April 1, 2012 – Sykes Ridge

I spent yesterday on Sykes Ridge. It turned out to be a very nice day, though it was very windy up there.

The first horse I saw was Jupiter. I didn’t really find him; he came running over to see me. This happens with young single bachelors; they’ll come running up to see you. The first young stallion to do this to me was Blizzard back when he left Durango’s harem.


On the next ridge over, I found Galaxy alone too.


Hiking further down this ridge toward Big Coulee, I came upon Blue Moon’s harem.

Blue Moon





I think that Halcyon is looking pregnant. She actually looks relatively thin except for her large pregnant belly.

Coronado’s harem was just up from them.


Blue Sioux

La Brava



Fool's Gold


I could hear horses in the distance, and so I hiked to where the sound was coming from. Once there, I found Bolder’s harem eating snow in a small stand of trees.








Down from them, I found Custer’s harem.






I still see some confusion over Winnemucca’s age out there. This is understandable as she had been listed as being born in 1986 on some older BLM horse lists. These ages were estimates. After doing research with old photographs and notes of Reverend Schwieger and the BLM, though, I now know that she was actually born in 1988. Compare her and Fiasco, a mare born in 2005, and I think you’d agree that Winnemucca looks really good for her age. This, of course, is likely explained by the fact that she hasn’t foaled since 2003 (Doc).

As I continued on, I came upon the interesting trio of Horizon, Juniper, and Fiesta.




I think that this is an interesting situation, and I will be curious to see what happens with it as we move into the summer. This reminds me of when Fools Crow and Medicine Bow had Belle Starr and Hickok. Fiesta actually reminds me a lot of Medicine Bow.

As I neared the top of Sykes Ridge again, I found Mescalero’s harem.







After them, I wasn’t able to see any of the other Sykes Ridge horses. I did see some of the Dryhead horses down lower, though. Merlin, Corona, and Bristol’s harems were in the Turkey Flats area while Fools Crow and Belle Starr were up a bit higher. I have confirmed that Merlin and Icara’s new foal is a filly. We have decided to call her Morgana in keeping consistent with Merlin’s name. Merlin and Corona were actually close together when I saw them on the way up and then also on the way down. Here is a photograph of Morgana and her grandsire Corona together:

Corona and Morgana

We continue to have warm weather, but it will also be nice to start getting some spring rains to get some new forage growing. I plan on heading back out to the Range soon, and I’ll try to post some new photographs of whatever I see then!

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  1. Beautiful & Thank You!

  2. Thanks, Matt! Blue Sioux doesn’t look so great… but sometimes it’s hard to tell when they are shedding out. Apparently no sign of Jenny? Great photo of Morgana and Corona 🙂

    • whoops, I meant Jewel — long day…

  3. Hi Matt !! Thanks for the your regular updates , In the years I have followed the blog this is the first time you posted such a long post …and I hope that it isn’t the last time 🙂 !!
    The horses look good! I am happy that Lincoln is doing ok, I think he will get bigger as the summer progresses and Leo Is Amazing!
    Pitty that Dove doesn’t look pregnant …..
    Take care !

    • Lincoln is just 4 or 5 moths old, so i guess it’s natural that he is smaller compared to the other upcoming yearlings ….

  4. Great photos Matt! I need to print off these last blogs (in color) and take them with me to the Range this summer. Looking forward to spending the summer there!!!

  5. Matt Thanks for the update! Good thing the good weather is around the corner the horses look like they need some good forrage. Was Lincoln a late foal last year? I see a few other “L”s that look like coming yearlings but he looks pretty tiny, head, body and all. I can’t remember when he was born.

    Again thank you for all that you do, and for so many pictures this time!

  6. Thanks for the update Matt. I always enjoy them!

  7. Reblogged this on Wild in the Pryors and commented:
    Another great update from Matt. These posts keep me going until I can get back there myself!

  8. Thanks for this big update !
    Nice name for the new foal.Does anyone else thinks Fools’ Gold looks pregnant ? The life is so unfair to some mares like Dove and Adona,on the other hand there seem to be ”no” PZP for Sapo.
    And Kane and Lobo look stunning !

  9. Hi, Matt!
    Thanks for the update! As always, you are wonderfully dedicated to the horses. Interesting to see such little snow there. And I almost didn’t recognize Boulder with his winter coat. Of course I need to catch up since I haven’t been there in so long….

  10. Great photos Matt! I am so happy that little new filly “Morgana” is doing well. She sure is a beauty. Also good to see some of the 2011 foals growing up!! Kane is handsome too!
    thank you so much for all you do for the horses and the Center…we alll love the new pictures!

  11. Matt, great pictures. How old is Blue Sioux. She doesn’t look so good. Had hoped to get back there this summer but with the price of gas who knows. Love those horses.

    • Blue Sioux was born in 1993. I agree that she is looking a bit thin compared to the others, but she should start turning around now that we’re moving into the growing season. Hope you are able to make it out!

  12. What a wonderful day you must have had—seeing ALL those horses, and it looked like it was a gorgeous, even if chilly, day! Love that shot of Jupiter, and the one of Celt, and the one of Killian…and all the rest, too! Fiesta always seems to be so feisty and spirited. Here’s hoping the forage improves soon for Blue Sioux, and Kiva looks a bit thin, too.

    THANKS again!

  13. What a great photo inventory of these horses. We and the horses are so fortunate that you care so much for them and take the time and effort to learn about each one of them.

  14. Thanks Matt!

    For keeping us all informed on what’s going on with the horses!!
    I find that your blog is a valuable resource and I’m so glad you are still keeping it up on a regular basis! I will be out again this coming June and I can’t wait!!!
    Thanks again…

  15. Are there any other pregnant mares on the range? Do you know when the mares will start foaling soon?

  16. Thanks Matt! I always look forward to new updates. I wish I could visit the range this year, but it will have to wait until 2013. Wishing for improving forage opportunites with spring and summer approaching. Do you have any updates from the BLM on removing any horses from the range this year? Lori – maybe you know.

  17. I saw a post about Fools Crow and got really excited thinking I was going to see a picture of him and Belle Star. Guess I should just be happy knowing he and Belle Star are still out there. All of the posts I see are sent to Matt. If that is not the case let us know. I don’t think he is the person taking pictures and answering our questions. Just want to clarify who we are taling to.

    • If a post or reply comes from the “pryorwild” account, then that was all done by me (Matt). I am hoping to get out to the Dryhead this week too and was planning on putting the photos I took of Dryhead horses on Saturday with the ones I can hopefully take this week.

      • Thanks, again, Matt, for the lengthy update and amazing photos. I am hoping to get down for a few days before the peak of summer, but gas prices here have just jumped by 10 cents a litre. So we will see. In the meantime, I am there vicariously through your words and photos.
        And of course, thanks for your continued dedication to the horses. It is amazing how much you continue to do while juggling your job and family. It does not go unnoticed. Very much appreciated!
        I have just written up a piece on the Pryor range for an equine publication, under its Destination banner. I know there are no guided tours up the mountain, but folks can still drive through the Dryhead or navigate the mountain, if in a suitable vehicle.
        Wendy, from Alberta

  18. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy your narrative and pictures, Matt! Thank you so much!

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