July 30, 2010 – Mountain Update

On Wednesday, I saw a few things that I really enjoyed seeing. I thought I’d share these here.

The first involves a foal named Kindra.


She is the daughter of Santa Fe and Demure. Early in the month, I found that Kindra had gotten a strand of barbed wire tangled up in her tail. There were also a number of keen observers who noticed this and reported it to the BLM in the days following (this is very appreciated!).

Everyone just kept an eye on her with hopes that the wire would come out on its own. This is just what happened, and she is doing well.

Hearing some stallion noise, I went over a hill to find some bachelors playing.

I was happy to see that this was Exhilaration! He was with Cappuccino (who recently lost his harem) and Gringo. It is kind of funny to see Exhilaration and Cappuccino together like this. Following their release after last year’s gather, the two really hated each other.

I am really happy that Exhilaration is still up here. I hope that he is able to have a great life up here on the mountain.

My most exciting moment of the day happened while I was walking down a valley that had a lot of horses in it. Right there, amongst Burnt Timber and Sykes Ridge horses and on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, were the Forest Service bachelors!

I’d been hoping that these bachelors would follow the lead of Cabaret and return to the Range. (Cabaret and his harem, with Fortunatas along too, are still with the main herd.) Only a few days prior to this, I’d seen them off Range still. These bachelors, combined with Cabaret’s harem, are carrying on as the descendants of all of the Forest Service horses that were removed. This is a major reason why I have been so worried about them being safe and with the main herd.

The four bachelors are Hamlet, Hernando, Grijala, and Garay. Here are some photos of these boys. (I’m sorry, but my picture of Hamlet didn’t turn out!)


Hernando is the son of Conquistador and Cavelitta. Last summer, he had some kind of injury on his left hind leg. Notice how that joint isn’t quite right.

You can still kind of see the injury, but it looks a lot better now. He also is getting around better.

Hernando’s full big brother is Grijala. Hernando and Grijala definitely resemble each other!


A half brother to these two is the grullo Garay. Garay is out of Conquistador and Mariposa.


As a note, unpictured Hamlet is the son of the late Pierre and the mare Delilah. He is black with a very small star. (That is him standing by Garay in the above photo.)

I really hope these bachelors can find great new lives here on the Range. It gives me great relief to not have to worry about them being removed for being off Range. It will be interesting to see what they end up doing. I am hoping they discover Sykes Ridge this fall as that subherd is in need of some young bachelors to start new harems out there.

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  1. Thank goodness the wire came out of Kindra’s tail. That could have proven to been ugly. Thanks for the pictures of the bachelors. It was good to hear Exhileration has stayed up on the mountain.

  2. A lot of GREAT news! I’m sure it did your heart good to know Hamlet was safe, since it seems like I remember you saying that you were especially fond of Pierre, and saddened by his death. I remember those posts of him from when I first found this website back in ’07. I also thought he was a beautiful black horse.

    So, about how many other horses are still on the Forest Service land? Do you know how soon the removal will happen if any remain, and if they are building an FFECTIVE fence, couldn’t those horses just be herded onto the PMWHR at the time that the fence is to be finished?

  3. TYPO ALERT! I meant to say EFFECTIVE fence.

  4. I second Linda D.’s question.

  5. Great to see Exhilaration and Cappuccino together, some fabulous pictures of them both!

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