August 28, 2009 – The 2009 Gather

The BLM has issued a decision on the 2009 gather, and gather operations are set to start on or around the first of September. The decision states that there are plans to remove up to 70 horses and associated foals from the range during this gather. Also, the BLM plans to administer the immunocontraceptive PZP to select mares.

To read the decision, please click here.

To read the plan, please click here.

Please note: With these two above PDF documents, it works best to download them and then open them on your own computer. To download them, right click on the links and click "Save Link As".

Here’s something new too – To read some (please be patient with my text) of my thoughts, please click here. I put my write-up into PDF form instead of on here due to its length.

Please let me know if I can answer any further questions. I will continue to put information on the gather here whenever I get it.

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  1. 4720.1 Removal of excess animals…..does this mean that all old sick or lame animals will de destroyed. (e) remaining excess animals for which no adoption demand by qualified individuals exist shall be destroyed in accordance with subpart 4730 of this part. ( any older animal not adopted will be destroyed?) Please explain this section. Does this mean any older horse not adopted will be destroyed rather than returned to the range? Thanks for your earlier info today. Phyllis

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

  3. Your “thoughts” document is excellent, Matt, and I have encouraged Mr.Salazar and Mr. Abbey to “read and heed”.

    I truly hope they do listen carefully and with open minds to the educated and aware opinions and ideas expressed by you and other interested experts (like Cochran), and use them to come up with the very best solution for the horses.

    I can see that a gather is inevitable, but I hope it is only done with really good planning, like you have outlined. And I hope that removal of individuals inclined to inbreeding if identifiable, is part of the plan.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Linda D

  4. Matt, you’ve done an excellent job outlining the “long view.” I particularly appreciate this statement: “Why not work with the BLM when such a relationship is for the benefit of the PMWHR and the herd?” That’s what it all comes down to, isn’t it?
    The horses benefit most from solid, balanced thinking that takes into account all aspects of their environment – and the future.
    Great job!

  5. I thought I had posted something yesterday, but did not see it here, so I apologize for any duplicates. Your analysis reflects hours/days/weeks/months on the range as well as collaboration with BLM and with Dr. Sponenberg. I can only hope that all of that work influences the gather starting this week, and that the genetic viability of the herd is preserved. I also hope that BLM can work with USHS to start a systematic PZP program.

  6. Matt,
    I actually did read you entire comment. I was one of those people against the BLM. I realize that sometimes you have to go along in order to get along. But you went above and beyond by giving them an alternative. I can only hope that they will give an expert on this particular herd a chance to be heard.
    I really appreciate all that you do. I could only wish that my job was near as important as yours.
    I know that Exhilerate appreciates it.

  7. May the Great Creator of All look over you and yours in these upcoming days of trauma; Cloud, be brave, be wise (as always), be strong, and know that We Love You and everyOne of your family and your herd. There are Miracles…Cloud, you are a miracle…an ambassador…for 2 species, maybe more. May it be that the Creator will deliver a very Special Miracle this week to the Pryor Mountain Horse Herd. You are All Priceless! Pay my respects to the Honorable Spirit of brave, strong SHAMAN; at least He did NOT have to leave his mountain. (Perhaps He has gone on ahead, to plead your case, and smooth your way?) I am SO SORRY that We could not do more…

  8. Matt, I just read your document on your views for the horses. I found it very fair, and as I always like to know all sides of a situation, very informative as well. I am wondering if you will address at some time how well the BLM followed your guidelines in regards to your suggestions as to which horses should have been removed.
    I definitely agree that horses ages 1-3 are highly adoptable; those are usually the ages of ranch horses sold in sales all over the country. That plan I could live with; but the removal of the older horses really broke my heart, seeing 19 and 21 year old horses in pens was heartbreaking. And their adoptability is nil.
    Thank you for any further information you can give.

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