February 3, 2011 – Winter Conditions Memo

The Billings Field Office has released a memo regarding winter conditions on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. This memo can be read on the Billings Field Office’s Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Information website or by clicking here. I would highly recommend reading this memo.

As you can see, the situation is not an emergency; and the Billings Field Office will continue to monitor it so that proper steps can be taken if it does become one. In the recommendations section, there is discussion about the importance of not feeding the horses. This is a relevant topic in the area now due to major efforts to feed a number of horses on property near Billings. However, it is very important that feed not be brought to the horses right now by the public. If supplemental feeding is needed, it will take very careful planning and a lot of work to ensure that it doesn’t do more harm than good.

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