August 25, 2009 – Foal Interactions

On Sunday, I was surprised to find a new foal with Coronado’s two year old filly.

The foal is obviously not the result of Coronado breeding his daughter; you can’t really get a dun out of two sorrel roan parents. After making my needed observations on the foal, I headed on out. Just as I got back to my vehicle, I heard thumping and turned around to see Coronado’s and Stiles’ harems running. I’m not sure what spooked them, but in the process Stiles ended up going one way and Coronado the other. However, the foal went with Stiles and his mare.

Coronado moved really fast out of the area. I continued on figuring that Coronado would come back to get the foal. When I came back to the area a while later, I found Stiles; and they still had the foal.

Returning a little while later, I saw that Coronado had moved into the area as well. You can see the foal’s mother watching it in the background.

The mother definitely knew that was her foal, and she repeatedly called out to it. She also was frequently attempting to go out and get it, but Coronado would snake her back whenever she would start to wander out.

Stiles and Cassidy were obviously watching after the foal, but they didn’t seem to want it there too badly. It was often trying to nurse both the mare and Stiles, and they weren’t too happy about this.

Eventually, Coronado’s harem had moved too close to Stiles, and he went out after them. While he and Coronado were challenging each other, the mother was able to get her foal back. After this, the horses all went back to their business as if nothing had happened. It had been about four hours since the foal was with her mother, and she had a nice long drink.

I’ve known foals to get separated from their families before; I’ve seen them missing and then seen them back. I just hadn’t ever seen anything quite like this. It was very interesting watching Stiles and his mare take care of the foal, and it was also interesting watching how Coronado did not want his daughter going away toward it. With this foal, we have found 36 foals. Of these foals, 24 are still alive.

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  1. Matt –
    What happened to the other 12, if you know? How’s this figured into the AML?
    New Friend,

  2. wow, great story Matt. Horses are wondrous creatures, aren’t they.

  3. I’m confused! The two year old filly had a foal? I didn’t think yearlings could be bred? Who’s the father then? Stiles? Is that why he took it over for a time?

  4. We happened to be there to watch this drama unfolding, but didn’t understand exactly what was going on until I read your blog. It was quite amazing to watch and we got some good pictures too, (thought not as good as yours.)

  5. I think the father is Baja because I read on The Cloud Foundation about the removed horses and it said that the stallion who bred Halcyon when she was a yearling was Baja

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