September 10, 2010 – Young and Old

Last week, I had observed two different occasions where something similar was happening. It started with me going to take a look at how Bigfoot is doing.

I was happy to see that Exhilaration was with Bigfoot as well. This has been the case for a while since Exhilaration was relocated to the mountain.

I am really interested in what happens when younger bachelors are with older bachelors. In addition to these two, Two Boots and Doc, Pepy and Fools Crow, and others have had this type of relationship. What are the differences in how these young bachelors turn out compared with young bachelors who are with other young bachelors? These are complicated questions that would require a lot of observation to properly answer. However, I think it seems that in Exhilaration’s case, there is a lot that can be learned about the geography of the mountain from Bigfoot. But there may be other things that Exhilaration picks up from Bigfoot that could allow him to become a dominant and successful harem stallion.

Later that day, I headed down Sykes Ridge and saw another similar situation.

Tony (on the left) has been paired up with Issaquah (on the right) for much of the summer. Tony is 20 years old, and Issaquah is just 2. Issaquah first joined up with Tony after his sire, Seattle, and older brother Hawk became bachelors following Blizzard stealing Seattle’s harem. Seattle and Hawk later moved down into the lowlands, but Issaquah stayed with Tony on Sykes Ridge.

Tony seems to be pretty tolerant of Issaquah’s young playfulness.

Tony may be tough enough still to teach Issaquah a thing or two about fighting.

After leaving these two, I went down to fill one of the water catchments (the Sykes Ridge catchment consists of a catchment area and a trough that has to be manually filled.) A short while after I turned on the water, these two showed up. With the sound of the water flowing into the trough, they were a little nervous about going to get a drink.

Eventually, Issaquah took a drink.

Tony then came and drank with him.

While the two drank together, one of them hit the trough with their hoof. This, of course, caused a loud noise; and this made them both run off.

They didn’t go too far. I imagine they came back to finish watering after I had turned off the water and left.

I’ll be really interested to see what happens next with these two bachelor pairs. Further, I will be interested to see what kind of lives these two young stallions lead.

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  1. I lived in Nevada for over 6 tears and loved spending time watching and geting to know the wild horses there.Ive since moved,but think of the horses often.Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts about these beautiful animals.

  2. Very interesting! And I am soooo glad to see Tony looking so good! When I saw he and Lone Wolf together in June ’09, he really looked poor—like Lone Wolf.

    Seems like Bigfoot and Exhileration should be good companions—they’ve both overcome great odds against them. If horses “talked” to each other, those two would have some real “yarns” to share.

    It’s great to see that the old dudes still have a vital role to play in life on the Range—teaching the young guys the ropes, and sharing companionship as well. I’d bet the young bachelors who hang around with the oldsters a while have some insights that make their passage into maturity less dangerous to them.

    There are just sooo many things that are sooo interesting when you really take a good close look, like you do, Matt. Wish I could be there to help with your observations.

  3. Hi Matt! Once again I so enjoyed your tales of the bachelors.(and of course always the others too) Look forward to seeing more updates!

  4. Thanks for the update Matt! I must say that Bigfoot is one of the prettiest mustangs on the pryors. His coloring is just so soft like velvet; his head so proportioned if you didn’t know better you would think someone put a quarter horse out there :).

    I know he is one of the older mustangs out there how old is he now?

    • I think he is 24?

      (This is from an article I recently read about Bigfoot.)

      • As best I can tell, Bigfoot was born in 1989. Bigfoot is one of my few “mystery horses.” That is, I don’t really know a whole lot about his origins. My best references seem to have him born in 1989 though. Most of the ages you see out there for these guys are the older BLM ages, and these were based on their teeth and other estimation techniques. With exceptions like Bigfoot, my ages are their real ages. For example, it is a fact that Beauty was born in 1987. However, the BLM had estimated that she was born in 1988.

  5. Not really a reply to this post, but I’m kind of missing new posts 🙂 Been over a month now since the last update, and I’m kind of missing it 🙂

  6. I’m with Michiel…. really missing the posts. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  7. Has the problem been resolved with Exhilaration trespassing on the ranchers property, presumably looking for mares? it would be great if you had a search box where one could type in a horses name to find references to them..Rather than gelding him as i heard in one suggestion, I am sure he could be relocated to spirit of the wild horse preserve on 35,000 acres in S, Colo to live wild and free with mares who have not been PZP’d. there was a recent release of a Pryor young stallion there and he has already aquired a mare..There are more options available than adoption or gelding.

  8. Sandra, do you know WHICH young Pryor
    Stallion was recently released on this
    CO Reserve ? I assume it would be 1
    of those sold/adopted in Sept 2009 ?
    I am always interested to Hear the fates
    of those Souls who were so abruptly
    Torn from their Home ….
    Sounds like this Guy ended-up with a
    Wonderful 2nd-Home place ! 😉 Sure wish
    That ALL could have such a Great Opportunity ! 😦
    *of course, That COULD be quite Simply
    For Free…IF our ‘good-ole-boy’ Gov’t
    Was Required to RETURN TO the wild horses
    All the millions of acres that have
    Been Stolen from them since 1971 !
    *sigh* but if We have all learned just
    1 thing…it IS that Logic, common-sense, & Fairness
    Have NO chance, when put up against
    Power & Money for the priviledged 😦
    Still, it would be Refreshing to
    Hear details of a Happy Tale, such as
    1 you describe ! [Just like the happy
    Stories of the “Forest Service Rescued
    Bands” & of Stiles, in NM ]..
    So please, Share with us if you can ??
    Thanks !

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