September 26, 2009 – The Adoption Is Over

Well, the adoption finished up earlier this afternoon. Every single horse found a new home. Watch for a new post soon with photographs from the weekend along with information on things like the amount of money each horse brought. I’ve added on some updates to the original post. Just for sake of interest, I will say that Conquistador was the highest selling horse for $2500. There was definitely a bidding war going on there. He wasn’t the only horse to break $2000 – Hickory went for $2100. A good number of horses also went for over $1000. Some horses also went for the starting bid of $125. As I went around and talked with people, it seemed that each person was extremely happy no matter what the cost, though. I was very impressed with the people giving these Pryor horses new homes. It was really nice to hear of where these horses will go and what their futures may hold.

Also, we were able to work in conjunction with the Monero Mustang Sanctuary in finding a new home for the stallion Stiles. I’d doubt there were too many other times when $50 went toward such a worthy project. We are very excited to know that Stiles is going to this sanctuary; we are sure his new life there will be wonderful. Please visit the Monero website for more information on the great work they do. Also expect future posts following Stiles as he goes to his new home.

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  1. This just in, From Carol Walker:
    Ember and Image get to stay together at a great home, Ginger took Sax, other great homes were found for Rain, Arrow, Sage, Helena Montana, Stiles, Cassidy, and the lame fola and mare – the foal is looking better by the way. Again thanks to all who helped. This is a wonderful outcome!
    “Conquistador gets to have his mare Cavaletta with him, and the four bands of Forest Service horses, including Floyd, that the Cloud Foundation was trying to keep together, will be together, all 15 going to a ranch of ….
    Conquistador went… for the highest $ value as someone was trying to outbid the Cloud Foundation – $2500!”

  2. I am so very happy tonight!

  3. I am so happy that they all found a home. All the hard work was worth it.

    Now, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” Keep those calls and emails going for the passage of the ROAM Act in Washington, D.C. and bless those who are making the trip.

  4. Good job Matt, and EVERYONE! New homes are not the number 1 choice, but much better than other possibilities. Many people will sleep better tonight, and hopefully, the horses will too.

    Linda D

  5. Thank you and great job to ALL who helped this happen!
    Now, on to Washington and the battle to get ROAM passed and all pending roundups stopped;
    After many sleepless nights, it is so good to know that all these horses are in good hands,
    I am soo happy for Conquistador and his beautiful black girl; I would love to see his eyes when he is released into his new home and reunited with his mare.
    I’m assuming that Grumpy is one of the 15,

  6. I think this is real testimony to the love and admiration that people have for the Pryor horses. To all you who made the trip and the commitment to give these horses good homes — I applaud you. To have every horse adopted in such a poor horse market and a difficult economy is phenomenal. A very satisfactory outcome to what has been a difficult experience for everyone. I will tell my little pryor horse that all her relatives found good homes! 🙂

  7. But Where is the wise Lady Grumpy (love of noble Raven)??? I’ve been so worried for her!

  8. Wow, New Mexico is going to be quite an adjustment for Stiles. Why is it that you mention him specifically? Did he not get any bids during the adoption and was purchased afterward during the ‘adopt a second horse for $50’ time?

    Did they keep the stallions and colts intact, or did they geld any of them prior to the adoption?

  9. We finally arrived home (SE WY) at 4am! And we had a “short” trip! I was SO very impressed with the auction yesterday and how it was conducted so professionally with GREAT care taken to ensure the safety of both horse and people. I was also quite pleased w/having a vet on site as well as folks from the Mustang Center that are full of wonderful knowledge. It has taken 30 yrs to fullfill my childhood dream of adopting a mustang and I’m happy to report that Iribarren (blk yearling stud) and Holster (2yr dun stud) are settling into their new home quite well this morning. I too am very happy to know that all of these great horses found a home yesterday. Thank you Matt and everyone at the Mustang Center and Nancy and her crew from BLM for all of your assistance. You folks are wonderful people.

  10. I made my first trip to the Pryors last week; being from Canada, we have no legislation protecting wild horses, so while there may be problems with the US Act, at least you have one as a starting point.
    Having gone up on the mountain with Matt and his dad Tom was the highlight of my trip. These two truly care about the horses and the preservation of bloodlines. Also, I saw Cloud and many of the others, and none showed signs of lameness from the roundup. They all looked fat and sound.
    The Mustang Centre is to be commended for being on hand to ensure the safety of the horses, and to help the BLM identify each horse, its age, and band group. For Matt and Tom to dedicate so many hours to tracking and monitorng these horses is evidence that this is not just a job or sideline hobby. They should be thanked for doing the best they can when so many government hands, and varying opinions and motives are at play.
    I would encourage anyone interested in the preservation of these horses to support the Mustang Centre in Lovell. With only one paid staff member, what they have accomplished is amazing!
    Keep up the good work!

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