April 2, 2009 – New Foal

We’ve been having some interesting weather lately; it’s been warm for a few days and then cold and snowy during those other days. Because of this, I have to take advantage of any nice days to get out on the Range. I went out this week with a few goals. One was to see if I could find Corona’s harem because I knew his mare would be foaling soon. Corona is a pretty unmistakable stallion, with his face marking and rich color.

Things have changed a little for Corona’s harem since last year. Their upcoming two year old daughter is now away with Merlin, and last year’s foal has gotten big. Here is a photo of her as a young foal last year and a photo of her now.

When I found the harem, I found they did have a new foal.

The foal is a dark bay filly. She has inherited her father’s face marking.

A few new foals will be appearing periodically for the next month or so before most of the mares start foaling. Elsewhere on the Range, there are some other changes that I am keeping my eye on too that involve some missing horses. Some of these stories may be worth discussing soon too.

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  1. Hi Matt, this is your Canadian horse lover. Your new Website is great. The colors and pictures are fabulous. Please try to take and post more pictures of the horses on the website. The stories about the horses are very interesting, please continue with them as I enjoy reading them over and over.


  2. Hi-

    Just want to say how much your hard work and tenacity shows. The quality of your pictures and the detail you show in your blog really comes through. It is from projects like this that help raise awareness for all the wild horses that so deserve the attention.



  3. Congrats on your first foal of the season – she’s a beauty! We have (I think) a couple more weeks before our first hits the ground. Can’t wait to see all the new littles!

  4. Thanks for the update.

  5. Matt, Which horses are we missing? This is my only question. I know you are used to me being more vocal and I can’t believe those people that claim to be concerned about OUR horse aren’t asking this question but again I must ask WHO IS MISSING? Please tell me the bachelors are fine.

  6. Matt, Is Strawberry Fools Crows mother? I hope she is doing fine. If she is his mother I need to thank her for him being here. I have been on the mountain many times,yet I have not seen her. I would love to.As for me she has no idea what she has done for the interest in the herd of the horses that she belongs to. Enough said.

  7. matt
    I am not a fan of this new site. Call me.

  8. Matt, How many foals does Strawberry have other than Fools Crow? It is good to know that she is doing fine. How old is she now?

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