March 25, 2012 – Burnt Timber

Yesterday I made a trip up Burnt Timber. We’ve been having very warm weather lately, and so I was able to drive pretty high – Higher than I saw any horse activity even.  The first horses I saw were at the mineral lick that is by the road – It was Doc with his new harem that he stole from Santa Fe.


Broken Bow



When I was in Burnt Timber on the 4th, I saw Doc with them as well. At that time, though, Demure’s daughter Kindra was still there. She wasn’t with them yesterday; however, I am quite sure that I saw her with Grijala using my spotting scope.

Continuing up, I found Garay on Cheyenne Flats. Garay has part of what was Doc’s harem.


Gold Rush


Jackson and Galena’s 2009 colt Jasper is also tagging along with them.


Just up from Garay were three of his other former companions: Hernando, Hamlet, and Inali.




I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. The four young stallions above, Garay, Hernando, Hamlet, and Inali, are very special horses. They, along with Grijala, are all that remains of the Forest Service horses. Seeing them staying on the Range and living successfully is something that makes me very happy. They may not be as flashy or as popular as other horses, but I am quite sure that they will play an important role in this herd’s history.

I didn’t see any horses higher than the three bachelors. Hiking around in the area, I came upon Jackson’s harem.









Galena was there too, I just didn’t get any good photographs of her as she stayed in some junipers while I was there. You can see her in the background in the photograph of Heritage.

While hiking from them, there was some calling out from another stallion; and Jackson got pretty attentive.  It turned out to be Santa Fe and his new young filly, Judith. Jackson charged out at them and got them scared away before I was able to take too many photographs. I did get them as they were moving out of there, though.

Santa Fe


Prince’s harem was down from them a ways. Also nearby was White Cloud’s harem.

White Cloud










With my spotting scope, I was also able to see Baja, Tecumseh, Duke, and Teton’s harems in Burnt Timber along with Bolder and Durango’s harems as well as the grouping of Horizon, Fiesta, and Juniper in Sykes Ridge. I could also see Garcia’s harem on Turkey Flats. I am hoping to make my next trip out up into the Sykes area, so I’ll try to post any photographs I get there sometime soon!

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  1. Thank you Matt for the update! So Cloud got his mares back? Is that right? They were with Jackson when I saw them last. (Jasmine, Innocents, Lynx and Damsel). I was wishing that Jasmine and Damsel had stayed with Jackson! I agree, I love those forest service boys. They are some of my favorites! Brumby sure looks round. Thanks again for the update. No new foals over there? Hope to see you in a few weeks! Sandy

  2. Reblogged this on Wild in the Pryors and commented:
    A great Burnt Timber update from Matt! More changes on the mountain!

  3. Thanks Matt — Heritage really looks good…

  4. Thanks again Matt! Beautiful and informative etc., etc.!

  5. All look good except for Inocentes. Is it in some kind of distress? Thanks for the update…D.

    • It could be because she just got done nursing a foal and also may be pregnant. I ‘ll let Matt tell us also, but that is what Alex and I think. I am concerned about her. Hopefully spring will come soon and she will pounce back.

  6. Does anyone knows what color Kierra is?It has to be a very rare color.

    • Well Maria It is rare pryor mountains, she is a SMOKY BLACK, witch is the equivalent of a palomino . She has one cream dose on black, if she would have bin born bay she would have bin a buckskin.

      • I think it’s beautiful!

      • Another term for smokey black is black buckskin. I believe Hailstorm is the same color with roan. Hope that helps!

  7. Great pictures Matt! All of the horses look great, except for Inocentes, but I am sure she will start looking better with the weather we are having: an early spring. March is the hardest month on the horses as they are eating what ever forage they can find, and waiting for the new growth to appear. I just love LeDoux, Lander and London..they sure have grown.
    Thanks for the update.

    Yesterday, Aubry and I went out to the Dry Head and as we entered the Wild Horse Range (WHR) we spotted Jesse James, Hickok, Seneca and HIghtail!! It was so good to see them as I have not seen them all winter. They look good and seemed very content.

    We then went out to Mustang Flats and saw Seattle, Sacajawea and Kemmerer. They look good also, but Seattle looks a bit thin. I am sure he will gain a little bit very soon.
    Also, last week John got some great pictures of Kemmerer and Blizzard having a tiff! I did see a few marks on Kemmerer, but he was back with his mom and Seattle yesterday. I did not see Blizzard at all.
    Diane went out Saturday and saw Merlin and his harem. Little “Mercuria” seems to be doing just fine. Wished we had seen them yesterday!
    Oh well, with the weather we are having now I will probably go out again this week sometime.
    Great pictures Matt, and as always, thank you for all of the information.

    • Thanks for the report Lori! Here’s hoping the relatively mild winter will mean early new growth of forage for the animals. They need an easier year once in a while. Looking forward to hearing about your next sojourn to the Range.

  8. The horses all look really good, except for Inocentes being pretty thin, and Kiera looks really beautiful in your picture of her. Sorry to see that Damsel and Jasmine are back with White Cloud, but maybe a new idea has been planted and will take root in the future. The Forest Service bachelor boys are looking good and like they’ve been having fun in the mud. I, too, am thankful they are getting integrated into the community on the regular range. I was trying to think which mares Pierre had before his tragic death. Will look back in the archives one day soon. Anyway, hopefully these guys will help keep the herd viable as they all grow into the age to do so.

  9. And THANKS again for sharing…

  10. Great pictures and update, thanks Matt! Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  11. Great update, Matt! Glad to see some of the forestry horses made it. Love that mud!
    Hey, just wondering if Jedidiah, Jicarilla and Washakie are still alive? Have their photos from 2009. I hope this note makes it through, as my other one in the last posting says it is “waiting moderation.” Don’t know what that means.
    Anyway, been a long time, and glad you are still getting up the mountain on your days off.
    So many new horse faces since my visit three years ago. And thankfully, still some of the famiiar ones, like Blizzard and Bolder and Jackson.
    Thanks again!

  12. I was lucky to share the day with Matthew. It definitely brought back memories for me as it was almost seven years to the day when I first went up to Cheyenne Flats. On that day, Bo and Flicka were standing at the same place where the Forest Service bachelors were grazing. On that day also, I saw my first brand new foal, a dun colt born to Broken Bow and Two Boots. I got the honor of naming him. Fuego didn’t live long, but he was a beauty and I’ll never forget him. Time does pass on the Range, but luckily the presence of these amazing horses remains.

    I’ve been putting some of my photos on a site: I’ve put added some of my favorites from this beautiful spring day. I hope you check it out!

    • Nancy, thanks for the link! I have wondered how Exhilaration has been doing. He always seemed crave the companionship of other horses but no one seemed to want him around… Love your photos, keep them coming 🙂

      • Thank you for sharing your photos Nancy, they are beautiful!

      • Thanks for noticing Exhilaration’s gallery! You are so right…he did crave the companionship of the others, but he just didn’t seem to know how to adjust to life after Admiral expelled him from the band. You will be happy to know that he loves the company of our other geldings. He’s feisty and just doesn’t seem to lose the spirit of the wild!

      • That’s great to hear… He’s a beautiful guy. Thanks for giving him a home.

    • Thanks for the link Nancy! Such lovely photos. Can’t seem to get enough of the beautiful Pryor horses. Hopefully will get there to see them in person some day 🙂

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your great pics and the link to your site. It’s so cool to be able to share all the knowledge and observations contributed on these sites.

      Exhileration looks so good, and he is so lucky to have you! His story reminds me of the story of Shy Boy, another mustang who sought the companionship of other than fellow mustangs. The title of the book about him is “Shy Boy: The Horse That Came In From The Wild”, by Monty Roberts. It’s available at

      I’m also very glad you and Matthew got to share a day on the mountain.

      Thanks again. Looking forward to more…

  13. Thanks for the link and pictures Nancy! I especially like the photos of Lander and Kaycee. They are both stunning. Exiliration is beautiful and looks so content….the frosty photo is neat. You captured a great image there. My two Pryor mustangs are content and happy too. I love seeing them on frosty mornings…something magical about that look. My Nebraska is Garcia’s full brother, his parents are Topper and Tony.
    I will have to get some good pictures of him on this blog someday.

    Thanks again Nancy! great job!

    • Looking forward to seeing pics of your mustangs. Tony was another beautiful guy, and I sure hoped he’d show up sometime after his last winter. He had looked so healthy in those last pics.

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