July 25, 2011 – Official Press Release

Kapitan and Admiral, June 2011 (courtesy and copyright of Christine Reed)

I’d like to really thank Christine Reed for allowing me to use her photograph of Kapitan and Admiral. I love this photo as it shows how great looking these two were, how they were so often out being stallions together, and what their home looks like. An official press release was released by the National Park Service late this afternoon. Here is the text in its entirety:

Bighorn Canyon Press Release

Release Date:     Immediate

Contact:               Dale Kissner

Phone:                 (307) 548-5401


Two Pryor Mountain Mustangs were killed within the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range on Sunday morning July 24th, 2011 at about 2:00 AM. National Park Rangers and the Bighorn County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) were notified at about 10:00 am by a third party who found the horses dead near on U.S. Highway 37 near Crooked Creek Bay. The deceased horses were known as Admiral, and Kapitan/Climbs High.

The male driver of the vehicle, identified as 26 year old Adam Finn, of Germantown TN, was arrested for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence. Finn was also issued citations for Driving a vehicle with a breath concentration of .08 or greater, Unsafe Operation-Failure to maintain control, Destruction of natural resources and for Moving a vehicle from an accident scene.

Finn will appear before a U.S. Magistrate Judge in Lander, WY to answer the charges.

Bighorn Canyon reminds drivers to be aware of horses, deer, bighorn sheep and other wildlife on and near the park roads, and to use caution when driving in the park.


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  1. Beautiful picture indeed. Such beautiful horses. So very sad. The Dryhead just won’t be the same without Sam and Admiral and their families.
    Kudos to law enforcement for finding the person responsible, and I hope the judge who hears this case knows that these horses are not “just like any other road kill”. This herd is most unique and must be protected.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. I hope the idiots that we so reckless will be punished to the full extent of the law and then some. They must have been driving incredibly fast to have killed two grown horses. This just sickens me….so senseless and now two magnificent stallions have died through no fault of their own.

  3. My tribute to these two horses:

  4. Ditto what “Angie” says. Times two. I saw both of these horses last on 30 June 2011 afternoon. It sickens me to know they’re gone now.

  5. What did they do with the bodies of these magnificent horses? I know Admiral was a favorite of Matt’s for years. My heart goes out to him. Admiral wasn’t flashy, but he was a classic.I need to know what will happen to the driver that took away the life of two of our beloved horses.

  6. What a sad and tragic thing to happen. I feel lucky that I was able to see this wonder Stallion and his son several times last year. Thinking of you Matt. Sorry I did not get to see you on this trip. We just got down from the top yesterday and learned of this.

  7. Matt, I’m going to email you some of my better pics of Sam and Admiral and family that you can do what you want with, or just to reminisce. I’m really glad that many people got to see both Sam and Admiral in my article in “Country” magazine. I’m sure some of them would be very upset to know of what’s happened.

    Just thinking, maybe Seattle will fill the void left in the lives of these mares by the untimely deaths of Sam and Admiral… Poor Hightail. She’s losing everyone. Hope I get to see her doing OK in Sept.

    Is Seattle still roaming the Dryhead? And how about Starbuck? Is he still around there, and did his ear ever get back to normal?

    I suppose it’s more likely some of the younger stallions will step in, like Merlin, Fiero, Blizzard or Bristol. In 09, it looked like Durango might even still have enough fight left in him to compete for their attention. Or maybe even Medicine Bow or Fools Crow, if they’re in the vicinity.

    Once again, I’m very impressed with the law enforcement people in this tragic incident. It’s so unlikely to catch hit and run drivers, especially when they’re not local and have a far away place to flee to—if they can. How many human vehicle accident victims have been killed or maimed by hit and run drivers who were never apprehended?LOTS! (I personally know of 2). And I, too, hope the judge applies the most severe penalty allowed by law to that irresponsible driver.

    I know from comments made by some of the people I encountered on the Range that not everyone out there “gives a hoot” about the mustangs, but it’s easier knowing it was someone from away and not anyone local who would be more familiar with how often the horses are on the road. That would have smacked of “intentional”, and would have been even more upsetting to me.

    My condolences to you and all the folks at the Center, and around Lovell, who haved cared so much about the horses.

  8. I agree with Linda….I HOPE that * Seattle * will fill the void ! I just Love him!–and it makes me so sad to see him wandering all alone 😦
    He’s a great ‘family man’ and Deserves a new family, too !
    plus I just fee Horrible for grand old Lady Hightail…she’s always been so Loyal, and Friendly, and so very beautiful….. 🙂
    Seneca is a great mare, too–& she sure makes beautiful babies ! so, Matt–you need to play ‘match-maker’ here somehow, and help out these lonely deserving souls….LoL! (although, I’m sure they’ll figure it out……all on their own, huh?) Still, a tragic loss……

  9. sorry…..I FEEL horrible for grand Lady Hightail…….

  10. I really want to thank Christine Reed for sharing her photo of Admiral and Kapitan. It gives me a great reminder of these two special animals. Seneca and Hightail are two very wise mares…I hope that very soon they will find their way back to fill the void that exists at Crooked Creek Bay.

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