May 28, 2011 – Burnt Timber

I went to the Range on Saturday to get a good day in before a storm moved in. It’s been rainy yesterday and today here. I spent time in the Burnt Timber area Saturday. I saw a lot of Burnt Timber horses during the day, and I also saw many of the Sykes horses while scoping across to Sykes Ridge.

The first Burnt Timber harem I saw was Santa Fe’s.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe still has Broken Bow, her daughter Demure, and Demure’s daughter Kindra.

Broken Bow



Santa Fe also had Jenny, Jackson and Brumby’s daughter.


Up higher a ways was Baja’s harem.



Jicarilla is Bacardi’s daughter from 2009.


Juneau is Gold Rush’s daughter from 2009. She came to the harem with her mother and little sister Ketchikan last year. After Gold Rush and Ketchikan were taken from Baja, Juneau stayed in the harem.


Baja’s mare Washakie wasn’t really wanting to get her photo taken. While I was with these horses it was really windy, was starting to snow, and thundering; so it was tricky to get good photos of them.


Kachina is Washakie’s foal from last year.


I headed back down the mountain to avoid the storm that was moving over. When I got away from the storm, I saw Jackson’s harem. I walked out to them and found that Firestorm had a new foal.

Firestorm and her new foal

The foal is solid black. I think it’s a colt.

Firestorm's foal

Galena and her colt are also doing well still.

Galena and her colt

By this time, the storm had moved over; and so I headed back up higher. I saw the bachelors Galaxy, Gringo, and Jupiter together. This was the first time I’d seen Galaxy in a while, and it was the first time I’d seen Jupiter in a while since his mother Feldspar was taken by White Cloud.




Down from them was Starman. I will be interested to see if he joins up with the younger bachelors.


Scoping down into the lower parts of Burnt Timber, I could see Doc’s harem, and so I hiked out to them.


When I first had seen Doc, I thought that he had Havana. However, upon getting closer, I saw that it was actually Heritage.


Heritage’s colt Kootenai wasn’t there, though. Doc also has Gold Rush and her daughter Ketchikan. Gold Rush also has a new foal.

Gold Rush


Gold Rush’s foal is a bay colt with a prominent face marking and an inside right hind pastern.

Gold Rush's foal

Lakota’s harem was nearby. Lakota only has Quelle Colour and her foal Kohl as well as Guinevere’s colt Knight.

Lakota's harem

As I was heading down, I caught a glimpse of Cappuccino in the distance, so I hiked out to them to see Gabrielle’s new foal.


Heritage’s colt Kootenai was actually with them. He and Gabrielle’s colt Kodiak seemed to really like each other.

Kodiak and Kootenai

Blanca is with Cappuccino. I first saw her with him a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen her yearling Kalispell.

Blanca, Gabrielle, and Gabrielle's foal

Gabrielle’s foal is dun with a small star; I think it is a filly.

Gabrielle's foal

In addition to these horses shown above, I also saw White Cloud and Teton’s harems in Burnt Timber. Scoping to Sykes I could see the harems of Merlin, Corona, Bolder, Coronado, Morning Star, Custer, Chino, Blue Moon, and Prince. I didn’t see any new foals with any of these harems. I did get a photo of the foal with Coronado’s harem, though. You can see it there to the right side of the photo. Hopefully I’ll be able to see it up close soon.

Like I said, we’ve had a pretty good amount of rain this weekend. It looks like the weather will get nicer this week, though; and so I’ll be looking forward to heading out onto the Range again next weekend.

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  1. What about Electra and her foal,I really want to see them,Washakie looks and pregnant and Firestorm’s foal looks like his grandmother(Velvet) as a foal,I think he will be a blue roan

    • don’t read the ‘and’ before pregnant

    • Well, I’m still seeing Ireland in Prince’s harem – They are just in an area that is hard to get to. The same thing happened last year with Ireland’s foal; we didn’t actually see her up close until she was a bit older as they were out on a particular island area. I think that there is a good chance of Firestorm’s foal being blue roan as well; he seems to have some scattered white hairs, doesn’t he?

      • Maybe Electra’s yearling Kilowatt is with another stallion

  2. Hay Matt.
    Its great to see the horses in such good shape, Heritage is recovering well!Is Mariah’s yearling with here? I think that Doc is the father o goldrushs foal, and allso fiascos yearling bicause there stars look a little the same.Do enny of Morning stars mares look pregnant? and still no sine of Ferdinand?I hope that the horses get on the mountain a little later this year so that the grass cangrow some more.
    Take care

    • Hey Alex,
      I agree. Kalispell isn’t with her either. I think you’re right about Doc being the father of those foals. I’ve only seen Morning Star’s mares from quite a distance, so I can’t tell for sure if they are pregnant. I still haven’t seen Ferdinand. But, I haven’t seen Fortunatas/Cabaret’s harem either; I expect to see them around the same time. I hope the horses stay off the mountain too; the grass is getting really nice down where they are, and there is plenty of water. There still is quite a bit of snow on top, so I doubt they’ll head up too soon.

  3. Hey, and thanks for the update:)
    I just have one question.. have you seen Flint on any of your trips this year? He’s one of my favorites, but I haven’t seen anything on him after the winter and I’m a bit worried=/

    • Hello,
      I definitely see him – I just call him by the name Blue Moon. If you look through posts you’ll see references and photos of him.

  4. Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures ! I am kind of new to your site so I don’t know much of their history. Thanks for your hard work

    • Thanks for coming and taking a look! Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. I’ll do my best to answer them, and there are also a lot of friendly and knowledgeable people who come here to comment as well.

  5. I forgot to put this in the main post, but I thought it may be of interest to some. It did look like Amethyst was back with Bolder on Saturday. Also, I haven’t seen Prince and Ireland’s yearling Kerry the past two times I’ve seen Prince’s harem; so I will be interested to find out where she is.

    • Hay Matt.
      I hope that Kerry and Kalispell dont end up like Demure and Electras 2007 foals.

      • I am hoping the same. This does seem quite similar to the situation with those two, though.

  6. Matt,I also want to know if in the 2009 round-up were given PZP to all the 2009 fillies.I think that BLM didn’t,because they were just 3-4 months foals then.If they didn’t,we should expect Jenny,Jacarilla,Juneau,Jasmine,Juniper and Judith to foal next year.

    • These younger females didn’t get treated in 2009, but they are scheduled for treatment this year under the new fertility control plan.

      • But i think they have already been bred.It’s June

  7. Some of the names of the horses are confusing me.
    I know in your post you refer to Flint as Blue Moon,
    Electra as Ireland. Is then Cloud from the PBS shows now called White Cloud or it another horse. I just want to know please.

    • Hello,
      Basically, I use the names given by locals and the BLM. These were the names that I was taught when I learned the horses. Prior to 2000, the horses were commonly, though not always, given names that reflected regional places, people, and things. Starting in 2000, the horses were named alphabetically; so all of the horses born in 2000 have a name that starts with “A”. Admiral is an example of this. Blue Moon was born in 2001, the year of the B’s. We continue to carry on this naming system as it is so useful; thus, this year all the foals born have a name that starts with the letter L. We also try to have offspring named so that their names have some similarity to at least one of their parents. I learned the name White Cloud before the name Cloud. He was named after the Native American leader as many of the stallions have been. (There was actually a Red Cloud when I first learned the horses too.) This herd is unique in that all of its members are known at an individual level. We use this organized method of naming the horses to keep things consistent, but we also find it very easy to use in keeping the horses committed to memory as the names have a lot of information built into them.
      Hope this helps!

  8. Hi Matt,
    I don’t think Galena looks so good! Rather emaciated, don’t ya think? Everyone else is in much better shape!

  9. Thanks for the explanation on naming, and for all the hard work that’s been done by the supporters of the horses in keeping track of things. Having all that info is so important in the long run. There is so much that people are not aware of that has helped to make them as well known as they are, and relatively well protected. I highly recommend that anyone wanting to become more educated about the Pryor horses and the Pryor Mt. Wild Horse Range, read “Among Wild Horses” by Lynne Pomeranz and any of Hope Ryden’s works.

  10. Hi Matt! Wow, thanks 4 the info-Packed
    Post! πŸ™‚ I do have a couple questions
    …Ok, maybe 3 or so πŸ˜‰ –
    Speaking of Names/Naming System, WHEN are all these gorgeous
    New 2011 foals going to get “L” names ? All I’ve seen so far is “Lewis”!? (Do You
    assign names, usually, or BLM ppl?)
    **WHO is “Irial” ? You mentioned this horse
    (as bachelor?) in a post–I can’t find reference to him
    anywhere ?
    **above question:”hope Kerry & Kalispell
    don’t end up like Demure & Electra’s 2007 foals.” Usaid,
    “Looks like a similar situation..”
    **..So what Did happen to those 2 foals?
    & What were their names?
    **what’s happened to *Zeppelin*?(He’s always been
    (1 fav of mine)-isn’t he a son of Bigfoot + ?who?);
    how did he Lose his band to Bo?
    &**old Bigfoot*…You had great post about him last
    year–no mention since?) I fear he is Gone, since you
    said *2-Boots is oldest 😦 ?
    **& isn’t *Tonopah* oldest mare now?

    • I posted the names for you on this last post! I assign the names as part of keeping track of the horses for the BLM. Irial is Prince and Ireland’s 2008 colt. He was part of an interesting chain of events that led him to be raised by Custer and Winnemucca for some time. Halle and Heather (Demure and Ireland’s foals respectively) just seemed to disappear during the spring; it was like they were there one week while I was out and gone the next. It just reminded me of those two when Kerry and Kalispell weren’t with their harems. Zeppelin went missing shortly after he lost his harem to Bo. He was kind of visible there for a little while and then just went missing. His sire was thought to have been Bigfoot, and his mother was the grulla mare Flin Flon (this is also Prince’s mother for reference). Jared actually saw Bigfoot during his spring survey flight, so he has been seen alive in 2011. When the snow melts enough for me to get up to where he hangs out, that will be the first thing I do. Bigfoot is one of my mystery horses. I have some idea where he came from due to some references, but I haven’t got anything for certain. I guess I say Two Boots is the oldest stallion as I know he was born in 1989. What I do have on Bigfoot makes it seem like he was also born in 1989 as well, though. Tonopah is very likely the oldest mare now. It’s tricky with her as she is so nondescript compared to others. In my project, I haven’t yet gotten 100% confirmation on Tonopah and Flin Flon. They looked alike, and so I haven’t figured out whether or not the mare I think is Tonopah in the records is indeed her. I have a photograph of her, and I am going off of a comparison of mane highlights. If I am correct on this comparison, and the mare I think is Tonopah really is Tonopah, then she will be the oldest mare on the Range, having been born in 1987 (although a little later in the year than Beauty). If I am wrong about Tonopah, then Winnemucca is definitely the oldest mare; I can say with 100% certainty that she was born in 1988. Hope this answers your questions!

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