January 14, 2011 – Burnt Timber

After a number of days with frigid weather, we had a pretty nice day here yesterday with temperatures in the thirties. I headed out to Burnt Timber to see which horses I could find. This time of year, some of the Burnt Timber horses will move eastward into the Big Coulee area; this is also where some Sykes and even Dryhead horses are at right now. My goal yesterday, though, was to see if I could see some of the horses that are still in the western parts of Burnt Timber.

There’s a pretty good amount of snow on the ground out there. Yesterday, I happened to walk across a hilltop that I remembered seeing Baja’s harem at on New Year’s Eve of 2009. Below is a photo from that day and a photo of the same area yesterday. The angle is a little different, but you can see the same small juniper with an old piece of wood beside it in both photos.


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