May 22, 2011 – Sykes Ridge

I wasn’t able to spend much time on the Range this weekend due to some significant rainstorms we had during the week. I was only able to spend a little time in Bighorn Canyon, and I’ll try to post some of those photos this week too. Last weekend I was able to have a great trip up Sykes Ridge. This was the first chance I’d had to see some of the Sykes horses up close in quite a while, basically since I did this post:

Heading up Sykes,  the first non-Dryhead harem I ran into was Custer’s.


Right now, Custer has the mare Fiasco and her 2010 colt Kaibab as well as the older mare Winnemucca.



Winnemucca is one of the older mares on the Range, and she’s getting close to being the oldest as I am starting to doubt that Beauty made it through the winter now. Winnemucca was born in 1988 – This is her true age as shown through my project analyzing old BLM photographs and records.


Up from Custer’s harem was Mescalero. He answered a question that had arisen when I was last in Burnt Timber. I had seen Starman there, but he was alone. It turns out that Mescalero has Rosarita and Isadora from Starman.

(l-r) Polaris, Mescalero, Rosarita, Isadora

Isadora and Rosarita

Driving up a bit further, I saw Bolder’s harem.


When I had last scoped over to Sykes from Burnt Timber, I was confused due to a quick sighting I had of Bolder’s harem – It looked as through Amethyst was back with them from Blue Moon and that she had a new foal following her. Finding Bolder’s harem, I could see that this wasn’t the case. There must’ve been some sort of harem mixing going on that, combined with me only having binoculars, created a confusing looking situation.

I did find, however, that Sapo had a new colt foal that seemed to be only a few days old.

Sapo and her new colt

Sapo's colt

Besides the foal, Bolder’s harem hasn’t changed since I last posted photos of them in the aforementioned post from March.




Klamath (Sapo's 2010 colt)

Juniper (Sapo's 2009 filly)

Blue Moon’s harem was up a ways.

(l-r) Amethyst, Kane, Halcyon, Sequoyah, Judith, Blue Moon

I was happy to see that Halcyon had put on a lot of weight since I last saw her up close.


Her daughter Judith is also looking good. I always find it amazing that these two have done so well given the harsh circumstances they’ve gone through.


Heading back down, I saw that two black bachelors had appeared and were bothering Custer. By the time I got closer, they had moved away from him. I could see that it was Seattle’s sons Hawk and Issaquah.

Issaquah and Hawk



Mescalero started wandering up toward them, and Issaquah went out to meet him.

Issaquah and Mescalero

Soon after, they were playing pretty hard. Their playing lasted for a good while.

Issaquah and Mescalero

Eventually Mescalero went back with his harem. After a while, Bolder’s harem started moving down this direction; and Bolder came out to meet the boys too. He didn’t stay and play like Mescalero did, though.

Bolder, Issaquah, and Hawk

All this commotion also led to some more bachelors appearing: Fiesta, Horizon, and Irial. I thought it was interesting to see Fiesta over here as he has spent his time on Burnt Timber for most of his life.




These three didn’t really interact with the harem stallions or Hawk and Issaquah. Last spring, Horizon actually spent time with Hawk and Issaquah and was even sighted down on the Dryhead with them a couple times. I guess now that a Sykes Ridge bachelor band is starting to develop, he doesn’t need to hang out with the Dryhead bachelors.

Heading down, I did see Fools Crow’s harem; and the sorrel mare was still with them. I took a photo of her other side just to show that she doesn’t have any brand-type markings on her left side either.

(l-r) Fools Crow, Belle Starr, sorrel mare

The Mysterious Sorrel Mare

It looks like we’ll be getting some more rain this week, but it also looks like next weekend will be nicer than this one was. I’ll be sure to update you on the interesting things I see on my next trip!

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  1. hi matt tks for the update nice to see the horses ross

  2. So happy to see the new foal,but i hoped that Celt and Sequoyah could have a foal,cuz they seemed pregnant for me in the winter updates,maybe they were,but lost their foals after birth,like Celt did most of the years.I have 2 questions for you.What happened to the blue roan mare Shadow from Cloud’s harem,she is the daughter of him and Aztec and was born in September couple a years ago.Where is she now?And my second is Which mares do you think look pregnant now?

    • I heard that Shadow is with Morning Star and his band now

      • Yes, she has been with them. We call her Hailstorm up here. I’ll be sure to post a new photo of her when I next see Morning Star’s harem!

    • You probably saw me answer your question about Cloud and Aztec’s daughter Hailstorm – She is with Morning Star’s harem. (We called her Hailstorm to keep with the alphabetical system and also because the name Shadow was previously used for a prominent harem stallion a while back.) Right now, there aren’t really any other mares that strike me as very pregnant. We’ll just be surprised from here on out I guess!

  3. Very interesting, Matt. The saga of the Pryor mustangs continues…Many thanks.

  4. Hay Matt!
    Bolders new foal looks great , is he a dun or a buckskin?I remember that there was some confiusion with juniper when she was a foal.
    Do you have enny news on Ferdinand and Havana? Whats the sex of gabrielles new foal?
    Will i be seeing you this summer when i come in july and August?
    Take care .

    • Hey Alex,
      This foal is a dun, but he kind of reminds me of Fool’s Gold’s foal right now; he seems to have a little more red in his coat than usual. I wish I did have some news on Ferdinand and Havana, but I haven’t seen them yet this spring. I’ll be sure to post when I do. Gabrielle didn’t have a foal as of two weeks ago, do you mean Greta’s foal? I don’t yet have this one sexed yet. I think we can definitely figure out a time to meet each other when you are here this summer.

      • Hay Mat.
        I saw a photo on flickr of Gabrielle with a new born little dun foal?I think that there are some more pregnant mares likev,Gold rush ,Jacinta , and juniper looks like Halcyon did when she was in foal. Is buffalo Girls 2010 filly alive?and was PZP givin this year?

      • Great find, Alex! That’s quite a surprise to see that new foal with her. I spent a good amount of time with them last time on Burnt Timber as Blanca was with them. Gabrielle didn’t strike me as pregnant then. I think you could be right with some of these other mares too. As far as I know, Kitalpha is still alive – I talked with some people who saw Durango’s harem in the canyon area earlier in the spring. The last time I saw them she was alive too. Durango’s kind of been the elusive stallion for me this winter and spring. PZP is being given this year.

  5. I heard that Feldspar and her filly are with Cloud now but is Feldspar’s 2009 colt a bachelor stallion now? Has Cloud tried to win back Velvet(Scarlett) from Bolder at all and has Flint tried to win back Feldspar and Agate back from Cloud?

    • I haven’t seen Jupiter in a while, but he is a horse I would like to see. Bolder and Blue Moon are currently in a different part of the Range than Cloud, so I just haven’t seen any interaction between them.

      • Maybe Cloud might win Velvet(Scarlett) back when the horses are on the mountain top in summer. I hope that Cloud wins back Velvet(Scarlett) and I also hope that Flint wins back Feldspar and Agate back.

      • Yes, this is very possible (and I think probable) for these mares to revert back to their original harems this summer.

      • so when the horses migrate to the mountain top, some of the stallions that lost a mare or two to another stallion might get a chance to win that mare back? I wonder if Cloud’s daughter Dancer(Damsel) is pregnant

      • Yes, that is correct. It may not even be about winning her in the traditional sense; I think that some mares will go back to their preferred stallion if they can. We’ll just have to wait and see if Damsel is pregnant this year.

      • From the photos from March,she seems like she is not,but it would be great if she is,who knows.

      • It is weird to see some mares are with different stallions now

  6. Matt,just find wyomanphotography’s stream on flickr,and you’ll see some very interesting photos of Teton,Santa Fe,Jackson,Chance and Doc’s bands from 13,14 May.Teton has won 2 mares,and i think that one of them looks like Brumby’s daughter Jenny,I asked him about Firestorm and he told me that he didn’ saw a pregnant red roan mare with Jackson,maybe she left the band to give birth

    • Nice find with the photos you guys! Seeing Doc was cool, that actually looked like it may be Havana with him! I’m excited to get out on Burnt Timber this weekend to see what’s going on out there.

  7. Hi Matt,
    Just wondering about Dove. Isn’t she with Mescalero any more?

    • She’s not – She is with Coronado right now. The two harems were often mingled through the winter when I’d see them, and then I finally saw the two apart with Dove with Coronado in early March.

      • If Rosarita and Isadora are with Mescalero, then what happened to Starman?

  8. I have two questions:
    1. Did you see Admiral’s harem while in the dryhead?
    2. Are Strawberry, Kokopelli, and Jemez still with Fiero?

    • Yes, I saw both harems while out there Sunday. Fiero does definitely still have Strawberry and her sons. I’ll try to do a short post with them tomorrow as it’s been a while since they were on here!

  9. Fiasco looks pregnant

  10. Hey, Matt! Through much of Winter–Spring,
    You said that young Issaquah and older
    Bachelor Tony were pretty tight, as were
    Hidatsa & older Seattle hanging together;
    so hopefully the young Learning much from older
    Gent’s experiences 🙂 (even up to May 1) !
    However, this Post mentions just the “younger
    Bachelor crowd”. Do you think, or know,
    If this means there is Bad News about good
    Old Tony 😦 ??
    Also, in an earlier 2011 post, you said that
    Knight, colt of Guenivere, had quite an
    Interesting Story behind him! Would you have time to share some of that??
    & have you found out for sure IF both Guenivere and Beauty have passed-on to ‘Ever-green-Pastures’ ??

    • Well, I have seen Tony recently. He may not be up for the traveling that Issaquah is interested in. I do like to see the younger bachelors hook up with the older ones though as I think it gives them an edge later on. I’ll definitely be doing a post about Knight in the near future. Guinevere and Beauty really do seem to be missing. It is unusual for two mares like this to not be seen yet, and I’ve definitely been looking for them. They really did live good lives, though; and they lived longer than most wild mares can say.

  11. Have you seen the sorrel mare lately? Was she removed yet or is she still on the range?

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