June 4, 2010 – Jumping Badger

During the 2009 gather, Sitting Bull’s harem received a lot of media attention as they had a new foal. We believed that the foal existed, but it was so new that I hadn’t even seen it until the harem was brought in.

This colt ended up sleeping during most his stay at Britton Springs, and so I didn’t see much on him in the news despite the number of people who were photographing and filming him.

I ended up calling this colt Jumping Badger. (This was the real Sitting Bull’s original name.) It’s been fun watching him grow up.

While on the range earlier this week, I spent some time with Sitting Bull’s harem. As you can see, there is one less horse in the harem than there was during the gather – Sitting Bull’s daughter Gabriel was removed.

Since last September, Jumping Badger has really grown up.

He’s pretty energetic and is an entertaining little horse to watch. I’ve often seen him playing (or trying to play) with his big brother.

Sitting Bull’s harem used to be one of the most frequently seen on the range. Most people thought he would be the next Sam, but Admiral ended up taking over Crooked Creek Bay instead. Sitting Bull is one of the more difficult horses to get to now, but I know there are many people who have good memories of seeing him and his pretty harem in Bighorn Canyon. I’m really interested to see how Jumping Badger’s current personality will evolve as he becomes a mature stallion. Sometimes these spunky young males can turn into some pretty tough harem stallions.

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  1. Matt, what a great update, good to see this baby growing up with his family!

  2. Wow! Its so nice to hear from you again and see new photos of the Pryor horses. Good job! Glad to see the babies always!

  3. Love The Photos MATT! It’s gonna be great following Jumping Badger. He looks like he is gonna be one tough Stallion someday.

  4. Love baby pictures. Jumping Badger is no exception. The horses look so good. Hope we can get back up to see the horses again in person.

  5. Matt, Thanks for keep us up to date on all the horses and babies. They are so beautiful!

  6. Matt,
    How many foals are there and what are their names? Are we going to get a family tree on them? No pressure, just would like to know.

  7. Matt, could we (please?) get a family tree on them? Do you have copies of the BLM “Band Composition LISTS” after 2007??

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