March 20, 2012 – New Foal

Yesterday, the Park Service contacted me to let me know that they saw a new foal with Icara out in Bighorn Canyon. I headed out to see if I could see the foal yesterday afternoon and was also able to get to see it.


Icara's new foal

Icara's new foal

Her foal looked like a filly to me, but I’ll wait until it gets a little bigger before confirming this for sure. It has a blaze and a left hind stocking. Its color reminds me of Icara as a foal – Feel free to click here for the blog post announcing Icara’s birth!

Also there was, of course, Merlin.


Icara’s older sister Halo and Halo’s daughter Kaelia were also there.



Fresia is looking pregnant – It would be fun to see her have a foal again as her first and only other foal (born in 2009) didn’t survive very long.


I plan on going up on the Range again this weekend, so I will try to post some more photographs of information of what I see then soon!

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  1. Thanks Matt!

  2. Reblogged this on Wild in the Pryors and commented:
    Thank Matt for posting this!

  3. Wow, Icara’s lovely. I’m so glad I found your blog – I’m getting quite attached to the horses.

  4. Thanks, Matt. Kaelia is really turning into a beauty, too.

  5. Great pictures Matt! She sure is a beauty!
    Thanks for giving us all some good photos of the very first 2012 Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Foal!!!!! How precious!

  6. Wow! What a little beauty…there’s just nothing like the first foals of the season! I really appreciate seeing the link to Icara’s birth too.
    Thanks so much!

  7. Didn’t Merlin also have Jewel?

    • I was wondering the same thing Joy. Where is Jewel?

      • In the new photos you posted, I think Jewel is in the last group…

      • Jewel is with He Who

      • You mean Bolder’s daughter or another mare

      • All these names are confusing! This is the Dryhead Jewel! Bolder’s daughter is known as Juniper by the PMWMC.

      • I agree with you. All these names are confusing.

      • We maintain a consistent naming system. It is based on the names Reverend Schwieger gave to the horses, which tended to be strong, meaningful names that reflected local people, places, and things. Since 2000, there has been an alphabetic naming system in place that we continue to maintain. Lastly, we try to make sure that the names of offspring have something to do with the names of one of their parents. When I say Jewel, I am talking about Corona and Waif’s daughter. Jewel was born and named one and a half months before Juniper (Bolder and Sapo’s buckskin daughter) was even born. We have been calling “He Who”? Horizon since 2007.

      • I am not quite sure where Jewel is. I’m hoping to find her when I next go out, which will be out to Sykes Ridge.

      • Thanks Matt — “boots on the ground…” 🙂

        The naming system given by the BLM/PMWMC is not confusing — it’s the insistence of others, for whatever reason, to give their own names to the horses. It would be much easier if this policy was stopped.

      • Matt! Info & PICS much appreciated, as always. And I ~realize that it must be Frustrating~ to U (& others, as well) to “keep going back over & correcting/linking these NAMES” 🙂 however, I believe there are Many of us who are Grateful! when U can… Just the simple stmt “HE-WHO” = “HORIZON” was a ~gift to me, Lol! {that’s what I thought, but not positive….}
        So, it’s kind to *Keep in mind* that: BEFORE Matt began this Blog, in mid-2007 –»many people Were interested in the Pryor Herd! –» but IF dear BLM assigned any “NAMES, #s, bands, inventories” –» then NO-one had ~any way to Know it!?, except the few of U *lucky Locals* (as not 1 morsel was ~shared?! +++ even they have since taken down most of those LINKS, >:[
        (presumably just b/c they CaN? & will not post any more Recent lists…as far as I’ve found…)
        Thus, other than “our diligent & helpful Matt” ….all people Had/Have to go on are the several wonderful Books & few websites, that have brought a Lot of attention & Fans to the Pryor Mtn Herd ! 😀 {& I’d love 2 figure out, who the heck *Hope Ryden* ~meant by “Diamond Jim”, “Lonesome” , “Sir Lancelot”, & “Twiggy”, + others ….???}.
        …& to Joy– please understand that there IS NO “sinister process” to STOP here?! …just horse-admirers who Are interested, just like you. Ok? Again, your patience & help is much appreciated, Matt!

  8. THANKS MATT!!!!!!!!!!

  9. How neat that she has white on the same hind leg as Merlin, and such an eye catching blaze! She will, no doubt, add some spice to life on Mustang Flats! I can hardly wait to see her running around out there.

    Thanks Matt! And looking forward to more news.

  10. It would be interesting to know where Jewel has gone—she was with the family in my pics from Sept.

  11. I saw Jewel that same day the foal was born…she is with Merlin and looks very pregnant too!!!!

  12. Oh…sorry…it was Fresia, not Jewel. I saw Seattle yesterday and he was so far away…but Jewel may be with him as he had Sacajawea, Kemmerer, and two other’s with him..I could not tell who they were….we’ll see..should be an interesting spring!

    • Coool! And, yes, VERY interesting!

    • Oh, and Lori, I’m REALLY GLAD you are getting to spend a little more time out with the horses you’ve been working so hard for!! However, with each hour you spend on the Range, it will become harder and harder to NOT be out there…LOL! Just wait and see.

  13. Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work :).

  14. Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to see more foals for 2012! Too cute!

  15. matt. has Fresia foaled?

    • Yes, she had a colt named Montana! He is very pretty, I’ll try to get some more on him up soon.

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