January 15, 2012 – Burnt Timber

Almost exactly a year ago, I had to spend a day using snowshoes to get around Burnt Timber; there was a lot of snow on the Range and it was difficult to get around.

Demure and Kindra, January 2011

This year is different, though. The region has seen warmer, dryer weather this winter. Last weekend, I went up into Burnt Timber and had no trouble at all getting around to where the horses were. I first saw Mescalero’s harem.


Polaris is on the thin side, but Lincoln is growing up and looking very good.



Rosarita, Isadora, and Lemhi were also there and are doing well. I wasn’t able to photograph them as a helicopter flew over nearby and scared the harem away just after I got the above photographs.

Above where they were a ways was Teton’s harem. Teton has grown in his dark winter coat.


Phoenix, War Bonnet, Kayenta, Half Moon, and Kiowa are all looking good too.


War Bonnet


Half Moon


As I continued onward, I was only seeing horses through my spotting scope for quite a while. In Burnt Timber, I could see Duke’s harem and Gringo and Galaxy in the distance. I also had a quick glimpse of part of Tecumseh’s harem as they moved down into a small canyon. Scoping to Sykes, I could see Custer and Bolder’s harem as well as the nontraditional bachelor band that is over there. Due to the lack of snow this year, there were even horses on the mountaintop in the Mystic area, though I was unable to identify them from that distance.

Horses near Mystic

As I headed back down, I saw Jackson’s harem on a nearby ridge and hiked over to them.





Firestorm's filly Kalahari and Galena's 2011 colt Lander

Galena’s other colt, Jasper, has been away from the harem; presumably learning to be a bachelor.


Firestorm’s 2011 colt LeDoux looks like he may be starting to roan out like his mother and sister.


Heritage is looking significantly better this January than she did last January.

Heritage - Last week

Heritage - A year ago

By the time I got back to the road from Jackson’s harem, it was getting dark; but I did see White Cloud and his harem had come out south of them, there was nothing different about them since the last time I’d seen them.

There is a forecast for some colder weather and snow in the next couple of days, but it looks like we’ll be back up in the mid 40’s by next weekend again. I’ll probably be getting out on the Range again then and will try to post some photographs from the trip soon.

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  1. hi Matt i like the post just as mnch as all the rest.. great pics.. nice to see the horses tks for all your hard work to get thses up dates to us …Ross

  2. Thanks for the update Matt! It is great to see the horses looking so good.

  3. Thanks for the update, Matt. Looks like most of the horses are doing okay. Does the lack of snow make a difference at this time of year for their water needs? I am guessing the water “boxes” might get frozen… Also, is there any news as to who has made it through the winter so far? Has there been any word about those who were still missing last fall? Thanks again, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    • There still is snow out there in shady places, so the horses should be able to use this for water. All the guzzlers I’ve looked at this winter were frozen, but I have seen horses going toward them as well as tracks near them. Thus far this winter, I haven’t found any horses missing from their harems. The horses that weren’t seen following the winter of 2010-2011 were Ferdinand, Havana, Kalista, Guinevere, Beauty, Rosebud, Kalispell, Cabaret, Duchess, Kalika, Jericho, and Fortunatas. Since I posted, we have had some pretty cold weather and a little snow, but it has been warming up this week again.

      • Thanks again…

  4. I didnt know High Noon(Heritage) had joined Jackson and his band. How is she doing and she seems a lot happier. Are there any news about her yearling son?

    • Heritage’s son Kootenai was still with Cappuccino’s harem when I last saw him – I assume he’s still there! Hopefully I’ll see them next time I’m out.

      • Do you know where Jenny is?

  5. Thanks for the update Matt! I’m always interested to see how Jackson and Brumby are doing. I’m going to be coming back to Lovell the 3rd week of June after a 4 year absence. I’m hoping with the lack of snow at this point that it won’t be too difficult to get to the top of the mountain. Only problem would be a means of getting up there. Thanks again for taking the time to provide these wonderful pictures and updates for those of us that can’t always be there.

  6. Hi Matt,

    It was great to see your updated blog and to know that the horses are doing so well. I hope that the Range gets SOME moisture during the next couple of months!


  7. Firestorm looks stunnig with her coat and grey mane.She seems pregnent too!

  8. Again, thanks for the updates. I love ’em! And so interesting to see how the horses change with their winter coats. Kayenta is so beautiful…I love how her coat changes! And I remember Lander from my summer visit with my sister…what a little spitfire. He was trying to snake all the other foals together and was having a good time at it. Until he got in trouble from mama Galena. LOL! Keep the updates coming. I know all who read them really look forward to new ones. THANKS!!!

  9. It’s great to see that the horses are doing well. Firestorm looks great! She’s always been a favorite of mine. Her color seems to change a little every year. It’s good to see Heritage in such good condition. I worry a little about the coming range conditions following such a dry winter. Thank you for sharing your encounters with these magnificent creatures!

  10. Great to see the updates, and glad the winter hasn’t been too bad so far. Every good day helps. The horses are all so beautiful.

    It sure is fascinating how Teton changes in winter, and I’m really curious how Kayenta will look when she sheds out this year. She looked quite a bit different in Sept.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Matt,

    Do you know if there are any claybank buckskins amongst the herds? I remember Teton’s mother was one when she was with Raven but I have not seen any photos of her or her coloring. I read that Raven died. I don’t know Teton’s (Diamond) mother’s name.

    • Teton’s mother is Isabella and she died some years ago.i think the only claybank buckskin amongst the herd is the filly Juniper,she looks just like Isabella

      • Isabella is also Phoenix’s mother and Cloud’s grandmother. Phoenix was three years old when Diamond was born

    • Isabella was Teton’s mother’s name (as well as Phoenix, Coronado, Ireland, and others who are deceased or were removed). She was born in 1988 down in the Dryhead actually and then seemed to have been moved up to the mountain during the 1990 gather (this was not uncommon back then). (Also, interestingly enough, Raven was also born a Dryhead horse and later relocated to the mountain.) She was a buckskin roan and was the daughter of a blue roan mare and very likely a buckskin (possible buckskin roan) stallion. She was a source for much of the cream we see in the herd today. She died in 2001. Great great granddaughter Juniper really does look a lot like her.

      Phoenix was Isabella’s second offspring I know about; she was born in 1992. There is some confusion over her birth date; some people have said that Phoenix was born in 1991. However, Isabella had a colt in 1991, and Reverend Schwieger’s notes show Phoenix being born in 1992. Further, I have dated photographs from 1992 showing Phoenix as a foal.

      Hope this helps!

      • Hi!

        Is Chino a relative or descendant of Isabella? I really don’t know a lot about him, only that he’s been the only buckskin stallion on the mountain for years.

      • Could you post the photos of Phoenix as a foal
        and some of her mother Isabella. I loved them
        and Raven. I miss not seeing them anymore when
        you post photos.

  12. Yes, I’m wondering what the claybank buckskin mare’s name is and what happend to her as well. I know her foals with Raven are Teton, Mahogany who was removed, Coronado, and Ireland and are all roans wich would make her a buckskin roan.

    • I was wondering if clouds parents are still living and what their names were it saddens me that some of the horses have to leave the range to be adopoted

      • Clouds mother Phoenix is still alive and is with her half brother Teton. His father Raven passed on several years ago.

  13. Here is the link to my newest video. All footage is from the Pryors. Many of the horses that you see are no longer with us. Hope you enjoy it. The singer, Sharon Anderson sings it beautifully. Sharon, Randy Nagal, Chas Williams and myself donated our artist talents for this song and to support the Pryor Center.

    • Thanks for posting this here, Sandy. Many of us would have missed it otherwise — good job!

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