April 11, 2009 – Blizzard’s First Foal

Last week, I heard that a newborn foal was sighted with a harem that sounded like Blizzard’s. After hearing this, I took a few trips out devoted to finding Blizzard to see about this new foal. Besides the fact that it was a new foal, there were some other things that made me interested in seeing it. First off, I knew that the foal had to belong to his mare Strawberry as his mare Sacajawea can’t possibly have a foal until next month. Second, Blizzard would be the most probable sire of this foal; and this would be his first offspring. Third, Blizzard is the rare color apricot dun; and so I was hoping that the foal would inherit this color. Blizzard can be a pretty elusive stallion, but I finally found him and his harem in a rugged canyon on Saturday the 11th.

Blizzard is often mistaken for a palomino, but he really is an apricot dun. His dorsal stripe is visible in this photograph from above, and he also has stripes on his legs. Apricot dun is similar to red dun. Blizzard carries on this color tradition passed down from his grandsire (Sir Lancelot) to his sire (Durango) and his sire to him.

I was very excited to see that the foal seems to be an apricot dun too. I have foal pictures of both Durango and Blizzard; and this foal looks a lot like they did. The foal is also a colt, and so he can be the next male in line to carry on this color tradition.

The foal’s mother is a grulla roan mare known as Strawberry.

The foal also joins a grulla mare named Sacajawea, her 2007 colt, and her 2008 filly.

There are some other mares that are looking pretty fat with foals now that should also be foaling soon. It is still going to be interesting to see what the 2009 foal crop will be like.

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  1. What a sweet little face. Love that color. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  2. What is Sacajawea’s story? When I was out there in ’07, and saw Blizzard, it was just he and Strawberry. Did she come from Seattle’s family? And how is Seattle and his group? All still blacks or grullas? Or is it grullo?

    That foal is really cute, and so healthy looking.

    What became of Exhileration with his injury?

    Thanks if you can answer. Linda D.

  3. I am really cconcerned about Fools Crow. I don’t know that I am thrilled about the new web site. I really want to talk to you personally. You have my number so call me. The hell with the internet. We are so above that. I can only hope that I can talk to you next year. We both love our horses no matter where they live on the mountain.

  4. So glad to see your updates.I like reading what you do and see. This new colt is beautiful!

  5. How CUTE is that foal? Seriously!

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