February 2, 2011 – Seattle

Since losing his harem last year, Seattle has spent some time with bachelors and some time alone. Through the winter, he has mostly been alone. Early in January, I saw that he had some fairly recent wounds on his forehead.

A couple weeks ago, Jared (the PMWHR wild horse specialist) told me that he had seen Seattle with some of his harem back. I went out there, and he was right – Seattle did have some of his harem back.

He has Cascade and her colt Johnston.

I think that Seattle’s wounds are also looking a little bit better.

While I was with Seattle then, he kept a close watch on nearby Tony. Tony will turn 21 this year, and I think that he is showing his age a bit this winter.

Last week, we had a few days of relatively warm weather. This, combined with the high winds common in the canyon area during the winter, made it so that forage would be easier to access.

This week, though, we have had more snow and some very frigid days. This winter has been a lot harder on the herd than recent winters. In the past couple of weeks, Jared has been down to the Range monitoring conditions. Because of what he has seen, he is flying the Range today to look at the horses to see how they are looking. Right now, there are a number of horses that can only be viewed from the air, and so he will be making observations on the conditions of them as well as the areas that they are living in right now. I will be very interested to hear what is observed today, and I will keep in touch with any new information.

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  1. Tony is so pretty, I hope it makes it on the range a few more years. It is so sad to see them when they get that age on the range and it becomes more difficult for them to keep the weight on. I am so glad Seattle got his harem back, even if he took a little bit of a beating to get them. I wonder what the other guy looks like.
    Keep us posted Matt!

  2. Good for Seattle! Thanks Matt for the update. I look forward to Jared’s report.

  3. Winter is definitely hard for them. Thanks you Matt for your information. I love receiving it and look forward to each and every email.

  4. Hi Matt,
    Thank you for the update on Seattle. I hope he can win back Beauty too. I still remember that summer day two years ago when Seattle and his entire family came up Sykes for a “Sunday outing” then left to return to the lower part of the range. He is one of my favorites. Thanks to Jared for keeping watch on the herd.

  5. I have some good pictures of Seattle when we were there. He has his whole harem at that time. I think I have pictures of Tony too. Will have to go back and look. They are so beautiful.

  6. Well, Matt, you know how I feel about Seattle getting some of his family back. Sorry to see the wound on his face, but I’d guess it was worth it. Seems like this is a case of their bonds running deeper than just breeding rights, since it’s not breeding season now. It would definitely be great if all the members of his black and grulla/grullo family would get back together again. I had resigned myself to the disappointment of not being able to get more pics of that unique group when I’m out there next.

    Has Seattle always had that somewhat enlarged right knee? It seems more pronounced now than it did when I first saw him. Maybe it just got aggravated in the fighting. I hope it’s not a BIG problem for him.

    Looking forward to your posting of Jared’s report, and whatever else you do.

  7. I Love these updates & Photos! Thanks so Very Much! At least Seattle has some company now….hopefully more soon. Sure looks like a nasty ‘battle wound’?

  8. His mare looks pregnent

  9. Thanks Matt. I may not reply as often as others, but I read every post. Seeing Seattle back with is so wonderful, even if there are only two at the moment. Hope he can defend them. It must be lonely and frustrating to be a band stallion without a band.

    • Should have read: “back with his family”

  10. Matt, Besides the injuries to Seattle’s face, it looks to me that his right front knee is swollen! Keep up the good work.

  11. Back in the day, the NFS did haul hay out to the horses when snows got deep, but back in the day there were alot of horseman and less bureocrats in BLM and NFS, emergency feeding was a part of the program, now it seems akin to throwing wood to termites. When is progress really progressive?

    • When things are left to the people who know what they’re doing and the politicians in Washington D.C. STAY OUT OF IT! Just like military matters.

      Big government is about as useful to the health of this country as the proverbial “teats on a boar hog”.

      • But, then again, if it weren’t for the government, under Stewart Udall, (and with the input of local citizen supporters), declaring the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range in 1968, SOME of the ranchers out there might have totally eradicated ALL of the Pryor Mt. herd by now.

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