June 8, 2011 – Updates

Last week I was able to get out onto Turkey Flats in the afternoon. I was wanting to get a look at the foal that was seen with Bristol and Greta, and I did come upon it.

At first glance, and seeing these horses from a distance, it would look like this is Bristol and his harem. However, when I got closer, I could see that it wasn’t actually Bristol – This was the young stallion Garcia.


He has Greta, Greta’s 2011 filly Liesl, and Greta’s yearling Katrina.




There are a couple things that strike me about this situation with Garcia and Bristol’s harem. First, it is interesting to me that this young stallion, who has been a pretty traditional Burnt Timber horse in recent years, ended up going after this harem. It isn’t surprising, given that he had been hanging around this area throughout the winter. However, the other Burnt Timber bachelors were down there as well. Perhaps more interesting to me is the fact that these horses are still down low. Garcia didn’t take them up Burnt Timber where he came from.

I walked around the area a while as I wanted to see if I could find Bristol. I did end up finding him a ways away. He seemed to be having some pain in his right hind leg, so we’ll have to keep an eye on him to see how he does.


Also in the area, I saw that the turned out sorrel mare was with Medicine Bow and Johan.

Johan, sorrel mare, and Medicine Bow

This past weekend, I spent the day in Burnt Timber. The horses were very visible on Cheyenne Flats; I saw almost all of the horses to possibly be seen over there during the day. As was the case last year, Prince’s harem had moved over to Burnt Timber, and so I was finally able to see their foal up close.




I didn’t get any photos of Ireland that turned out. Her foal is a filly that we’re calling Limerick. In addition to her face marking, she also has socks on her left front and right hind feet.


Up from them was Duke’s harem. The last time I’d seen them up close was last fall, so this was pretty fun to get to see them.


I found that Helenium was with Duke. She was one of two mares (the other being her mother Rosebud) that had been with Tecumseh and that I hadn’t seen where they ended up at. I am now wondering if Rosebud died this winter.


The rest of Duke’s harem was pretty much as it had been when I’d last seen them. His old mare Tonopah doesn’t seem to like me; it is rare when I get a decent photo of her.


Graciana and her son Jedediah, as well as Aurora, are also still there.




Madonna and her filly July were there, and I was surprised to see a brand new foal with Madonna. Her foal was very new; Madonna still had blood on her. The foal is a solid bay filly we’re calling Lariat.




Also, here are the names of the other foals whose names haven’t been reported on here yet:

  • Galena’s colt is Lander
  • Sapo’s colt is Lobo
  • Gabrielle’s filly is Lily
  • Firestorm’s colt is LeDoux
  • Gold Rush’s colt is London

It looks like the weather should be nice this weekend, and I am planning on spending a day on Sykes Ridge. I’ll be sure to post any of the interesting new things I see over there.

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14 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Awesome!

  2. Thanks Matt

  3. Thank so much for giving these updates to us.I really like Ireland’s filly,she kinda reminds me of her bigger sister Celt.I hope you’ll see Coronado’s harem next tiime.And tell us if you learn something about Kerry and Kalispell.:))

  4. Matt,

    Just curious what will be done about the Sorrel Mare that was turned out. Seeing her broad side with the other two new horses she really is “TALL” compared to the mustangs. She looks like a nice mare.

  5. Hay Matt!
    Madonna realy surprised me! the filly is realy pritty , i wish she had come out a sorrel.Jedediah looks realy beautifull and so does electras filly!
    What was done to the PZP fillies?did thay get PZP this year?Did you see Blue sioux foal?Helenium looks like she might have a foal later in the year so do Demure and Broken bow. I’m Happy for Garcia ,evan if i was hoping that Medicin bow would take those girls.
    see you soon!

    • I also think that Helenium and Broken Bow could be pregnant,as well as Washakie,but i’m not so sure about Demure.

  6. The new foals are looking so great this year. I wonder if Cloud will have a foal that would look just like him. Have you seen any of the mares back with their old stallion?

  7. P.S shouldant Madonna be the oldest mare?

  8. Matt,does Madonna’s filly has a snip on her nose?It’s more white than usual.And please,I really want to post photos of Hailstorm,Gaelic Princess and her filly when you see them.I haven’t heard anything about them in a year.

  9. I can’t seem to find what happened to Tecumseh? Can you fill me in? Thanks.

    • Unless I am confused about who he is, I have seen him a few times this spring. Jacinta had a foal ( we think a filly) with her Thursday that looks a lot like her in the face. I haven’t found the name of his dun mare and he has a third I don’t know with him, too. I use the blogs and Maria to figure out the names the first time, and she didn’t know them and his harem hasn’t been in the blog that I could find. I have a few pictures of him and his harem ( and the foal) if you want to see them.

  10. How old is Madonna? I noticed that Limerick’s markings look just like her older sisters’. Cascade(Celt), Gaelic Princess, and Limerick have a blaze that look just like a cascading waterfall

    • Madonna was born in 1991. She was actually born in the Dryhead and moved to the mountaintop; it wasn’t uncommon for that to happen back then.

  11. Is Aurora a female or a male?

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