December 28, 2009 – Stiles & Monero

I was very excited to get to go to the Monero Mustangs wild horse sanctuary yesterday. Photographer Lynne Pomeranz also was able to go too, so that was great as she played a big role in getting a home for Stiles there. We got to the sanctuary in the morning and got to see Stiles right away. He’s still in a pen now as he gets acclimated to the area and gets to become acquainted with the other horses there. His pen is pretty nice for him; it is a pretty good size and has nice trees for shelter.

He was shy when we approached at first, he moved back into the trees to watch us while he ate snow. I thought it was funny he ate snow even though they keep a water trough in there thawed for him. Having liquid water this time of year is something he really isn’t familiar with as it is so rare in the Pryors.

He eventually came out to eat some more hay. They told me that Stiles is funny about always eating every last bit of hay he has available.

Stiles has interaction with the other horses at the sanctuary. Next door to him is a pen with two younger males. I think Stiles would look pretty good running with the sorrel looking horse. It sounds like they annoy him sometimes, though; and he has apparently shown them who is the dominant stallion of the three.

Some of the other horses in the area that were feeding also cameĀ  to visit him, though he was a little shy again. I really liked the little dun pinto there.

We also spent time with the other horses who were nearby feeding. Most of them were down from Stiles. This time of year, many of the horses come in and stay in this end of the sanctuary while they get supplemental feed. In other seasons, all of these harems are spread out around the area.

The horses were fairly docile, much like the Pryor horses, so we were able to get good looks at them. It was fun hearing the stories about each of them and the herds they had come from. It sounds like some of them were rescued from some pretty bad situations before coming to the sanctuary. Many of them are horses from the Jarita Mesa Wild Horse Territory. They were very pretty and a lot of fun to be around. Here are some of the photos I took of these horses:

After spending time with these horses, we headed out into the sanctuary to see where Stiles will soon be exploring. At 5000 acres the area is quite large. Here is a photo I took showing one of the big open areas there:

While looking through this area, I caught a glimpse of a horse. They immediately knew who it was and we soon found the rest of the harem the mare belongs to. This harem is led by the black stallion Malpais, who came from the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory. They apparently tend to stay out here unlike the many horses hanging out closer to the supplemental feeding area.

After a few minutes, the sorrel mare we’d originally spotted came back to them.

This harem had a foal this year. This little buckskin’s name is Fantasma, and he is a pretty good looking little colt!

We also were able to see many of the elk that are on the sanctuary right now. This was pretty fun too.

I’d highly recommend that you go to the site of the Monero Mustangs to learn more about the organization. I think that this is a program that is well worth supporting. I think that this is an especially good time of year to provide the sanctuary with support as the hay used for supplemental feed can’t be cheap for them. I had a great time out there, and I can’t wait to come back during the other seasons to spend more time there.

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