July 24, 2011 – Admiral and Kapitan

I am sorry for not writing a post lately; I have been out of town. I just wanted to let you all know of some sad news today – Admiral and his son Kapitan were hit and killed by a driver this morning near Crooked Creek Bay. Law enforcement officers are gathering information on this, and I expect more details to be made known this week. I will keep you all posted as  I learn more.

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  1. Shit.Sam’s son and and grandson are dead.BLM should give PZP to less mares than planned this year because this year there are so many dead horses.Guinevire,Beauty,Rosebud,Kalispell,Kerry and probably Ferdinand’s band with Havana and her yearling died because Ginger Kathrens found 3 dead horses on the mountain top- a stallion,a mare and a filly,total 10 dead horse and there are about 13 foals on the range.A ratio of +3.Where Hightail and Seneca will go now?I hope they join another harem.

    • I don’t think that Flint’s mare Heather and her filly Amber did die in the winter. The mare that Ginger found was older.

    • What happened to Kerry, there was a picture of her on this blog for 02/13/11 and she looked really good. It is a shame that so many of the well known horses have been lost this year, but it is the way of life.

      It is a terrible tragedy however with Admiral and Kapitain. Admiral is the son of Sam & Hightail which makes it even sadder.

  2. I hope nobody was hurt in the accident. These things happen. Hopefully an isolated occurrence. How sad, to kill BOTH horses — was it a dump truck?

  3. Oh No!! HOW could this happen, Matt?!
    Do you mean INSIDE the Range? I’m not
    Near a map, so I can’t even Think of
    Where you are Exactly speaking about–but
    I believe it’s ON the Dryhead Rd inside PM-WHR!?
    & Ginger recently said that Admiral seems
    To have brought His whole Family –to ‘take on’ the
    Post of the the “Official Greeters”, LONG held by his
    deceased Father, the great SAM ! 😦
    It is hard to image what sort of Vehicle, & @ what
    Speed–could Kill 2 very Large HORSES @ once?!
    Unless they Charged @ it or something?!
    Has that ever been known to happen?
    O! This is Horrible to the extreme! (I know, you said
    You’d post more news as you knew it…
    Yet sure I’m only 1 of thousands, who is anxious to
    Hear much more?)
    But Thank you, Matt–4 the quick announcement! 😦

  4. PS On another subject, I decided the sorrel (strange) mare looks like Blizzard a little. What do you think?

  5. I’m devastated. i cant imagin Admiral and kapitain beeing dead, its such a pitty , are seneca and hightail ok? i know seneca is pregnant .
    Matt, you still haven’t seen Ferdinandand his band?
    What is Isadoras foal , a filly or a colt?.
    If Havana is dead that means that Polaris has no living representation on the range , and she will never have an other foal.

    • Was Heather(Havana) the daughter of Cloud’s brother Diamond?

      • yes havana is the mare that Ginger calls Heather, and she s the doughter of Diamond and Polaris.

    • Where do you know she is pregnant?It’d be great if she is.This is going to be Admiral’last foal.I hope she didn’t get hurt by the car.There will be probably more foals born this year.Washakie is huge,Damsel and Fiasco also look very round and maybe even Brumby and Demure are pregnant

      • I saw photos of here , i hope its a filly that looks like here.i hope that Demsel’s foal survives , here last foal died as a newborn , i suspect inbreeding , bicause she is still with here father cloud.

    • Can you give us link for the photos?How Damsel’s new foal looks.Which year she had the foal that died and how it looked?

      • Wild Horse (Equus caballus), Pryor Mountains

        This is the link with the photo os Seneca . Demsel’s foal was born in 2009 , it was a red roan filly with a blaze and 4 stockings , Matt found here a few day’s after she was born.

  6. Ok in Gingers list of names who is Admiral and Kapitan? I get confused because Matt has different names for them.

    • Admiral is a dark bay stallion who lives(lived) in the Dryhead area.Ginger also calls him Admiral but she’s not calling his son Kapitan,she calls him Climbs High

  7. Terrible Tragedy……..

  8. You’re right Matt. This is VERY SAD news. I spent an afternoon observing Sam & Hightail and Admiral and family at the spot you’re referring to, last time I was there, and shared a few moments of direct eye contact with him at one point. He had changed so much in appearance between the first time I saw him in 07, and that day; had become longer bodied and leaner, and a beautiful, mature stallion. I also watched his young mare, Ghost Dancer, give birth to her 4th of July foal on the hillside just up the road from there that day. I know it’ll bring tears to my eyes when I cross that cattle guard at the entrance to the Range knowing that Sam, Admiral and Kapitan are no more.

    I hope that if the driver of whatever vehicle hit them was local, that law enforcement WILL be able to track them down thru body shops or something. There should be considerable damage that would need to be repaired. I don’t remember what the speed limit was as you entered the Range and Bighorn National Recreation Area at Crooked Creek, but I know it wasn’t very fast and with the parking area on the bay side right there, traffic shouldn’t be moving very fast there anyway. It doesn’t seem to me that visibility should have been an issue there in normal weather, either, unless one were traveling at a very HIGH rate of speed.

    Whatever happened, I am SO SORRY to hear of the horses’ unnatural demise. I’ll be watching for news. Thanks again for being there.

  9. This is devastating! Would it ever be possible to bring back a Pryor Horse that had some of the bloodlines that where taken off in the last round up?

    What a sad year, Matt can you give us a list of the horses you believe where lost in the 2010-2011 winter?

  10. I just saw that they were killed by a white truck

    • Saw where? I was looking for news stories — did you find one? What kind of truck?

      • Go to Cloud Foundation page on Facebook and look at the comments on the sad news about them

  11. The Rangers from Lovell allege that the driver was drunk.How sad fo the horses:(

    • Thanks for the latest info on this, Maria. I was over at TCF website looking for it but forgot to check the Facebook page. duh. 🙂

  12. Pleaseask you web designer to provide a link FROM this blog BACK to your home page. (Sorry if this sounds fussy, but it would be nice and it always bugs me when I come to this blog). Small problem but just piping up.

    • I think what you’re looking for is near the bottom of the listings on the right hand side of the page under “BLOGROLL”, Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center. At least I get the Center’s homepage when I click on that link, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  13. Hello all,
    Here are some answers to questions that have been asked:

    I spent time with the National Park Service rangers yesterday while they were gathering information. I did learn some details yesterday while there at the area where this all happened, but I feel it is best to wait for an official release from the NPS before too many conclusions are made. I always strive to have the most accurate and fact-based information here, and so I will wait until then to post the details. I expect them to be out very soon, and I will post them as soon as we get them. I know the Lovell Chronicle will be doing a story on this, but I do not know if any other area papers are yet.

    I don’t know if Seneca is pregnant with a foal for next year, but it is very possible.

    I do think it is highly possible that the three dead horses found were in fact Ferdinand, Havana, and Kalista. Based on my experiences on the mountain, I have found that there is a lot of variability in the appearance of horses compared to their ages. Plus, these three are on the missing list, and so it is also probable given the numbers. I will provide a list of missing horses in a separate post so I can go into more details on them. (Kerry is missing; I don’t know what happened. She was literally there one week and gone the next.)

    I will post photos of the foals that have been born in the past few weeks since I last posted. But, until then, Jacinta had a colt, Isadora a filly, and Hataalii a filly. I haven’t found any foals to be missing yet, and Inocentes’ foal Lynx is doing much better than he was when he was first born.

    I will answer more questions and concerns later. Until then, thank you so much for all of the thoughts that you have given to Admiral and Kapitan. This has been a very hard experience for me to deal with, but I will keep you posted when I learn more.

    • While you are doing updates, have you seen Knight or heard who he is with? When I was last up there a few weeks ago he had some blood from his shoulder and was being chased off by himself by the other stallions.
      There is a chance that I could be wrong about it being Knight as I didn’t have any pictures of him from before, but I think that is who it was from looking through the blogs.

      • Knight is still alive and well; he is still with his adoptive mother Quelle Colour and “sister” Kohl. There is quite a situation with this harem, though, that I will be posting on soon.

      • Thanks for the update. I am not sure if I will make it over this week to see what’s going on and was wondering how he was.
        I do have some picture of Jacinta’s colt from that day. I will link one that isn’t the best I have (but shows the face similarities to Jacinta) because I was wondering who the mare that Tecumseh is breeding is. Maria has helped me with a lot of the horses that I couldn’t figure out through the blog, but she wasn’t sure who this was either. She has a small white crescent on her forehead. I am also unsure of his third mare’s name (not in this picture).
        Tecumseh "hugging"

      • Thanks for linking the photo. I really like Jacinta’s foal. Such a rare color for the Pryors! I do worry for them as Jacinta is so young. Galadriel is the mare in that photo. She is out of Duke and Atlantis (Atlantis’ only offspring). His third mare’s name is Beulah; she is a Teton-Phoenix offspring.

  14. Thank You, Matt–for the Updates!
    We really appreciate it…a Lot!
    When You have time; I’d love to know a
    Few things??
    You mention that KERRY (Kilowatt), of
    Electra+Prince is still missing; originally Both
    1) KALISPELL (of Mariah+Lakota) believed to be
    Missing as well–(With Kerry, or not)..
    So has she, Kalispell been located, then??
    2) Please tell me the BLM names for Flint+Feldspar filly, called
    AGATE-2010 ? & for Cloud fillies, BREEZE-2010 & JASMINE-09 (I think it is Jasmine, too?)
    3) Who is likely Sire of LYNX? (Assume it’s not Cloud, cuz she came to band early
    Spring)?? Likewise, who are Parents of INOCENTES(INGRID)? She looks to me like a
    Topper or Washackie daughter?
    4) I believe that ISADORA-10 is dd of Rosarita+Starman? If so,
    What is name of Cecelia+Sitting Bull dd of 2010 & similar description?
    [I have listed Both as Isadora..:[ & what stallion did
    She have the filly foal With–Mescalero??
    And didn’t POLARIS also have a 2009 black/brown filly with Mescalero, too! (I called her “Jet”, never saw real name…)
    5) HALO had a foal of ADMIRAL in 2009?, as did
    Buffalo Girl, I think?…yes/no/still around?
    6) & The Question…I’ve been Afraid to ASK: but This is already a sad day..
    Jared saw BIGFOOT, alive but isolated in Mar/Apr…
    Did the Grand old man Make it to Summer ?
    [Against all odds?, not unusual 4 Him to defy!]
    **please, if Any of You readers know these answers??? Help Matt (& I) out here? THANKS..

    • Unfortunately, neither Kerry nor Kalispell have been found yet.

      Feldspar’s filly is Krystal while Cloud and Aztec’s 2010 filly is Kierra. Aztec’s 2009 filly is Jasmine. Lynx isn’t Cloud’s. If I had to guess, I would say that Custer is Lynx’s sire. Great guessing on Inocentes’ parents! She is actually out of Fiasco, who is the daughter of Topper Too. Interestingly, I have guessed her sire was Baja, who Washakie is of course with. Isadora is from Rosarita and Starman. Who her filly’s sire is is beyond me – Isadora has been observed to be quite the flirt. Cecelia’s 2008 offspring is the colt Inniq. Her 2009 one is Jumping Badger (a colt also). Isadora did have the filly in Mescalero’s harem. Polaris did have a foal in Mescalero’s harem in 2009. She was a blue roan filly named Jannike. She disappeared about two months after she was born. I think that Halo’s foal was actually Merlin’s, but it is tricky because she would have conceived during a time when there could have been interchange. Buffalo Girl’s always had Durango’s offspring. Perhaps you’re thinking of Ghost Dancer? I am very sorry to say that Jared has found that Bigfoot had died recently. I was going to write about it in a future post, but I think it is good for everyone to know now.

      • Hay Matt! Wasn’t Inocentes with ferdinand last spring and didn’t custer steel here in late summer?Cince Havana is Dead What will happen to Polaris , will she be allowed to have a foal cince here only offspring is dead?Did Dancer foal?

      • Matt,have you seen Washakie recently.I feel sorry for he because her belly is so big,did she foaled,or did Fiasco foaled.Is Brumby still looking round?Do you think Topper Too is pregnant,she was with Cloud last summer and if she is,he’d be the father.And Matt,did any of the 2009 fillies left their father’s harem to join another stallion because they were in their first heat.

      • So sorry to hear about Bigfoot. Another blow to the hearts of those who love the horses on the PMWHR. He was a fine example of the strong will to survive in spite of great difficulty that has brought these horses this far.

        I doubt that there would be anything but man, perhaps, that could “take them down” irreparably.

        RIP, all the horses that have passed to the spirit world. Their memories will live on in the hearts of those who loved them.

  15. Matt, My daughter and I had the privilege of going on a tour to see the horses on July 6th with two of the best guides ever. You know them well. We heard lots about you and so many stories of the horses. I’m very impressed with all of the work you do for the horses and the knowledge you have of all of them. We did get the see Admiral and Kapitan and the two mares on a hillside by the road. They were just beautiful, as were all of the horses on the mountain. It is terrible news to hear that they’re now gone. Keep up all of your great work! Were the 3 dead horses spoken about in earlier posts found since we were up there?

  16. Matt,

    Know you have had a LOT of questions but I have a really important question. I hope you will elaborate on a following post but from the past it appears you have some informtaion on the horses we have yet to hear about. (the story of Knight) In regards to the “Missing” horses the list is getting quite long for the 2010-2011 winter/spring. This is what I have seen just from the posts.
    1. Bigfoot – deceased
    2. Admiral – deceased
    3. Kapitain – deceased

    4. Guinevere – Missing (deceased?)
    5. Beauty – Missing (deceased?)
    6. Rosebud – Missing (deceased?)
    7. Kalispell – Missing (deceased?)
    8. Kerry – Missing (deceased?)
    9. Ferdinan – Missing (presumed deceased)
    10. Havana – Missing (Presumed deceased)
    11. Kalista – Missing (Presumed deceased)

    Some are from old age, some from young, some a mystery I know I am missing some of the names. Is it typical to lose so many horses in a season? What do you estimate the numbers of the pryors are at now? As well is this going to affect the genetic diversity that makes them so successful.

  17. I am so sorry for Admiral and Kapitan, it should not have happened. Thinking of you Matt, I know how hard this must be for you.. when you get a chance email or call me. I can fill you in on what I saw the last few days up on top. Thanks.

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG-TvZaDP6E Here is a video I made last summer. There are some good footage of Admiral and his band.

    • Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. : )

  19. I was there 2 days after this. 😦 I took a picture of the 2 mares standing at the edge of the road still waiting. I sent it in an email to the Museum and I was told it was on display there. It’s awful that this happened and every time I see that picture I remember.

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