Maia”… in Greek mythology Maia is one of the Pleiades and the mother of Hermes. In Roman mythology, the month of May is supposedly named after Maia.

  2. Thanks for the update Matt!
    Did you see Brumby with Jackson ?And was she still looking round?And any Sightings of Cecelia and Sitting Bull?

    Minerva,Melpomena or Medusa could be a good name joice for Hera’s filly too !

    • Mikena(Mycenae) could be a good name too !

  3. I still can’t think of many good suggestions on horse names. I do have a VERY geeky idea for Halcyon’s. I started with looking up Halcyon, and it does talk about a time in the past that was peaceful or happy. It is also a kingfisher. When I looked for kingfishers, it talked about some being found in Wyoming, but also somewhere else during the Miocene period.
    Well.. I know it is odd, but the Miocene is a fairly recent period in the past, and it is when horses came about. This is also part of the time that the Laramide Orogeny occured, which is why a lot of the Wyoming mountains exist.
    So, I know it is not a “normal” name, but what about Halcyon and Miocene?

    A lot of people know this, but I also have some pictures of the foals, including Greta and Halcyon’s, here:

    greta and millicent
    • I Love It!!!
      I think it fits perfectly!! Miocene Is not geeky at all πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks Matt!

  5. Reblogged this on Wild in the Pryors and commented:
    A great mountain update from Matt!

  6. Another name idea from on the way to school, for Greta’s. I am not sure where Greta got her name, but imagine it is Germanic. If Greta’s is a filly, which I believe it is, how about Millicent? In German it is “strong” or “industrious”. It is also the name of my fellow biology teacher here at school.

    • That sounds like a good fit, Shawn πŸ™‚

    • Just an FYI…as one who helped name Greta, her name comes from Greta Garbo. Her mom is Belle Star. We liked the connection with classic female celebrity! Now, granted, they got their notoriety through different venues, but it has made it easy to remember Greta’s heritage!

      • Knowing the story behind some of the names helps a lot. With that background, the first name that would quickly come to mind would be Marilyn.

      • Or Marlene as in Marlene Dietrich!

      • I think that Marylin would be a good choice for Madonna’s foal if it is a filly!

      • I mean when she foals!

  7. Reblogged this on cssssswv and commented:
    Wonder-filled Update, from Matt! (Thank ❀ you!) …reblogged to
    & I Love these great NAMES πŸ™‚ especially. "Maia ", "Miocene ", & "Millicent" !
    + I thought the suggestion by BC-NRA of "Mercuria " 4 *foal of Icara* was ingenious! {But I'm not sure IF that became her ~ accepted name ~ or not? } …
    what about something ~stormy like "Maelstrom " — 4 *Firestorm 's boy?

    • Firestorm’s colt was energetic and vocal. I like Maelstrom a lot for him.

    • I like the name Maelstrom,I thougt it could be good for Feldspar’s,but since he is named Mica,It is the perfect choice for Firestorm’s.

  8. Thanks for the great update and photos Matt!

  9. I like those names Shawn! Also wanted everyone to know that Missoula means: The name “Missoula” comes from the Salish name for the Clark Fork River, β€˜β€™nmesuletkʷ’’, which roughly translates to “place of frozen water” and possibly refers to the ancient Glacial Lake Missoula once located in the valley.

  10. Oh, I’ve been waiting for an update on the new foals. They are all SO cute! And look at the legs on La Salle…so long! Thanks for the update!!!

    • who does LaSalle belong to?

      • He is Jacinta and Tecumseh 2011 son.

  11. Hallo Matt,
    thank you for the striking photos of Chino. I am happy to see that he still has his mares. He was on his own as we visited the range two years ago and seemed not to be happy with the situation. We are living in Germany and I am so happy to have the regular updates of what is going on on the range. Hopefully we can visit the Pryors again.

  12. These are some great name suggestions! Thanks so much! I think they will work perfectly.

    Hera’s foal: Maia
    Halcyon’s foal: Miocene
    Greta’s foal: Millicent
    Firestorm’s foal: Maelstrom

    I was thinking of originally naming Icara’s foal Mercuria – When I first saw her I was hoping she would be a colt. However, I also wanted to pay tribute to Merlin and decided Morgana was fitting. That said, I think that Mercuria would be a good choice for Jewel’s foal too; I have only seen the NPS photos of it, but it looked female. Even if it is male, Mercury would still work.

    In regards to Prince, I haven’t seen him. However, the NPS saw him a few weeks ago and had some concerns about his body conditions at the time. It isn’t atypical for these stallions to disappear for a while after they lose their harems, so we’ll just keep a watch for him.

    Thanks again so much to everyone!

    • Thank you for the update on Prince… Has Galena’s foal been named? If it’s a colt, how about Maxwell? πŸ™‚

      • Whoops, I meant Gabrielle’s foal…

      • Or Mocha as in Mocha Cappuccino! πŸ™‚

      • That certainly fits, too πŸ™‚

  13. As always, thanks for the updates, Matt, in case you see this post sometime. I sure do like Jackson and Firestorm’s foal…and all the rest. Limerick was very tall and beautiful when I saw her in Sept./11, and she looks even more striking now, and as tall as, if not taller than, her mother. Interesting that LaSalle’s mane and tail have darkened up. It will be interesting to see how he looks when he sheds out. And Chino and Gringo look so good, even tho a bit thin. I’m so glad to see that the horses are adapting to the guzzlers. Once again, thanks for sharing.

  14. Just a quick update from the Park Service this week – They have found that Demure, Brumby, July, and Sapo have foals now too.

    • Thanks for the update Matt!

    • Wow, last year, I believe 19 foals were born… this year we’re at 15 already! Thanks for the update.

    • Wow! There are foals everywhere! Does this mean the PZP isn’t working as well as once thought? Or are these mares who haven’t been treated?

      • Of those who have had foals so far, only Brumby and Sapo have been treated with PZP…

  15. I’ve sure been enjoying the comments in this post. It’s fun to see all the interest in the naming of the foals. What a great, cooperative task for all of us who care about these animals! I’ve always thought the names give each individual animal a place in Pryor History. The names also make it very possible to make thoughtful decisions based on the genetic heritage of each of them.

  16. Thanks for all of the fantastic photo’s Matt, and all of the updates!
    I agree Nancy, I think the naming of the foals is very fun and interesting too. Wow…fifteen foals already, can’t wait to go up and see them…maybe today, if the weather holds out.
    Thankfully the Pryor’s have had some much needed rain and snow too. This is wonderful for the horses.
    Another name is MInotaur….give that one some thought.
    It is from Greek Mythology and was thought to be a bulls head on a mans body..warrior..not so pretty to picture, but interesting never the less.

  17. Matt — know you’re a busy guy, but hope you are able to keep us updated on any removals this week and later… going to be rough for many of us. Thanks. And BTW, good job on Nightline!

    • Yes, I just watched it. Cool! When does the wild horse stuff start on NatGeo? I checked ahead and the episodes didn’t specify which were for the wild horses. Thanks Matt!

      • I’m not sure exactly when it starts, but the wild horse segment is what starts out the episode on Deserts. It is very cool; I’d highly recommend watching it. Thanks!

    • Yes, I will definitely try to post any information I get as soon as I can. I was able to spend a great day on the Range today too and saw the majority of the mountain horses. I’ll be posting some photos from today this week too. Thanks, I am happy to hear you saw that Nightline!

      • I will be heading to Pryor, Yellowstone and Fifteenmile over the next week or two. Did you see Garay and Gold Rush? If not, I may make finding them a top proirity.

      • Looking forward to seeing the upcoming post : 0 )

  18. I was checking out Nat Geo Untamed America and I believe it will air this Sunday and Monday night 10th & 11th…two series, but I am not sure when the desert episode will air…we will just have to watch and see!
    Great job on Nightline Matt!

    • Just got to L00K back at this post- & Wow, a lot of *updates! (that I’d missed, somehow) ..still it’s a *treat to read* them now πŸ˜€
      Then, I ~Realized~how~silly~we~All have been ::: the # 1 NAME this Year – should be :: *MATT* !!!
      πŸ˜€ what do You all Think?? *which 2012 Foal* could be = MATT ?!

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