September 27, 2009 – More On Adoption

The events for the 2009 adoption started on Friday with Britton Springs being open all day for viewing of the horses. Also, Ken McNabb did two great demonstrations for visitors in which he worked on gentling two Pryor horses. Hipshot was the first horse he worked with early in the afternoon.


He was able to make a lot of progress with Hipshot during the demonstration. During his afternoon he worked with Gabriel. By the end of this demonstration, Ken was able to easily touch Gabriel.


Saturday started out with a third demonstration with Ken. He decided to work with Isildur. As the morning progressed and more people arrived, there was a pretty big crowd watching the demonstration.


Ken McNabb’s demonstrations were very enjoyable. I think that all who watched were impressed with his gentle approach to working with horses. For more information on Ken McNabb, please visit his website Also watch for his future shows on RFD TV that will feature the Pryor horses.

Throughout the Saturday demonstration, many people also went through the pens to look at the horses.


Soon after this, the BLM announced that the auction would soon start, and so everyone settled in to prepare for it.


Saturday was National Wild Horse Adoption Day. There were adoptions throughout the country for this day, and the goal was to adopt out 1000 horses at these events.


Montana BLM’s Associate State Director Howard Lemm was the auctioneer for the adoption event. Many other BLM employees were also present to help out. I think the BLM hosted a great adoption event.


The majority of the horses were adopted out during the first round of bidding. Following that round, there was a short break so that people could go see the horses who hadn’t been bid on. After the second round of bidding, there were only a few older horses left who went to the sale where they were bought. After this, all of the new Pryor horse owners lined up to await their turn to pick up their horse or horses.


I am still so happy that each of the horses found a new home. I think it was a win-win situation for the new owners and their new horses. It really was great walking around and talking to the new adopters. I hope that many of them stay in touch so that we can see what new lives the horses will lead. I hope to soon visit some of the horses that were adopted locally too. The Cloud Foundation and their associates also took most of the older horses, and I understand that these horses will be living together somewhere around Pryor, Montana. Due to our schedule, we had to wait until the next day to pick up Stiles to get him ready for his new home. I will have more on this in the next post.

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  1. Thank you for this update, I am glad that all went well yesterday, and also that many horses in other places went to good homes as well; I was very concerned about the older horses and am glad most can stay near their old home,

  2. From the above report, the following sentence, ” After the second round of bidding, there were only a few older horses left who went to the sale where they were bought.” Was the sale held at Britton Springs, too?
    Who bought these few older horses? Families or. . . who?

    Thank you for your “window” on the Mustangs, and everything you do for the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center.

    • I believe that TCF bought all the older horses except for # 5309(Meeteetse) the sale was held there after all the adoptions were done, that is the information as appears on FB from someone who was at the sale yesterday and also on the Twitter page, these horses were released early this morning, Bo, Trigger, Shane and Conquistador and their older mares, all the younger horses were adopted, and Meeteetse was sold to another person who outbid TCF, she is a beautiful mare and hopefully went to a good home,

      • There were ten sale age horses at the start. All but two went to TCF – Stiles and Meeteetse. Some were actually adopted during the two adoption bidding rounds, so not all ten sale age horses actually went to sale.

      • Thanks for the clarification, and also all the updates, i hope there were successful adoptions at all the sites this weekend, also.
        The pictures of Stiles were awesome, i’m glad he’s going to a place where he can be free again.
        please keep us updated on him and all the others as you can, also some concern about the conditions of some of the horses released back up the mountain, whenever you have a chance, to know how the moms and babies are doing as well as the older horses that were footsore. as well as the mare who tied up,
        thanks for all you do for the horses.

  3. Yes, I was concerned by the same sentence. Did these older horses find homes and, if so, who with?

    And thank you for your reports. You are clear, concise, and honest.

  4. What was Meetseese badge #. Is she in the pre-adoption portraits you posted?

    • Never mind — I used your chart vs. fotos. Thank you.

      P.S. Do you know who adopted Chalupa??

      • Chalupa is w/ Bo w/the other horses in WY, she was adopted by TCF, her baby is w/her,

      • Thanks, JE.
        That Chalupa is real pretty!

  5. Yes she is! glad she’s able to stay w/her family,

  6. Matt, if you get a chance to reply, is Stiles related to Pierre? Just wondering.

    Linda D

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