September 26, 2009 – The Adoption Is Over

Well, the adoption finished up earlier this afternoon. Every single horse found a new home. Watch for a new post soon with photographs from the weekend along with information on things like the amount of money each horse brought. I’ve added on some updates to the original post. Just for sake of interest, I will say that Conquistador was the highest selling horse for $2500. There was definitely a bidding war going on there. He wasn’t the only horse to break $2000 – Hickory went for $2100. A good number of horses also went for over $1000. Some horses also went for the starting bid of $125. As I went around and talked with people, it seemed that each person was extremely happy no matter what the cost, though. I was very impressed with the people giving these Pryor horses new homes. It was really nice to hear of where these horses will go and what their futures may hold.

Also, we were able to work in conjunction with the Monero Mustang Sanctuary in finding a new home for the stallion Stiles. I’d doubt there were too many other times when $50 went toward such a worthy project. We are very excited to know that Stiles is going to this sanctuary; we are sure his new life there will be wonderful. Please visit the Monero website for more information on the great work they do. Also expect future posts following Stiles as he goes to his new home.

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