May 25, 2011 – Dryhead

On Sunday afternoon I took a quick trip out to Bighorn Canyon. While scoping, I saw that there were horses on the flats south of Mustang Flats; so I headed up there. I first came to Fiero’s harem.


Fiero still has Strawberry and her sons Jemez and Kokopelli.


Jemez and Kokopelli



Fiero also has had Sacajawea and Kemmerer from Blizzard for the past couple weeks. Sacajawea is Fiero’s mother, and so this isn’t an optimal situation. I’ll be curious to see what ends up happening with this situation.

Sacajawea and Kemmerer

Kokopelli and Kemmerer seemed to be pretty good friends; they were playing on and off most of the time I was there.

Kokopelli and Kemmerer

To the south of them was Blizzard’s harem; I headed there next. Blizzard was up a little higher while his harem grazed below.



Chief Joseph

Cascade’s foal Lewis has grown up since I first showed his photo here.

Cascade and Lewis

Johnston’s injury is looking better every time I see it.


While I was taking these photos, I heard Blizzard run down the hill. He ended up running right past me.

Fiero had actually come over here too, and Blizzard was running out to meet him. The two met up and had a little interchange, but it didn’t get too dramatic.

After this, Fiero ran back up to his harem and everyone acted like nothing had happened.

Fiero has been spending a good amount of time down in areas where he can be easily found lately. It’s been fun seeing him turning into a successful stallion as he was one of the first Pryor foals I saw. Now that Fiero has grown up, people often ask how to tell him apart from his sire Merlin. Their blazes are quite different, but it is also easy to tell them apart because Merlin has a left hind pastern while Fiero has a right hind pastern. They are basically mirror images of each other.

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  1. This post brings back fond memories of my 09 visit. One of my most fun adventures was a day when I observed Fiero dogging Blizzard when he only had Strawberry and whichever was her foal that year, Kokopelli or Jemez. They had a noisy confrontation that took them over quite a distance out on Mustang Flats, much of the time out of view but I could still hear them. Blizzard returned victorious at that time.

    I had also seen and photographed Fiero by himself when he was calmly “hanging out” in the Flats area between Admiral and his band and Blizzard and his. At first I thought it was Merlin, but saw him later, too. They are both very beautiful horses, and seem to stay in such good health.

    I hope Cascade has put on some weight. And I still wish Seattle could get back at least one of his original family. But, if not, I’m even more glad I got to observe and photograph him and his all grullas and blacks family while it was still intact.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Strawberry’s udder is pretty big,she might be pregnant or Kokopelli is still nursing

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