August 28, 2009 – Shaman’s Legacy

This week, the stallion Shaman was found deceased. In recent weeks, he has not looked well; and it appeared he died of either natural causes or by falling from a small ledge. Prior to his death, Shaman was the oldest stallion on the range; he was born in 1988. Shaman was a very successful harem stallion. He had put together his first harem at age six, and it was a pretty large harem considering his age. He continued to be successful throughout his life. In fact, I believe that he currently has at least ten offspring on the range, and he has many other descendants. Shaman definitely lived a good life on the range, and I am happy to have gotten to know him.

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  1. I am just SO GLAD that this wonderful, tender, galliant, beloved, wise, long-time “King of Pryor Mountain” got to LIVE his last days in FREEDOM on HIS own Mountain! I was scared to death that those idiots would grab him tomorrow– he’d be curious & go right up to check them out– then they would just ASSASINATE him with a bullet to his wise old face, just because they “can” & say “he was debilitated” (&thus more easily make their quota)! Shaman’s like the “ex-President”, (longest to ever stay “dominant stallion”)& I couldn’t bear the thought of him going that way, after his great LIFE! SHAMAN deserves an Honorable Goodbye! (if anyone can get past the ‘wranglers’)
    I feel sickenly sure that such a scenario may happen to Huge-hearted BIGFOOT this week! Afterall, he IS ‘crippled’ with his knees & all, although HE never lets that get him down! But it’s all they’ll need to fire the bullet– & just say “he was too bad off to live a worthwhile life”! {& secretly say ‘ka-ching’-1 more we don’t have to pay to transport.} Can’t you be sure SOMEONE goes up there & hides him WAY down a tiny canyon 🙂 & take Madonna & her tiny foal & Phoenix, too. (They’ll grab her out of spite!)
    …Anyway, thank you for the bittersweet news— Shaman is truly 1 of a kind, & he will be missed. 🙂
    …from a long-time fan!

  2. May the Great Creator of ALL look over you and yours in these upcoming days of trauma; Cloud, be brave, be wise (as always), be strong, and know that We Love You and everyOne of your Family and your Herd. There are Miracles…Cloud, YOU are a miracle…an ambassador…for 2 species, maybe more!
    May it be that the Creator will deliver a very Special Miracle this week to the Pryor Mountain Horse Herd. for You are All Priceless! …Pay my respects to the Honorable Spirit of strong, brave SHAMAN; at least He did NOT have to leave His mountain! (.or…Perhaps He has gone on ahead, to plead your case, and smooth your way?)
    {I think Cloud MUST know that SO many thoughts & wishes are Locked-Onto his heart, don’t you? He would HAVE to feel it– maybe they All do?!} & maybe good ole SHAMAN does, too!
    I am SO SORRY that We could not do more…

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