September 17, 2009 – Dryhead Updates

I’ve been really wanting to resolve a couple things with the Dryhead horses. One recent event concerns the stallions Cappuccino and Exhilaration. You’ll recall that these two stallions were given mares during the gather so that the mares would be away from their fathers. Duke’s daughter Galadriel was put with Cappuccino while Cloud’s daughter Damsel was put with Exhilaration. When the BLM went to load them to transport them for release, Cappuccino’s mare Guinevere would apparently not load up with Galadriel. They thus put her with Exhilaration too. They took them out and released them at the bottom of the Sykes Ridge Road separately. Nonetheless, Cappuccino took off after Exhilaration, and he was eventually able to get the mares from him. The four of them can currently be seen on Mustang Flats. They’re mostly being sighted on the northwestern part of the flats. Though Cappuccino and Guinevere now live in the Burnt Timber area, they were both originally from the Dryhead area. The two new mares are new to the area though.

I have also been really wanting to figure out what happened with Beauty, who was separated from Seattle’s harem during the gather. I hiked most of eastern Mustang Flats last night, and was able to scope much of the western side. Still, I couldn’t find any horses except for some that I wouldn’t have expected to see. Tony and Lone Wolf were the first I’d seen. These two, along with the other old bachelors, weren’t seen during gather operations at Britton Springs. This was because the BLM had told the helicopter to not bring in any single horses like the old bachelors. Tony (19 years old) and Lone Wolf (20 years old) are the two old bachelors of the Dryhead. Tony is Beauty’s first offspring, and Lone Wolf is Beauty’s younger half brother. Their mother was removed in the 1992 roundup. Both are showing their age, but I really am worried about Lone Wolf’s condition. He just hasn’t been putting on any weight at all this summer. Tony is the black and Lone Wolf is the grulla.

I also saw the young bachelor Fiero shortly after seeing Tony and Lone Wolf.

I was out until dark and didn’t see any other horses on Mustang Flats. I headed back out this morning to see if I could have any luck. I saw Blizzard’s harem on southern Mustang Flats, and Cappuccino’s harem was near where I’d previously seen them. I also was excited to see Seattle’s  harem walking down toward the water. They were all split up, which isn’t uncommon. I kept watching with binoculars, and I eventually saw Beauty with them too. I waited until they walked past me so I could get a good look at her. She looks good and didn’t really act like anything had happened.

It was great seeing that she was okay. I will be heading out some more to make sure Exhilaration is fine, and I am sure he is. He isn’t as mature as Cappuccino, so I would guess he didn’t try to fight too much for the mares. My best guess now is that he just went back to the area he tends to hang out around. There are lots of places for him to hide in there, but I’ll keep looking.

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  1. Do you know if the BLM plans to catalog / publish photos and information of the horses online that will be available at for adoption from the roundup??

  2. Maybe Beauty’s name should be “Wiley”. Go Beauty!

    Lone Wolf is a lot thinner than when I saw he and Tony in July.

    Fiero sure is looking good, just like his daddy.

    Thanks for the report!!!


  3. So glad Beauty is OK.

  4. Matt,
    What’s become of Fools Crow?


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