November 29, 2010 – 1 Hour in the Dryhead

I’ve been meaning to post this for quite a while now – It happened on September 3rd in Bighorn Canyon and unfolded over about one hour. While out there, I headed down to the overlook area. Soon after, I came upon Sacajawea, her foal Kemmerer, and Jemez. I was a little surprised to see Jemez here instead of with his mom in Fiero’s harem.

Jemez seemed pretty distracted while here. He kept looking back. Eventually, he left and started down the road.

He surprised some visitors on the road, and then continued on his way, heading out off the road.

Meanwhile, Fiero, Strawberry, and her foal Kokopelli appeared. This is why Jemez was so intent on getting over to this area.

However, Jemez had run to an area that put a small canyon between him and Fiero’s harem.

While this all unfolded, Sacajawea and Kemmerer watched from up on the road.

Fiero saw them and went running to them.

While Fiero ran out, Strawberry and Kokopelli continued walking the other direction.

Jemez finally crossed the canyon and ran out to meet Fiero.

Fiero, Sacajawea, and her foal interacted and then headed down off the road where Jemez met up with them.

Soon after, Fiero and Jemez went back to where Strawberry and Kokopelli had been – a little pool of water in the rocks.

Jemez was the last to leave; he stayed behind to play in the water before rejoining his harem.

In the end, Fiero and his harem, including Jemez, went one way (with some bighorn sheep nearby) and Sacajawea and her foal went the other.

I think that it is interesting how Fiero hasn’t worked to get Sacajawea and her foal. To me, the most obvious possible reason for this is that the two know that they are mother and son and as such as avoiding being in the same harem. Maybe it is for a different reason. In any event, this was a pretty fun hour to sit and get to watch.

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  1. Fiero is certainly becoming a beautiful stallion, almost the picture of Merlin who is one of my many “favorites”. He was dogging Admiral and Co. the last time I spent time observing the activity in the Dryhead. And Jemez does still seem to be a “horse of interest” in the area. He was a feisty and entertaining character occupying me and my camera, as well as whomever he could find to interact with, for hours with his youthful antics. Anyone who bypasses the Dryhead in their search for interesting wild horse observation is missing some good stuff. I’ve never been disappointed in the time I spent there. Thanks so much for sharing YOUR time there, even tho it makes me really miss being there.

  2. Thanks Matt! I have been waiting for this report on Sacajawea! As you know I have a special interest in how she is doing. Her foal is beautiful. I need to plan a winter trip over there this year.

  3. Matt,
    That must have been so fun to watch it all play out! What beautiful horses. Sacajawea and Fiero must know their relationship.
    It’ll be interesting to see what happens with future encounters.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the posting. I frequently get to watch some of the east coast wild island horses. The same dramas happen there, too. Fascinating!

  5. Fabulous, Fiero is truly stunning!Looking forward to future updates on him and his harem as he is my favourite.

  6. Such brilliant colours on those horses, and yet they are perfectly camoflagued!

    As always, stunning photos, Matt!

  7. Thanks Matt! Very interesting interactions. Aren’t Jemez and Kokopelli sired by Blizzard? When did he lose Strawberry and her two apricot dun foals to Fiero?

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