August 28, 2011 – Mountain Updates

I had a nice trip up on the mountain today; I was able to see all the mountain harems except for those of Cappuccino and Garcia and all but five of the mountain bachelors.

The former Forest Service bachelors are often alone together, away from the other bachelors, though they are sometimes in proximity to them. Today they were away and were in the area that most of the horses were at.

(l-r: Hernando, Hamlet, Inali, Garay)

This includes the black stallion Hamlet, who wasn’t with the Forest Service bachelors when I last saw them. Hamlet is the son of Pierre and Delilah. Though he looks solid black, he can be recognized by his star; it is very small with a small drip.


The fifth Forest Service bachelor, Grijala, still has Lakota’s harem. I think Grijala looks like he is losing weight, which makes sense as he is a new harem stallion having to take care of his harem.


When I first saw the harem today, Doc’s harem was nearby, and Doc was definitely putting pressure on Grijala.


In this photo of Grijala’s harem, you can actually see Doc peeking through the trees behind them.

(l-r: Quelle Colour, Knight, Doc, Jenny, Grijala, Kohl)

A while later, I saw them as they were coming back from watering. Some of the other bachelors were around, and Fiesta was definitely showing interest in Grijala’s harem.

(l-r: Grijala, Jenny, Knight, Quelle Colour)

Fiesta and Grijala

Lakota wasn’t around them; I didn’t see him but I also didn’t see any of the other old bachelors (Starman and Two Boots). I think that it is impressive that Grijala has remained successful in keeping this harem together. I also like that he has tolerated the presence of Knight like Lakota did after Lakota and Quelle Colour adopted him. When we first found that Grijala had Lakota’s harem, my mother called it the story of the summer. (We found it just one day before Admiral and Kapitan died, and what happened to them is also a big part of the history of the Range this year.) I think that this really is an important event for a couple of reasons too: It further shows the beginnings of the transition that is going on with younger stallions displacing older stallions, and it has very likely increased the probability that the Forest Service bachelors will assimilate with the rest of the herd.¬† I will be very interested to see what happens with this as we move into the fall and winter.

I also was able to see the two foals that haven’t been shown on here yet. Custer and Fiasco have a dun colt named Leo; he is the 16th foal of the year and is about one month old now.


I also was really looking forward to seeing Baja and Washakie’s foal as I hadn’t seen it in person yet and didn’t even know if it was a colt or filly. As I was leaving Krueger’s Pond and about to head on back home, Baja’s harem literally came running down the hill to water. Bacardi, Jicarilla, Kachina, and Juneau came first; and Washakie and her foal followed behind them.

(I-r: Juneau, Kachina, Bacardi, and Jicarilla)

Washakie and Lukachukai

Washakie’s light dun foal is a filly with a star. I have decided to call her Lukachukai, after the Lukachukai Mountains of Arizona. She is about three weeks old now. (Thanks to Shawn at WyoMan Photography for telling us about her when she was born!)

Baja wasn’t too far behind them and joined them just as they were finishing watering.


Baja's harem at Krueger's Pond

I also went to see the area where the fire was. I thought it had burned in the area west of Dryhead Vista but found that it was south of there.

According to the Lovell Chronicle, the fire, known as the Dryhead Fire, burned 27 acres and was started by lightning on Sunday night. Twenty smoke jumpers, nine fire engines, and two water tenders from the Forest Service, BLM, and Bridger Fire Department were sent to the fire; and they had the fire contained on Monday at around 6 PM. We have had some precipitation, but things are pretty dry out there still. This, combined with the vegetation resulting from our wet winter and spring, has created the greater potential for fire; and there are a number of fires burning in the area. Hopefully this will be the last fire of the year in the Pryors.

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  1. always good to see the great pic of those beautiful horses and your comments ..tks very much Matt ..Ross

  2. Sitka’s new grandchildren are very cute.Are they the last foals for the season?And when PZP was given this year?

  3. Hi Matt.
    isn’t that Inali in the photo?
    since Ferdinand i dead , do you think that Lynx is his son? Custer got Fiasco later in the year.

    • Hi Alex, I saw Fiasco with Custer in September of last year, so I am thinking the foal is Custers.

    • No, Inali has a right hind sock. His star is also bigger.

      • Have you seen any sightings of Ferdinand, Heather, and Amber? Has High Noon(Heritage) and her yearling son been reunited yet and are they still seperated?

  4. Thanks Matt for the update! I am soooo glad that Washakie finally had her foal. She was so very very pregnant when I saw her in late June. The other updates were great to read as well.

  5. Thanks Matt for the update. I saw Lakota alone when I was there on last Friday. His wounds had healed (the outside ones anyway).

    • Thanks for the update! That is good to hear.

  6. Hi Matt.
    sorry i got confused , i ment Inocentes’s foal.i think that ferdinand is his father.did fresia have a foal?

    • Well, remember that Kaibab was born in Custer’s harem. It’s most probable that Custer is the sire. Inocentes is tricky; there is a good chance it is Ferdinand’s though. Fresia doesn’t have a foal; I’ve posted about every foal that’s been born.

  7. Hi Matt,

    Which mares are with Custer nowadays? When we were up on the mountain in august 2009, his harem was only three horses big, himself included.

    Cheers, Michiel

  8. Hey and thanks for the update:) Did you see if Blue Moon still had his whole family? I know Bolder had Judith for a few days, but BM got her back.. would be nice to know if he can keep her:)

  9. I’m looking forward to Hightail greeting me at the entrance to the Range when I arrive, (or one day soon after), hopefully on 9/12. It sure will be saddening to know I won’t see Sam, or Admiral, or Beauty, and no family of nothing but blacks and grullas with Seattle, which was so unique. But the past is the past, and I’m looking forward to the joy of witnessing the new babies and their antics, and experiencing the pure joy of sharing the beauty of the Range with these magnificent examples of Nature’s creations! I am soooo looking forward to a week of the sights and sounds of the PMWHR! I know I will take back with me memories that will enrich my life immeasurably! Also looking forward to visiting with the folks keeping watch over the PMWM. See you soon.

    • Hi
      When you visit the horses,will you take pictures of them?And if you take pictures,will you upload them somwhere?

      • I will definitely be taking LOTS of pictures, will try to figure out who they all are, and will try to get the good ones on Flickr, or a link people can use with Kodak EasyShare. Or maybe I’ll share an album with “everyone” on Facebook. I’m always happy to have others share my enjoyment. I just haven’t done much on the internet so far.
        Thanks for asking.

      • How is your flickr account,if you have ?

  10. Don’t have one yet. Will post the link when I get back and get organized. It will probably be around the first of Oct.

  11. Just returned from 5 days camping on the mtn. What a spectacular time! We saw so many horses all over, as we did a lot of hiking every day. We found about 60 of them in our campsite the last night. We could most easily pick out Cloud and Bolder’s bands, as there was very little light, and Cloud and Echo were the ones that stood out in the waning light. They all look so fat and healthy. Just hated to see that fence dividing their range this year.

  12. Great to hear that the ones who can do well, are, in spite of changes to the Range, etc. Hope I get to see many different horses when I’m there. I have a few I REALLY want to find, but it’s a thrill to see any of them. I just don’t know of any better place for a wild horse lover to rejuvinate their spirit. PMWHR is a great place to visit for many reasons. It’s a dream come true for me.

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