October 22, 2009 – Dryhead Update

Yesterday I headed out to Bighorn Canyon to see how the horses there are doing. I first saw Cappuccino and his harem on Mustang Flats.

This man-made harem seems to be getting along okay. Cappuccino was pretty wary of us; he had his eye on his from the moment we started hiking to them until the time we got back.

I am very interested to see how long these guys stay out on Mustang Flats. I think that Guinevere is one big reason they are out here. She was originally a Dryhead horse, and she spent many years of her life on Mustang Flats. She is 19 years old now.

Cappuccino was also born in the Dryhead, though he was soon after stolen with his mother, ending up in Burnt Timber.

In the area I also spotted Blizzard and his harem, but I didn’t get close enough to them to photograph them. Otherwise, it was quiet on Mustang Flats. Heading back down we saw Exhilaration off in the distance, and we could tell he was limping a little. We went down to see him, and he has a puncture wound on the back of his right front leg. I am not sure what caused this; but if I were to guess, I would say it had something to do with a confrontation with Admiral. I think that he’ll be fine, but I just hope that his bad luck will run out soon. (Please click here to view a video of him walking with this injury. His clip is the last one.)

I am not sure what he’s been up to, but his forelock and tail are completely caked in cockleburs.

Nearby was Admiral’s harem. The colt, Exhilaration’s little half-brother, is getting big and sure is looking like his big brother.

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  1. Matt! I can’t believe you didn’t brush the burrs out of Exhilaration’s mane and tail! ;o) Hope to hear that wound is better soon.

  2. Has Exhileration’s half brother been named yet? If so, what’s he called? If not, I sure think his blaze looks just like a “twister”, or tornado. Maybe there’s a name in there somewhere.

    He seems to be a little gentleman. What I mean by that is that when I was observing Admiral’s harem this spring, he was following his mother over one of the hills near the creek at the entrance of the Range, but he stopped near the top and waited for Halo, the last member of the band to climb the hill, to catch up before he went all the way over. He kept looking back for her to make sure she was coming.

    My thoughts are with Exhileration in hopes that he will recover quickly.

    Guinevere looks to be in very good shape for her age, too, like Two Boots.

    It’s sad that Shaman is lost. I wonder if he died of a “broken heart”. Maybe some of the horses ARE more subject than others to the type of depression that afflicts older people, too, when they just can’t adjust to the changes that occur in their lives. Does it seem like the old bachelors who find a companion “oldster”, or young horse to hang out with, live longer?

    Anyway, thanks for the updates and info. The horses are so very interesting. And so is the story of the local support for these unique mustangs and the creation of the Pryor Mt. Wild Horse Range itself.

    I’ll tell my friend Susan, who may be interested in
    adopting from the horses taken to Rock Springs, about them, since we couldn’t make it to Adoption Day in Sept. at Britton Springs. She’s actually more interested in the horses with the more primitive markings, tho. We may be in touch.


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