June 13, 2011 – Sykes Ridge

I was able to head up Sykes Ridge Saturday; a big rainstorm moved in but didn’t get up as far north as the Pryors. On the way up I first saw Corona and Waif near Merlin’s harem. It had been a while since I’d seen these two up close, though I have often been able to see them spotting from a distance.



Merlin’s mares Halo, Icara, and Jewel are Corona and Waif’s daughters while Halo’s daughter Kaelia is their granddaughter.

Merlin's harem

Up higher was Blue Moon’s harem.

Blue Moon

With him are Sequoyah and her colt Kane as well as Halcyon and her daughter Judith.  Amethyst had been with them but is back with Bolder.





Down from them was Coronado’s harem. I was excited to see them up close as I’d only been seeing them from a distance this spring.


Coronado’s mare Blue Sioux is the mother of their foal.

Blue Sioux

Blue Sioux’s foal is a solid bay filly that is named La Brava.

La Brava

Coronado also has Adona, Fool’s Gold and her daughter Kiva, and Dove.


Fool's Gold



Nearby was Mescalero’s harem as well as Chino and his mares. Chino has been relatively elusive this spring. You’ll recall that he got his mares Topper and Topper Too back earlier in the year. Following that, they spent their time in some of the more inaccessible areas of Sykes Ridge. Lately, though, they have been easier to see.


Topper and Topper Too

Bolder and Morning Star’s harems were a couple ridges away, but I didn’t get a chance to hike out to them before having to head back down. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to get to them too. On the way down, I ran into the bachelor brothers Hawk and Issaquah. They were right in the same area that I’d seen them in when I last posted their photos.

Hawk and Issaquah

At this time last year, there were already a number of horses on the top of the mountain. Now, though, I haven’t seen any horses up there while scoping; and there is still a decent amount of snow compared to last year. It is definitely a good thing for the horses to not rush up to the mountaintop, so hopefully they will stay down and take advantage of the plentiful water and forage that can be found in the midslope areas where they presently are.

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  1. Has Cloud won back Velvet from Bolder yet and is Flint ever going to win back Feldspar and Agate from Cloud? I know that Velvet will be back with Cloud and Flint will have Feldspar and Agate back when the bands migrate to the mountaintop

  2. Nice photos.Ironically in 2002 Coronado and Blue Sioux had a bay colt named Bravo.He’s now adopted and is bay roan,maybe his little sister La Brava will be a bay roan too.I hope that Topper Too is pregnant and wiil give birth this summer.I’m sure the father’d be Cloud.Matt,did you see a new foal in Morning Star’s band?Or could you see if his mares are pregnant, i know it’s hard to tell seing them only trough binoculars.

  3. Hay Matt.
    How are things?
    The range looks soo good , looks like the horses might hang out a little longer on burnttimber and syks ridge!
    the horses look grat, merlin is starting to bild quight a harem of mares, Fresia looks like she might be in foal.Does Dove look pregnant to you? what do you think about Adona, shes so helthy that its hard to tell.
    Enny news on whats going to hapen this year? is there going to be a bate trap roundup?The Toppers do look like thay might be pregnant.How did war bonnets filly turn out?
    See you soon

  4. I have a deep concern about that “domestic mare” up there. I can not believe the BLM has not gotten her off . As most ” horsepeople” know, domestic horses can carry a lot of illness that are not visable but can be deadly to our mustangs. What is the intelligence and lack of “horse husbandry” in allowing her to stay and threatening the herd? As a former horse owner and horse boarder I never allowed a horse on my place without a health certificate and vet check. I am appalled at the ignorance!

    • I am sure that they are looking into it…no reason to bash on the comment thread. Just because they have not commented on the mare doesn’t mean that steps are not being taken to remove her from the range.

      • Not bashing, as I see it. That is the BLM’s responsibility–to protect the horses (of course there are some differing opinions there). Leaving a domestic out there is dangerous, as Trish said, to our wild horses

  5. Check out wyomanphotography’s photostream on Flickr to see photos of the horses taken last week!

    • GREAT pics!!! Thanks for the hint.

  6. According to wyoman’s pics, looks like Hightail and Seattle may be companions now that he lost his band and she lost Sam. That is great, if true.

    • I think the photos you are talking about are from 2010.You can see on the right side of every picture when it was taken.

      • I’ll look again, but I thought those were the ones from ’11.

      • You’re right. Just wishful thinking on my part, and not paying close attention. I do hope those two are doing OK, anyway. Life goes on.

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