January 14, 2011 – Burnt Timber

After a number of days with frigid weather, we had a pretty nice day here yesterday with temperatures in the thirties. I headed out to Burnt Timber to see which horses I could find. This time of year, some of the Burnt Timber horses will move eastward into the Big Coulee area; this is also where some Sykes and even Dryhead horses are at right now. My goal yesterday, though, was to see if I could see some of the horses that are still in the western parts of Burnt Timber.

There’s a pretty good amount of snow on the ground out there. Yesterday, I happened to walk across a hilltop that I remembered seeing Baja’s harem at on New Year’s Eve of 2009. Below is a photo from that day and a photo of the same area yesterday. The angle is a little different, but you can see the same small juniper with an old piece of wood beside it in both photos.

In areas like this, most of the grass is tipped over and buried, though some grass has still remained upright.

As I continued heading northwest, I came about as far as I could – To the edge of Burnt Timber Canyon. Looking down to the bottom of the canyon and to some adjacent areas, I could see that there were many tracks in the snow. A few minutes later, I saw Duke’s harem come out across the canyon from me.

(l - r) Duke, Ketchikan, Gold Rush, Jedediah, Aurora, July, Madonna

(l - r) Duke, Ketchikan, Gold Rush, July, Jedediah, Graciana, Tonopah, Aurora

You’ll see that he has all of his harem still. In addition, he now has Gold Rush and her daughter Ketchikan (the two duns) from Baja. That is the western edge of Burnt Timber Canyon that they are above. This area is in the far southwestern corner of the wild horse range; they are at the southern end of an area called Jim’s Farm. The west edge of Jim’s Farm makes up the western boundary of the wild horse range – Those red hills seen in the background are actually off of the range. I think that many of the other western Burnt Timber harems are probably in this same area as this was the only area with significant horse traffic visible in the snow. This is actually a pretty good area as the south-facing slope of Jim’s Farm is relatively clear of snow.

Further down on Burnt Timber, on another south-facing slope, I found Santa Fe’s harem.

Broken Bow had a big branch caught in her mane.

Demure was grazing nearby. Notice that she is able to graze a small area clear of snow. Even the snow they standing in wasn’t really deep; it was a lot easier for them to find forage here than it would be elsewhere. It is not uncommon to find the horses on these kinds of slopes right now.

Demure’s 2010 filly Kindra is looking good. Below are some photos of her as she has grown up.

Kindra on June 1, 2010 (a couple weeks after she was born)

Kindra on July 6, 2010 (when she had barbed wire in her tail)

Kindra - January 13, 2011

Though it has changed a few times, the weather forecast for next week shows more weather in the thirties with low chances of snow. We will see what happens then, and I’ll be back with more photographs of what I see next week.

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  1. Beautiful. Nice work! Thank you for sharing

  2. Again Awesome info. Especially Kindra’s ‘baby pictures’!

  3. Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories…hope that one day I can go there to see for myself.

  4. Great pictures Matt! It’s good to see them looking so good and finding lots of food! I guess they finally get rid of things like branches and barbed wire that gets a hold of them. Hopefully without causing a problem.

  5. I heard that Flint lost Feldspar, Agate, and Jasper to Bolder. Im sure Flint will win them back in the spring or summer

  6. Hi,there,these photos are BEAUTIFUL,but Snta Fe is the most beautiful.Can you please upload some photos of Lakota’s band if you see them, and more photos of Electra(Ireland) she is the most beautiful mare for me on the range.I haven’t been on the horse range in Bulgaria for 2 months because of the snow,and i watch for updates every week.

  7. Have you seen anything of Exhiliration? He is my favorite. I guess he has a mare of his own. Has he managed to keep her? What are they up to? Thanks.

  8. Have you seen Bolder’s mare Autumn and her filly Kicks Alot lately? I wonder where they are

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